James, Ro - A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I) Lyrics

I see your face when I
Close my eyes
When you're away I write stories about ya
In my mind
Cuz this love is one of a kind
All day I...

All day I dream about sexing you
(I been thinkin 'bout sexing you, baby)
All day I dream about sexing you
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

When your lips touch mine
It only confirmed what I already knew
I found true love in you
See one time I tried to love her
Had my heart broken
I swore that I'll never love again, see
But you changed my mind
All day I...

All day I dream about sexing you
(Oh baby)
All day I dream about sexing you
(Oh baby)

See the way you make me feel
I just can't describe it
And I just can't deny it, oh baby
And I know that you want it
Don't know why you fight it
Baby oh, all...

All day I dream about sexing you
(Oh baby)
All day I dream about sexing you
All day I dream about sexing you
(Oh baby)
All day I dream about sexing you

Yeah baby craving your body
Bring your body to me
Kissing all your body
All day long I been feenin, feenin (I been feenin)

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James, Ro A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I) Comments
  1. Kilo smithTV

    That ending beat is Tron it’s so beautiful

  2. Melissa Holmes

    All day iiiiiiii😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Tae Davis

    2.14.2020 things changed

  4. Lisa Davis

    Honey I lovvvve this songgggg.. Got me dreaming lol 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  5. Nurse V

    Nice song Roy ❤

  6. Sasha Reid

    Love him

  7. Miriam Schiro

    Love your music. 😍You have the looks, the beautiful voice, the fame now all you need is to show you care, set an example that you ARE NOT CONCEITED YOU ARE NOT SELFISH by proving that you care about everything else the suffering animals, the environment the people and your health and go vegan 🌱
    Thank you in advance for caring. If the world don’t go vegan now WE and the animals are in trouble SAD TRUTH

  8. Sr. Meeseeks

    It's of Korn sanababitch

  9. Demetra Strother

    Ro James never ceases to amaze me. All of his songs are everything!! I can feel his emotion through his voice... so in love with me some him...

  10. Mz Char

    First time hearing this song this year..... lawd!!!!! ☺️💖

  11. Angel Jones


  12. Neghie Thervil

    Damn that man can write a song.

  13. Shanekqua Robinson

    2020 😁😍

  14. Kendra Miles

    Something about dis man is way far more deeper den sexy!!I cnt explain gives me chills

  15. Kendra Miles

    Repeat yyeesss ro james

  16. michealafloyd

    Such an underrated artist

  17. The Big SNAKE93’

    .......Any of you guys into KoRn?

  18. Austria Harrell

    Still listening in 2020😍🥰💗

  19. brittney battle

    Rooooo killed this here! #Jan2020

  20. Denise Clark

    My first time hearing in 2020 and I love it! Thanks to my boyfriend 😍.

  21. Denise Clark

    Omg. My boyfriend just sent me this. Love it!

  22. Gerad Douglas

    How Can So Many People Hate This Song?? Haters Gonna Hate, Yall B Carefull!!!!!

  23. Alicia Gilyard

    I absolutely love this song

  24. PlusSize Doll

    2020 Vibes💙💚

  25. Angela Kuehe

    His voice is heavenly sent💋💖🔥💋🔥💖

  26. Tiffany SoulfulSpirit

    So beautiful whew 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️

  27. 24MsKima

    Butterfly by Ashley Antoinette sent me here!!! 😌

  28. Nicole Lyons

    Love this song....Fantasizing

  29. Keena K


  30. M1926 Quinzeal

    To my E

  31. Mary Jane


  32. Mind Urs

    Here in 2020 🔥🔥

  33. Theron Moore

    It's 2020 and I'm still groving to this

  34. Charles Matthews

    The end solo has an 80s Miami Vice type vibe.

  35. Lil 4OE9

    all day i diss all slobs

  36. Amira Hampton

    All day iiiiiiiiii dream of sexing yooouu 🥰‼️

  37. Shana Wimbley


  38. Sundasia Darniece

    I found true love in youuuu....ohhhhh

  39. Nola Giirl

    If y’all haven’t seen this man in concert, you’re missing out 🤷🏽‍♀️ his concerts are 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  40. Titilayo Ojediran

    Make passionate love and lose control on somebody....

  41. Joe Walton

    Just ran across this song thinking it just came out smdh... They should've push this song more because this is timeless music right here I'll play this forever lol

  42. Mia Parker

    Maaaaan I first heard this song like 3-4 yrs ago. And man this is a go to wen u wanna throw it in a circle. 😂 Sheeesh. This is it I’m still rocn right now

  43. Jodie_xo

    The most underrated singer. Lucky I discovered him

  44. Kristiana Mayes

    A man of words and can give you good vibes 😍😍

  45. james Christmas

    Dedicated to riri

  46. Tray Hill


  47. Rare One

    You gotta listen to this late at night, in bed with earphones in, or better yet whilst ya making love 👌🏽

  48. Cora Proctor

    Damn reminds me of that good ol session we just had

  49. Jason Gilliam

    Its 29 days till 2k20 and I'm still playing this who wit me? 🔥🔥🔥

  50. Arty G

    Getting millions of views but only 259k+ wanna get alerted 🚨

  51. SoulChild

    I love this song

  52. Alexis Davis

    This song stays on repeat. I can never get tired of this song.

  53. The Baddest Chick

    Damn that guitar solo at the end though, make you wanna do some thangs


    I see yo face when I close my eyes.. (Making love to her in the shower)🔥🔥

  55. Charlene Brendle

    I like some of your music you got a good voice people that have very beautiful voices are special

  56. Amy Batiste

    Got damn ❤

  57. CelessSaysItBest

    😰🥵😳😺😻🔥🔥🔥💧💦 😂

  58. Shana Wimbley

    Ooooooh💜💜💜💜 so sensual &smooth & that guitar at the end...lordddy❣❣❣❣

  59. Brandon Page

    Dear Heavenly Father Zeus how I feel about Chris please let this be one of our song one we make love to protect him and my relationship as friends and. Let me be able to be there for him and let the Goddess of Love power and love run through us and also protect us protect us from the words of others and you also my Lord Zeus be with us... Aman Aman for us... And Amen and a women for our blessings...Thank u

  60. Erica Jackson


  61. Shavonna Wilder

    I love this song his voice is life 😍😍

  62. Shamesha Lenoir

    ❄️ Winter ❄️ 2019 ❄️

  63. Rochelle Mack

    Love this song ❤️❤️

  64. Niya Jafar

    This Is My Jam Smh Repeat all day 🖤

  65. Bre

    💗💗💗🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Love this song!!!

  66. lovely scott

    Sexy Sexy Sexy 💋 Love It 😍 Sex Me Baaabbyy💓

  67. scharmekia cyrus

    I love, love, love this song. It makes me open for love again but then again it's hard. What is love for people anymore, people don't value loyalty, love or respect anymore. 😢

  68. Spiffy McSpifferson

    Nice job stealing the song title from Korn.

  69. reginald turner

    This speaks 2 my utmost fantasies..Prince..Maxwell..Eric Benet..ETC...A YOUNGER FRESHER NEW GENERATIONAL FEEL OF THOSE WHOM WE LOVE BEYOND THE GRAVE

  70. Lara Taylor

    This song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



  72. Derrick the gamer

    A close Friend 2019 brought me here #Free #Honey50th

    Derrick the gamer

    It's 3am in the Chi and this Bangin

  73. J Calloway

    It’s 2019 and this song still going hard! I know I’ve played it at least 100x today 😩 made love to my husband off it, Knocked him out and I’m still playing it! 🤣🤣 I love this song! Today is my first time hearing it! ❤️❤️ Why is he slept on! 😒

  74. Laurent AIGLE BLANC

    T'es un vrai toi.

  75. Marguerite Sandoval

    how can you not like this song lol. its amazing!

  76. HisMommyy

    All the instruments in this song is crazy

  77. Beautiful Deige

    why I thought this was the video 😩 cmon ro it’s been 6 years!! give us a video !! 🥰

  78. Donnita Anthony

    One of My Favs 😍😍😍

  79. Lacloesha Peters


  80. Lakisha Shaw

    That part at the end where he talks..... impure thoughts

  81. Jakyra Grant

    Who still listens to this in october? I know I do

  82. U. M.

    Me just discovering this💕 guy!👍😎

  83. GODDESS new moon333

    Tears ....back to back 🔄 10/9/2019 🕉

  84. SHADY


  85. brown gyal

    Ace & Chyna brought me here 😢💔 RIP CHYNA💔

  86. Shannon

    This song will nevaaaaaa get played out 🥵

  87. Monica Henson-Perrin

    Thank you. "Motivation with no destination is better than no motivation at all."

  88. JoVon Pickens

    one of my favorites stilllll

  89. Eric Manzano

    Michelle brought me here 👍

  90. Queen B


  91. Kay Ellis

    I love you

  92. juju20dabest

    How are the best way for you have any further details on this one is for your time

  93. juju20dabest

    Wake up its u

  94. Brittney Martinez

    1:25-1:34 gets me everytime

  95. Mechelgael Harris

    I love this song. 💪🏽💪🏽

  96. prioleau2012

    When you strolling your playlist and your nosy kid see the word Adidas 👀them:ooh Adidas 🤣what's that song? Me: not a kid song🙄😄😂

  97. Christian Henson

    Still listening❤