James Morrison - Sitting On A Platform Lyrics

Sitting on a platform
Waiting for your train to come
Should have been here at one
I keep checking on my watch
Cause there's nothing else I can do

And when it pulls in
You're not standing there
Couples everywhere
I reach into my pocket
Just to see if I got the day right

And what I cherished in my mind
Perhaps it never was
I loved you just because
Your the only one to stop me wasting all my love

But didn't i give enough
For you to fall for me
But maybe just a little to much
When you were calling me
Washing me from your hair
I could wait around all year
Should I, should I

Still sitting on a platform
Just incase you change your mind
We can share my wine
I kept a little back
But it's getting kinda hard to leave

But people at the station
Are concerned for me
For me honestly
They know I'm just another fool
Wasting all his love


Maybe you took the plane
Maybe you don't remember
Maybe you just don't give a care
For some guy sitting on a platform

Didn't I put you up
When it was cold for you
Didn't I wait around
Because you told me to

Wash me out your hair
Like I was never there

Should I, should I...leave.

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James Morrison Sitting On A Platform Comments
  1. Joshua Bimpong

    If you go on genius, I made an annotation for it, check it out!

  2. PLC Peace Love Cookies

    this is one of those songs that are beautiful, but it's kinda sad also... 😃😔

  3. Ramzi Djeghri

    beautifulllll !!!

  4. Dunya1995

    beautiful song !