James, Ro - Already Knew That (Remix) Lyrics

[Ro James:]
Yeah, that's right babe
That's right babe
That's right babe, yeah
That's right babe
That's right babe
That's right babe

You be acting like you on one
You be acting like you don't want it
How you gon lie to me?
Don't lie, stay a hundred and put something on it
Lil' something like you on top of me right now
Breathing on me and I'm breathing on you
It's like making love, but it's more like making magic
We be stopping traffic
We be going this hard

Oh, but you already knew that
But you already knew that
You, you already knew that, girl
You already knew that
But you already knew that
You-you probably knew that girl yeah

[BJ The Chicago Kid:]
I could tell that she didn't know it
Didn't know that I had the bomb, baby
Stepped on that bed like a land mine
You get yours 'fore I get mine
Girl, it's kinda like that every time
Purple raindrops fallin' on my head
I must be dead 'cause
The feeling I feel's just like heaven
Baby, oh, baby, angel already knew

Say you already knew that
You already knew that
You know that I love it
Make a nigga wanna touch it
Turn that around and start fucking

[Ro James:]
Oh, you already knew that
You already knew that, girl
You already knew that

That's about that, I ain't sayin' no more
'Bout it be about it, don't explain no more
I ain't playing no more games no more
No no no
But you already knew that
You know I don't fuck around
You already knew that
Baby go ahead, pull them panties down
Never mind, lemme do that
That's mine, lemme do that
I'll be gentle when I do that
I know you like it when I do that
You my only one babe
You make me feel some type of way
I need your body all day
I'm like a young Marvin in his hey'
(Oh baby, I can't fight this feeling)
(No no no no no, no no no no)

But you already knew that
Oh, you already knew that
But you already knew that
You, you already knew that girl
You already knew that
But you already knew that
You-you probably knew that girl, yeah

Now let me hear that thing speak back (Speak back)
'Cause I need a little feedback (Feedback)
I won't leave, won't leave you (Leave you)
But if I do, I'm a be back (Be back)
I won't leave, never leave you (Leave you)
But if I do, I'm a speed back (Speed back)
I'm in the V with the seat back (Seat back)
Fuck the police 'cause I need that
Real right, real right
I'm a fiend and I mean that

But you already knew that
You already knew that
You already knew that girl
You already knew that
But you already knew that
You-you probably already knew that girl
But you already knew that
Oh you already knew that
Yeah you already knew that girl

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James, Ro Already Knew That (Remix) Comments
  1. Markia Harmon

    He need to link with "the internet" with Syd

  2. Lovely J

    Was so sad before I started listening to Ro today, but his music has so uplifted me until I'm no longer sad.. I needed this.

  3. Samantha Samantha

    I love Ro😘❤️

  4. Josh Loach

    Underrated song.!

  5. Nikki Rowland

    The best collab

  6. veronica glover

    when hear this song already knew that oh man rojames is so sexy is hell this man can sing up a storm yo but this remix sounds so great yo rojames has great things going for himself and this goals are really perfectional on his singing career yaul keep up the great works rojames know that


    YESSSSSSSS SIRSSSSSSS! !!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Demeca Benford

    ADDICTED to this song and yes, I am SO late to the party!!!! lol

  9. Elijah Lewis

    Just stumble across Ro James and I'm in love. Can't stop playing this song. This song is old but Its new to me. I'm feeling Permission as well. I'm so much of a fan, I'm going to his concert on Nov.1st.

  10. veronica glover

    ro james he can sing yaul

  11. zee


  12. shanye Ross

    I love his music this is dope my favorite playing it all day

  13. Papa Insane

    Need to add SiR on this too

  14. Sade Smith

    Bj is soooo over the top😂🙌

  15. Bútt3r-P3çãñ Tãñ

    Im so glad they made this mix together

  16. geo da don

    this song so dope

  17. Erica Ricks

    Prince, Maxwell and D’angelo vibes 👌🏿

  18. Akari Johnson

    BJ killed it

  19. Tony Randle

    This that's Dope!!!

  20. Nime Young

    anyone know what this song is sampled off?

  21. K S

    My GOHHHHD!!!!

  22. bee cozy

    he sounds like Marion 💯

  23. Jaylenfrm

    Ro James is my cousin his real name is TJ and his daughters name is river

  24. LiquidJFunk

    Total soothing on the ears as well as stimulating on the brain (neuron) cells.

  25. noifsannorbutts

    I actually will always acknowledge real men

  26. Selena Ashford


  27. Nakita O.

    They should've made a video for the remix

  28. Faith Demyers

    I luv this dude

  29. J Graves

    🔊" I know how tuh fuckUhROUUUUWWND, but chu already knew dat➖" 😝😉 💯☑☑

  30. Dorothy Bostic

    Dope collaboration...Feeling you...loving this.

  31. KiNG KLASSiC

    this is so nasty

  32. D Culpepper


  33. artesianrhythm

    I'm feeling it.

  34. Rodney Lyons

    #💯🕉 you already knew that👺👹

  35. guttafam

    Dis shit fire!! Sheesh..

  36. HotOffThePressFilms

    Check #RoJames out live via my page.

  37. Demonte Shaw

    dope my boy

  38. Mike Baeta

    PERFECT 😍😍

  39. TQ W

    I love this song! love the vibe! first heard it on Solange's Pandora station.

  40. Tiffaney King

    have y'all heard Ro song burn slow. He's the new generation Prince.

  41. Tiffaney King

    Ro James and BJ is my favorite r&b men right now. I so happy they collaborated on this song. Ro is like the coolest I seen him on the strip in Vegas and we talked and took pics.

  42. Mechele T

    I'm in love with this song...omg! 😍

  43. marvin peters

    best song 2017!!!!!!!!!

  44. Brittany Jackson

    I love these two💕🔥🌹

  45. Cross Gonzalez

    My man BJ killed that shit. Holla @ your boi! 🔥

  46. Elaine Red Y


  47. Shane Kahlor

    Ro James needs to be givin way more recognition... sounds like Prince n Maxwell put together perfectly... Me & my Wife be Fuckin like rabbits when throw his Shyt on.... Made my Daughter to Raheem DeVaughan.... Bouta make a Son to Ro James... Real rap (real rap) I'm kill it n I mean that... Lls... Seriously tho... Ro James needs to do some shows out in D.C. sooner than later...

  48. Trish Thomas

    ❤❤ Ro's voice! This song has so much ENERGY & LIFE ❤❤it! 💋💋💯💯

  49. tea6306

    I just love how smooth this song sounds. Ugh puts me in that mind set 💋👅💦💦

  50. Christopher Larry-Lewis

    fuck yes

  51. harmonicmenace

    Why have I been listening to these dudes EXCLUSIVELY for the last two days??? #shouldveseenitcomin

  52. Autoya Hampton

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥but you already knew that .

  53. Maddiebynature


  54. Deon Dukes

    This track was already 🔥🔥. But adding BJ to the track was perfect because of their similar style of RnB soul.. Been a fan of both for awhile! Keep giving us that real RnB music

  55. Randy Givens

    Too smooth!!

  56. Randi BooksAndMascara

    Ro is so underrated. He's beyond amazing.


    YES HE IS!

  57. tanya boyd

    This one is way better than the G-eazy remix. That dude was all out the pocket. Couldn't catch the beat for nothing! I love this one!!

  58. Astiana Alissia Lynn

    yeeesssss Chicago come throuuuggghhh!!!

  59. Jamilya Brunner

    Yess I love it!!!

  60. Lance Wesley

    yoooouuu oooh!!!!!! mydog swift on this shit

  61. erica jones

    This remix is bomb!! This one is better than the G-Eazy remix!!

    Randy Givens

    Yes you're right.

    Madeline A. Green

    as it should...

  62. Tha KeeMan

    ooohh this is perfect!

  63. Darlyn Dyson

    This remix is awesome!

  64. rebelsista

    You already knew that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Makayla Ingram


  66. MrMakemusicmike

    hard to catch those drums!

  67. El Camarillo


  68. Daviiin E

    Now come on for real like, could this shit get any damn better. Thanks Ro & BJ. That boy makes Chitown SHINE.... I'm loving it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    hamida kha

    Daviiin E y7

    hamida kha

    [email protected]@mg

    hamida kha

    Daviiin E tryputtingtuu'g0mk'😂😃😃😀👢🐮xxx89998

  69. Corran Blunt


  70. YeaBabeUmNu

    dope ish right here now they missing my vocals on here 🚺 do u agree... check me out

  71. Erik'Deron Black

    did I say fire it's true

  72. Kurt Corbie

    bj did the most lol....shit still fire

  73. Joceii Glayze

    This shit is FIIIIIREEE 😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥

  74. K. Lewis

    my RoRo 😘💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  75. Spoken Softly

    Two of the best in the game right now. ❤

  76. Shorshila Smith


  77. prettyNplussized Maria


  78. Yessie351


  79. Marie White

    2nd here!!! Very NICCCEEE! 😍😍

  80. cece petite

    never clicked on a notification so fast 💃

    K. Lewis

    cece petite me either.... BANANAS

  81. Phanon Davis

    First here before it start popping 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯