James Morrison - Precious Love Lyrics

I was so lost, didn't know what to do with myself,
I was my own worst enemy, I was lost and oh I needed help,
Then you came along, and saw what state I was in,
You picked me up, when I was down,
Showed me how to live again.

I say thank you, for pulling me through,
I'm a lucky man,
I didn't know what life was
But now I understand,

This is precious love, its precious love
No I can't let it go,
This is precious love, and its teaching me,
Everything I need to know,
This is precious love, oh its precious love
No I cant get enough,
Oh I'm down on my knees begging you please,
To gimmie more of that stuff.

Love, love, love, love, love, precious love
Oh its love, love, love, love, love, precious love

Oh I got so distracted,
By people all around, whispering sweet nothings,
Filling my head with doubt,
So I gave up, it didn't take long for me to see
The one thing that I was missing, was standing in front of me.

Took you for granted, thought the grass,
As greener on the other side.
I was wrong, and its taken so long
For me to finally realize.

This is precious love, its precious love
No I can't let it go,
This is precious love, and its teaching me,
Everything I need to know,
Oh this is precious love, oh its precious love
No I cant get enough,
Oh I'm down on my knees begging you please,
To gimmie more of that stuff.

I say a prayer and send it to you,
That my heart will always be true
Life wont be the same without you
I say thank you, Mmmm,
I'm a lucky man,
I didn't know what life was
But now I understand,

Oh this is love, love, love, love, love precious love
This is precious love, and its teaching me,
To be a better man,
This is precious love, oh its precious love
No I cant get enough,
Oh I'm down on my knees, it's there that I see
You must be from heaven above,

Yeah its love, love, love, love, love, precious love

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James Morrison Precious Love Comments
  1. honeychurchgipsy6

    I need an extended version of this song because it is over too soon - lol!!

  2. Campanologist #AW

    It's all gone now time for me to move on no more second guessing just moving forward wish you the best

  3. Kathleen Mosher

    Here in 2019 after watching the Schitts Creek finale. Beautiful song.

  4. jakob kjær

    Du ved hvem du er!!😎

  5. uhueheujfhesf djnfu9apnzufheupn

    true story.... so i was listening this on the car ride to my grandmas house and i saw this pretty girl her name was mallorie (remember her) and i know this sounds weird but she was VERY VERY pretty and a few month pass by and i realize this was one of my best friends friend...long story short i found my girlfriend to this song and we have been together for 4 months

  6. Ruth Mghoi

    Schitts creek bandwagon

  7. Amani Hossain

    season finale of schitt’s creek made me cry happy tears :’)

  8. Pauline Etherington

    michi3892 Thank you ! xx

  9. C Brittany End

    i shazaamed this song when i first heard it on schitts creek (as it looks like everyone else did as well) lol & completely forgot about it until i was just watching it again.... love this song

  10. Hunter Brown

    "It's called Schitt's Creek, and it's where we live."

    ian wright

    That's were I heard this song too! Even though I knew James Morrison like 10 years ago. This guy is the shit!!!


    I too heard this amazing song at the end of a brilliant episode of Schitt's Creek. I have to confess that the dance scene at the end brought a tear to my eye.


    Hunter Brown ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Lori LeFebre

    Watching Schitt's Creek and heard this...my new favorite song! It's perfect!

  12. LYacky1

    I've owned this album for almost a decade and *loved* that they used this song on Schitt's Creek. This Canadian girl is so proud that a Canadian tv show (besides Degrassi lol) is finally getting some love & respect from all over the world. ❤️🇨🇦

  13. Eunice Noyb

    What brings me here is Netflix’s shitts creek!! 😂.
    Took me a while, who else ??

    Eunice Noyb

    I’m from the uk, thought it was James bay at first

    Carolinagirl Kelly

    Same here!!

    Maria Fuller

    Yes didn't take me long to find it but when I first heard it. I said Gee he sounds like Rod Stewart. Then found out it was James Morrison. Was like wow.


    Yep! Heard of James but never this beautiful song til Schitt's Creek!

  14. leah Renee

    Schitts creek brought me here!!!

  15. Lisa Wahlmeier

    Thanks to Schitt’s Creek for bringing me to search this song and finding a great artist!❤️

  16. Nx Hart

    Schitts creek is where I heard this song

  17. shanikim M

    Love d music. Heard it at work and am in love...

  18. coloursprogram


  19. sweetbaybabz

    First heard this on Schitt’s Creek. Such a beautiful scene and perfect song.

  20. Sky Henry Blue

    Precious. Love

    This. Is. For. Lisa. Marie. Pressley. N. Her. Mom. Priscilla. N. Whole. Pressley. family.

    N. Janet. Jackson. Michael. N. Whole family.

    N. Elvis. N. Michael

    God. Bless. You. All. So. So. So. So. Much

    Merry. Christmas

    I. Loved. You loved. You. All. So. Much. My. Whole. Life. ESPECIALLY. Elvis. Michael. N. Janet. N. Lisa

    Always. Loved. U

    Janet. One. My. First. Crushes

    Lisa. So. Beautiful. Look. To. Me. Juss. Like. Ur. Daddy

    Sing. As. Good. Also. To. Me. Lisa.

    Smoke. Clears. Live. Produce. Record. With. You. For. You. N. Janet. So. Much

    Think. We. Could. Rock. World. Like. Ain't. been. Rocked. While

    You. So. Talented

    This. Song. This. Version. So. Awesome. To. Me

    Dedicated. To. You. all

    Happy. Noel. Merry. x. mass

    One. Thing. I. Like. Do. Always. On. Christmas

    Go. Midnight. christmas. Mass

    God. Bless. You. All

    N. Those. you love. Much

    Cow. boy. Grady

  21. Busty Byrne

    This song makes me think about the precious love of Jesus Christ ❤️


    god you're so going to heaven because of this comment, I'm so jealous.

  22. AceDT311

    Schitt's Creek might've sent some of us.

  23. Leia Strange

    Shame if you've found this song from shit creek, James is the man and you've missed out on so much.

    whoownswho theendisoverdue

    I'll take the show and the singer thx jackass


    It's Schitt's Creek

  24. Jason Cook

    This song is a sunny day.

  25. arushi baisla

    Schitts Creek 🙌

  26. Leia Strange

    I first heard this song on the album. I bought it because I love him. Yeah.

  27. sleepymofo

    I heard this song while waiting in line at KFC. Thank my stomach for a hankering for some crispy wings.

  28. Giessel 98


  29. denim Centeno

    Schitts Creek brought me here...JUST AMAZING THE SHOW AND MUSIC..LOVE IT

  30. Robbie Hernandez

    Does he have any new music coming out???

  31. Steven Green

    epic covers

  32. Maxine Anderson

    Omg I heard this song on Schitts creek and I fell in love with it

    Reese H

    Maxine Anderson same



  34. Jack L.

    What a great closer to Schitts Creek season 2

  35. Lisa Bailey

    Yay Schitt's Creek! Me too. Love the episode and this song!!

  36. Denise Hammer

    god bless schitt's creek, apparentl! turn alot of us on to fine song...love that last scene E1!

  37. Alana Lozano

    first heard this song the other day while I was working at panda express haha.

  38. Kuuipokin3

    Thank you Schittʻs Creek for introducing me to this song

    ian wright

    Wonderful World by James is awesome too. Check out all his music though :)

  39. glenna hook

    love this song...listen to the words..apply to so many relationships..precious love indeed.

  40. Amy Cheng

    great song and melody.

  41. Betty Harty

    Incredible voice !

  42. Andjela Tatarovic

    I first heard this particular song on Schitt's Creek, but once you hear his voice, you know it's him :) So I knew and was so happy to have recognized him :D

  43. Amanda Kennedy

    this song makes the season finale sooo heart warming. The dancing 💜 Eugene and Daniel Levy hit gold with this show!!

    Jason Cook

    An amazing show and song

    Rose Burney

    I absolutely love this show. Heard it on Schitt's Creek and had to look it up too!

    Anita Naidoo


    jenny smith

    Best show ever! Love the song, too. ❤️

    Lannah Blue

    Here from Schitt's Creek too. This episode and scene are one of my favorites. I haven't seen season 5 yet and 6 hasn't been released yet but I think this one is going on stay on my top 10 list. Will see 😉

  44. roxykix23

    Lol! Heard this on my new fav show shitts creek 🕺🎼🎼

  45. Mkenya Kabisa

    Yep schitts creek episode " happy anniversary"
    Great lesson on that particular episode actually

    Cameron Snyder

    Happy Anniversary was a revelation episode. They handled it so well, from the restaurant to the barn. Great episode.

    True Blue

    The Roses finally realized who their friends are ( love how he stands up for Schitts creek and Rowland and Jocelyn, it’s cute how Moira And him both smile about the coupon joke). At the barn scene it’s pretty much how the family realize the family love is everything and how they’re happy without their material possessions. I absolutely love the show !


    @True Blue I think it's really cool to see that their hanging on to what they still have like their jewelry, Johnny's watch and stuff and lastly, their kids

    True Blue

    AyEasing their dependents (Moria at the beginning of the show) Hahahaha

    Andy Kashu

    Actually. Great lesson or not?! What's this incredibly dumb expletive _'actually'_ actually for?

  46. Queila Rodrigues

    Love you james

  47. Tyra Banks

    I heard this song for the first time on Schitts Creek as well. Afterwards, I looked him up on you tube. He's a great artist. He really sings from his soul.

    Feonia Thompson

    Same here.. Shitts Creek

  48. tomservo

    love it <3

  49. Johannes Comia-Orellano

    I heard this song way before Schitt's Creek, but I was ecstatic when I heard it on the season two finale. Perfect song to end their current season.

    Steve Derderian

    Johannes Comia-Orellano it almost felt too perfect, like it could have been the end of the show forever. Glad it just got extended for a fourth season though :D

  50. S N Smith

    Schitt's Creek, season 2 is where I first heard this song.


    S N Smith that's how I discovered this song as well. Love it!

    Emma Jacobs

    S N Smith same! i cried lmao.

    Chelsea Russell

    yesss! Amazing song

    Kimberly G

    Me too and I fell in love with it

  51. Marcia Mejia

    Shitts creek season 2 was amazing but this made it 2929292929944 better

  52. Annaline Pfeiffer

    Heard this while I shopping at Home Depot. I just want to give them props.

  53. paolo roque

    Es una canción muy buena que me a recomendada mi profesora, siempre la escucho O.o

  54. Catherine Sutton

    Heard this song for the first time on Shitt's Creek their current season. Love it! Where have I been?

    DaReaL GoAtGaMiNg843

    Rod Robinson me too😂😂

    Laurie S

    Me too! Great song!

    Jude Choizy

    I just heard it too

    Susan MAGUIRE

    Same here! Moved to tears by this song and David's expression♡

  55. Sam Beaney

    Love this song, love James Morrison! Thanks for posting 😊