James - Hey Ma Lyrics

Now, the towers have fallen
So much dust in the air
It affected your vision
Couldn't see yourself clear

From the fall came such choices
Even worse than the fall
There's this chain of consequences
Within, without

Action, cause and reaction
Never follows to plan
Black swans on your picnic table
Knocking over the jam

Please don't preach me forgiveness
You're hardwired for revenge
War is just about business
Within, without

Hey ma, the boys in body bags
Coming home in pieces
Hey ma, the boys in body bags
Coming home in pieces

Hey ma, the boys in body bags
Coming home in pieces
Coming home in pieces

War, war, war, war

The dead live on within us
Keep your fingers crossed
We were choking on the smoke and the dust
And the lives that were lost

Scratch the surface of liberals
There's a beast underneath
Others hiding their Jekyll's
Within, without

Hey ma, the boys in body bags
Coming home in pieces
Hey ma, the boys in body bags
Coming home in pieces

War, war, war, war

I can feel the daylight
I can feel the day lightning on me, lightning on me
I can feel the daylight
I can feel the day lightning on me, falling on me

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James Hey Ma Comments
  1. Itchy Tooth.

    With every lie we've been told, it incurs a debt to the truth... One day that debt will be paid in full.

  2. B. Foley

    I'm watching in 2018.  The world still paying for GW's war.

  3. Randell

    This is an amazing video for an already amazing song, is there a higher quality video available anywhere?

  4. Tamara

    i love to sing this!
    but i sing:
    hey ma, boy's is body ' got me comin' home in pieces.

  5. L H

    It's been years and I'm still coming back for this video. So well done. My wish is someone would do such a quality vid for Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits. The feels, man. The feels.

  6. Mayzerify


  7. MrForchy01


  8. Oona Burke

    with the video, completes the beautiful poetry of JAMES :)

  9. thomas kieran

    oh yea i see what you are saying i agree but (i dont know for shore) it looked like he was for war from his comment and from the looks of it i was already in some sort of built up rage haha but sorry to say peace most likely will not work ass long ass we are at war and governments keep ppl in the dark with properganda..... ass i said education is key we the ppl have to push this have you seen zeitgeist 1,2 and 3 i would like everyone on the planet to see this and the venus project but for now..

  10. thomas kieran

    that was for my comment wasnt it lol

  11. thomas kieran

    are you suggesting that "theres no peace without war" is a relevant statement .....? there has been war although history and plenty more IT NEVER GOT ANYONE PEACE!! and if you think it WILL ...For a start the definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over again and expect different results . there is only war when the money classes think they will benafit from it..... wee need to make peace through revolution and a real education worl wide.

  12. edgardo gregorini

    this is the consequences of the foolish actings of the men

  13. dlpine71


  14. dlpine71

    Extremely broad, general and idiotic statement. I would also summize "every guy you know who has gone into the service" is quite a bit smarter than what you have shown here.

  15. Alex Megas

    Shocking song shocking video. James is a really magnificent band worthy of our attention.

  16. TrU3ZenQ

    war is stupid why not settle this like honourable people. Osama Bin Laden was an idiot. why do they have to fight

  17. BoxerfanUK

    Erm... the total FUTILITY AND WASTE of war... maybe!!!!!!!!

  18. Damien Lennon

    what point is this video trying to make?

  19. TheCapper42

    @guzotak I doubt he knows them personally, a lot of bands have facebook pages for fans.

  20. velenvskaelhas

    Lifes well spent, or lifes wasted?

  21. Mario Markov

    @britlandco James, the band? You have their facebook, you know them?

  22. Mihaicii

    untouchable and golden

  23. Bill Dryden

    Bring them home.....alive...

  24. shooterwall

    are boys are good.

  25. Neil Lesinski-Tubby

    very well done, very poignant, true video of what its all about. lets not also forget all the innocent civilians in iraq and afghanistan who have lost their lives and never wanted either war.

  26. higgolini

    Good timing on that first explosion. Perfectly in sync with the music.

  27. Cameron Flower

    mps wake up. 1 of these heros is worth all of u help these in battle and @ home.

  28. thetoplap

    "Never in the face of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."
    - Winston Churchill

  29. Juan Manuel Castellanos

    god bless also, all the inocent victims of imperialism!

  30. Music Without Borders

    Every dead Taliban makes the world a better place.

  31. Around Denver

    So you are now associated with the band and they obviously are fine with your video.

  32. Around Denver

    James posted your video on Facebook today! Your video made me cry... it is Veterans Day in the US. The FB address is user id .... jamesisnotaperson

  33. chrobbb

    this war is such a bullshit
    I'm really ashamed that polish troops, engineers and special forces were in Iraq and still are in Afghanistan.

  34. shooterwall


  35. ninjak81

    @Filthdrive ok cool commentin on other pages is cool but people are payin respects by doin these vids and the people that have lost people dont need people shouin off about how there loved ones where thick/murderin/brainwashed do they at the end of the day fight the system but dont tar all people in that system the same stereo typing is wrong and you should know that having said where you live and that you have have suffered ok thts all respect to ya and the freedom of "censored" speech ;p

  36. ninjak81

    @Filthdrive not once have i said i agree with the govenmet and its policies and not all squddies do you just make assumptions cos your so blinkerd by the hate you have that you dont bother askin where people stand if you knew how it was in the forces then you could have my ear but as you dont have a clue and just slag everyone off labelin everyone the same you have shown your narrow mindedness to others and by comin onto a tribute page for young men and women ranting thats wrong by any means

  37. ninjak81

    @Filthdrive im more man than you in my little finger fuck wit im open to listenin and learnin and have done since "way back" as you put it yes war is profitable but also some times needed at the end of the day this page is a tribute to the people that dont come home

  38. ninjak81

    @Filthdrive i work in london ya nonce and i can tell ya straight off the bat that you talk utter shit also spelling dont mean a thing when ya dislexic but dont take away from what i was gettin at in my first comment that quite simply the armed forces deserve respect for doin a job where they are underpaid and ill equipped that is of course unless your just another one of the youtube keyboard warriors that likes to argue obout something that was nothing to do with the post/video to start with :)

  39. eric nueman

    @scotland018 Many didn't come home safe God help them! How can God really bless disobedience! It's like wanting God who is love to bless slaughtering the poor! You still have to Love people even if you don't like 'em! --But from all I've seen through wiki leaks many of you should get what's coming to you for being so dastardly in your fight to grab the oil & bull doze the poor under the sand like the Devil would! He's a cover upper just like the US top brass taught by the Bush family do!!

  40. Letholdus Aurelius

    @arch37 I'm not in the military genious.

  41. eric nueman

    @Wll10441 It's the hit Dog who Howls!

  42. Letholdus Aurelius

    @arch37 Stupidity? You talk as if you have been in the military. You don't have a fucking choice faggot. And if no one signed up, then they would draft. Worst part is, they send good people to die and not the idiots and douchebags like yourself.

  43. eric nueman

    That's what the rich bank on ... The stupidity of young people to be patriotic no matter what... It's insanity to support the rich in their endeavors to steal resources of others more well endowed than they are. The US had oil but wasted it & desires greedily what others own who use it sparingly! Wasteful Westerners should be watching out for an angry God. See Hurricane Earl's path of coming destruction! Another bowling ball from God in retribution coming soon? Strike aaah!!!

  44. eric nueman

    Prayer against those truly responsible for this war! Sic 'em Jesus! Get those who started this war used by the rich to perpetrate an oil & resources rip off using the Sons of the rich & poor as canon fodder! In Jesus name do it for me Lord. Get to those responsible if not right now eventually!
    God's wheels of justice turn exceeding slow but exceeding fine!

  45. eric nueman

    Leaving an implanted US government & thousands of troops in Iraq is tantamount to allowing the US to monitor oil deliveries on new contracts to force Iraq to pay their former debts before invasion & pay for the entire war in oil which provides a way to rob Iraq legally. It's remotely controlling Iraq without being there much having destroyed as many insurgents is a possible. A full force troop return if things get out of control is a possibility! Voila! Oil take over in 9 years. Nice grab!

  46. eric nueman

    Reminds me of that old cartoon of America dancing whie it makes big bucks due to war profits, then has to pay Mr.Death who plays a fiddle. "Now it's time America to pay the fiddler!"

  47. smithsmozz smiths

    Big james!!!

  48. TheWeeshauna

    R.I.P HEROS and i hope use all come home safe n i hope my uncle is ok he is over der i hvnt heard from him for ages

  49. TheWeeshauna

    R.I.P heros my uncle is over der i hope he is ok cuz i hvnt heard from him 4 ages

  50. proudprod clark

    go on the armed forces get steamed right into them.no matter if you agree way the war or not we must get right behind the troops after all they didnt ask to go over to afghan.RULE BRITTANIA

  51. crouchtrac

    @jimbolimbo99 yeah we all know it's bad, but it's necessary.

  52. auntylol

    dear jimbolimbo you can be pro army but anti war sweetpea.

  53. James Atkinson

    @jimbolimbo99 I quote from the song: ' WAR IS JUST ABOUT BUSINESS'

  54. James Atkinson

    This is an Anti War song but everyone on here is pro Army :S

    The whole Hey Ma album is basically on the concept of how bad war is, even the cover of the album!

  55. pavlos stamatis

    @TrueEaglesFan you mean that now that we are American it's better...

  56. Stewart Hutchison

    what a amazing song and video

  57. TrueEaglesFan

    What Mexico ever do to help the world? If it weren't for America, you'd be German.

  58. Michael Yates

    great song sad video.

  59. SAY10

    god bless our soldiers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. PoPMediaPro

    tears and anger

  61. al watson

    this is basically all becuase england & usa support isreal
    no other reason.

  62. ivan de Castres

    Yankees go home! To your wold of egocentrism and ignorance!And leave the world alone, live in peace!


    What the F are you doing in Iraq? Yankees go home, go home bloody England troops, we don't want you controlling the world!

  64. N C-K

    Some of my friends smoke that stuff. They act like half their brain has gone and they also look like shit. When it comes to drugs of any kind: no thanks.

  65. TrueEaglesFan

    weed has taught me so much. all drugs do. I just did salvia today and that taught me to love this life. you could be a really chill person if you just smoked a little bit. smoking weed every weekend wont really have effects on you. sure, you'll forget things but they wont be important. you'll remeber the things you need to know and you'll feel great about yourself.

  66. N C-K

    For mental health issues I don't see Alcohol and most of all Cigarettes being an issue. The fact is if you occasionally smoke weed you're more likely to have mental health problems later on. You just sound completely naive about the whole thing.

  67. TrueEaglesFan

    They were probably on crack or cocaine. Weed doesn't do that to you. It makes you a really nice person and you can't be addicted to it. Its less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes.

  68. N C-K

    ...right...I'm sure that's what a couple of guys I knew thought when they smashed a guys head in with a bike lock, trying to mug him because they were in drug debt.

  69. RED

    God Bless our Troops, lest we forget.

  70. TrueEaglesFan

    if we all smoked weed, wars would never happen.

  71. Kookoooo1

    yes official

    - another 3000 troops

  72. PatienceMelissa

    So sad.... The tragedies of war.

  73. Tom Vernon

    My girlfriend cried at this

  74. maxpowermad

    i agree!

  75. TrueEaglesFan

    laren elngsih bdudy


  76. jim618033

    when you started eating meet we had high cholesterol so shut up!!!!

  77. jim618033

    Psst ... Can i tell you a secret? We dont need your stupid nation to kill us we can do it without you. You burn and then you save and build nations 100 years now. Wake up everybody hate you!!!

  78. jmharrison51

    A moving video and a moving song. And as for the comments by kookooo1, shaunnitomlin and a few others, well, when you've grown up a bit lads, you'll just squirm with embarrasment.

    Don't confuse compassion for humanity with support for a political decision. The guys you see dying here are fathers, sons, husbands and brothers - they're no different from you or me, just put into a very different situation.

  79. john sharp


  80. Stefan Mako

    where's the video??? I used to watch it everyday. what happened?

  81. Aaron B

    Spectacular song. Well produced video. The photos of the young men who've been lost tore my heart out.

    It is the thing I disdain about Bush the most, he disallowed photos of our fallen coming home. Most Americans have barely felt the effects of this war, but we will be paying for decades to come.

    Good on James for having the courage to write this song.

  82. Katie McCormack

    very mooving and very sereal and i bow down to those poeple who put their lives in danger for us xxx

  83. InsertBlank

    Sorry, I accidentally pressed the thumbs down button when I meant thumbs up, and it won't let me change my mind. All I wanted to say is that I completely agree with everything you said.

  84. panlane

    I've watched this about a dozen times now. Found it via the Devil's Kitchen blog. I very rarely comment because...well, read the comments below and you'll see why it's normally not worth engaging in discussion. Just had to say how powerful I found the video and that hopefully you'll have inspired more people to donate to what is a worthy cause for very worthy people. You've done a fine thing here.

  85. hintanjul

    bout time you americanos got into james and some proper music instead of this r and b crap. kanye who and 47 cents !!?? who dey.try old crow medicine show too, they good an i seen them as well. what eclectic taste eh!!also like brooks n dunn n dwight yoakam and the pistols. ha ha ha

  86. Tayo Carvalhal

    it got mentioned yesterday in DC as well

  87. Ingvild4

    this was great. I mean, the video was sad, but you made it so well.

  88. N C-K

    My point is: Shut up.

  89. N C-K

    you my friend, are full of shit!

  90. N C-K

    Tim Booth said himself that this video was amazing, and I have to agree. Possibly the most important song to come out in this whole decade!

  91. embrassemoi04

    War sucks. James rocks.

  92. embrassemoi04

    My question to you is why you would tell anyone to "DO SOMETHING" if you believe they are "Stupid Idiots?" You are calling an entire CONTINENT, stupid? And by "English" You are calling all people from England stupid and idiotic as well?
    The only stupidity i see here is your stereo-typical, bigoted, self-righteous comment...I pity your ignorance...
    With all that having been said, James is an incredible! Tim Booth has such a beautiful voice, and i can't wait for them to come to toronto!

  93. Vasileios Xydianos

    james- hey ma
    from the new album hey ma
    my friend

  94. harilaou3

    the boys will keep coming to pieces because of you stupid english and american people!!do something you idiots!!

  95. Lidds1973

    Silly little boy

  96. Kishan W

    Go Fcuk your self kookoo1 !
    have some respect for the dead.

  97. Oscar Mulholland

    How rude , atleast spell it right

  98. chic thom

    who said i was a yank?im british,well scottish.

  99. chic thom

    proud of the soldiers and mycountry looking after them that cant for themselves.never mind oil or whatever,im sure if you lived their youd rather be governed by the british than sadam.imagine you lived in iraq...sadam killed 200,000 of his own

  100. CrisM1

    i meant usa and his allied, and anyway iraqi combat for total other reason ( that 90% of them dont know because SOMEONE said to them COMBAT FOR YOUR FREEDOM )