James Reid - This Time Lyrics

Oh I'm sorry, girl
For causing you much pain
Didn't mean to make you cry
Make your efforts all in vain
And I apologize
For all the things I've done
You were loving me so much
But all I did was let you down

Oh, I really don't
Know just what to say
All I know is that
I want you to stay... Yeah...

This time I'm not gonna let you slip away
This time I'm not gonna let another day go by
Without holding you so tight
Without treating you so right
This time I'm not gonna let go of your love
This time I promise you that we'll rise above it all
And I will never let you fall
I'm gonna give you my all
This time

Oh, I never thought
That I was hurting you
Now I know that I was wrong
Now I know just what to do

Gonna try to be
The best that I could be
All I need is one more chance
To make it up to you, you'll see

And there's one more thing
That you oughta know
All I know is that
I don't want you to go...

[Chorus x2]

Gonna give you my all...
This time

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  1. Janeh xx


  2. Anika Marih

    *2020 Always Fav♥😭🥀*

  3. Rhean Billones


  4. SMILE _

    JANUARY FIRST 2020???❤️

  5. Sherlyne Andres

    all of this is the best

  6. Kouth Bhor

    OMG I can't hear Philippines language but this movies is so crazy I can't even explain how existing I am 2 watched it and the song is so touching I just love it thank 2 u guys love u guys

  7. Shenie Baludo

    December 2019?

  8. Princess Mikaella Acero


  9. Princess Mikaella Acero


  10. Jhoeren Alvaro


  11. wilmee miraflores

    i love jadine! lahat ng movie nila napanood ko. kinikilig ako. pinidot ko na yung pula, gawin mo din sa tahanan ko ha.

  12. Eloice Legados

    Dec. 2019. ❤️


    Sorry Kim my baby love you too much that's song for u

  14. Stefania Fernandez


  15. Eileen Bayron

    listening to this everyday

  16. Abigael Kemei

    Jadine 🤩😘😘😘😘😘I lack words to describe how I love you two 💓💓

  17. len Saa


  18. John David Sarmiento

    Jadine ❤

  19. y christiana

    Sweet song

  20. princes tabios

    october 2019?? miss na namin movie ng jadine

    Jerald Urot

    Ooh nga

    Roselyn Luchavez

    I love the song but I don't believe in loved

  21. Briana Torres


  22. Norayda Villapando

    2019 Na parang dp AQ naka move on miss you jadine

  23. Ulee Andriade TV

    I love you Jadine. Fan here forever 😊🥰

  24. Hannie Yusoph

    Hanggang ngayon nakikinig ako nito....sino paba nakikinig n2?😊

  25. lemonade23 93

    Sa sobrang ganda at swerte ni nadine, sana ako din mafeel din na babae ako yng tipong iingatan at aalagaan din.. i want to feel appreciated 😭

  26. Ade Rachma

    fall in 💖 with them (jadine) best couple 😍😍

  27. Franki Nation

    I'm sorry girl for causing you much pain 🎵🎶😭💔

  28. Eliza Mae

    a crying today

  29. mica pat

    Late man akong naging fans ng jadine..makakahabol din.😅😉.actually naka 2 movie na aq at 2 teleserye for 2wiks🤣🤣npanood ko nadin ang ibng jadineupdate..malltour..mga out of the country show.. kya lagi aqng antok pag duty na🤣..im here in saudi😅🖐..sad to say nag uumpisa na nmn aqng msaktan pag nkaview ng pangit na news...

  30. Chris Alyssa Ramos

    Someday... Someday... Someday...

  31. Tin Saquing

    i love this song......kaway2 sa mga mhlig prn mkinig ng song na toh......

  32. Princess Lidon

    Jadine bagay

  33. Nosaira Usop

    Jadine forever 😍😍

  34. Jo Jo

    August 2019 💜
    I love you so much JaDine 💜

  35. Marvin Nalaza

    Who's listening in August 2019? 😊💘

  36. Shinta fenanda Putri


  37. Maui Bautista

    I just watched the movie at iflix.. Grabe.. Im so nakaka relate...

  38. henna Nirin

    anyone listening 2019

  39. Zui Samonte

    Di nakakasawang pakinggan.

  40. Mitch Kesha

    who's still listening? 2019 anyone?

  41. Chris Alyssa Ramos

    Actual apologies will occur in about in two weeks. Wherever he is, I will always forgive him...

  42. AyeChan Thar


  43. Lucia Soemoredjo

    An amazing love-couple, love them, ❤️always JaDine.... 4ever JaDine❤️

  44. mary hannah

    Ice and Zoe brought me here!! ❤❤ #TeenClash2



  46. Lalrinpuii Puii

    I really love this song😍😍

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    It's a no for me

  48. Marvin Nalaza

    Sino nakikinig dito? 2019 😂😍😘

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    2016 to 2019 💘

  50. Clarisse C

    2019 but still listening to this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Waw ang ganda ni nadin idol ko silang dalawa

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    Lodi 😘💕

  53. Abhie P

    2019 🙁💔

  54. jemarous copero


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    APRIL 2019?❤️

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    2019 love it!

  57. reine valderama

    Still watching 2019 💘..💏

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    2019? aw love their voice

  59. Elly Carbonel

    They are perfect to each other

  60. Elly Carbonel

    This time

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    2019??? nakaka LSS tlga

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    Ganda ng song

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    Sana kantahin mo sa akin Ito ng buong puso Mahal ko..

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    https://youtu.be/x3P-uVUcomQ This Time :)

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    pagbalik ko ng pinas sana that time maging ok na tayo, I love you and I miss you babe

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