James Gang - Things I Could Be Lyrics

Well, I wake up
Wonderin' how long I've been here
Wipin' the night from my eyes
Wake up
New day is gonna bring good times
Hopin' to see the sun rise

Gotta catch up to the next town
Ten thousand people to find
Makin' up time on the freeway
Leavin' the last town behind

Well, I'm tired
Tossin' and turnin' 'til sleep comes
Dreamin' of places to see
Shakin' my head 'til the peace comes
Dreamin' of things I could be

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James Gang Things I Could Be Comments
  1. Tyler Anderson

    They really understood it man

    Tyler Anderson

    Shaking my head til the peace comes

  2. Mike Bowden

    Great song written by Fox; wish he had written more . . . . . .

  3. Rocky Leyton


  4. Donna Mosby

    OMG! I am not worthy...

  5. HeartoftheDragonColo

    This one was written by Jimmy Fox, who plays drums & organ (presumably overdubbed LOL) along with the incredible guitar & voice of Joe Walsh. Dale Peters provides spot-on bass.

  6. Tyler Anderson

    James Gang was the coolest band

  7. Brian Biehn

    Take a trip and jam my guitar lsd style ha

  8. randall scott burress

    Mow wow wow ? Tell you if i see alittle mouse or spider out of the corner of my eye's ? I can deal? ..but if I see an alligator crawling across the ceiling? Then I got to go to the Doctor?

  9. randall scott burress

    I saw what drugs did ? ..So I just ate me a bunch of mushroom soup?..what the hell..was there to lose?

  10. mattyp3400

    very mellow album

  11. Jeffrey Ryan

    Saw this in concert. Exceptional.

  12. Louise O'Shea

    Ahhh Captain Beyond.... What a great album COVER

  13. Ralph Thornhill


  14. Thomas Greenhalge

    All Joe and gang, incredible guitar, vocals, drums, a showcase of the talent here.

  15. HeartoftheDragonColo

    I still have my vinyl album, in great shape, I bought in 1971.

  16. Bp Roman

    keep on truckin

  17. Whitenacho

    Really takes me back. Just broke up with my first love broken hearted. I was listening to The James Gang, Fleetwood Mac (Bare Trees) Captain Beyond, Led Zep 1, Ziggy Stardust and many more.

    ld jackson

    @Keith Miller Yeah, that's a bummer. Sorry to hear it. Nothing like some classic music to take you back to a better time. Like a man much wiser than me once said after a long term relationship breakup, "I missed a trolley once in San Francisco, and man was I upset...then, sure enough, another one came along." So true.

    richard boyens

    oh my...a bobby welch fan.....i disowned the FM when they kept my beloved bob out of the HOF induction....FUCK YOU LINDSEY ,STEVIE AND THE LIKES...I HEARD IT WAS CHRISTINE WHO FOUGHT FOR HIM...AHH SENTIMENTAL LADY

    randall scott burress

    snowblades is a rizen bunny rabbit?

  18. leonakita

    @comeonyouraver your dad should be locked up !

  19. Beyond 1000.


    This is why no one buys music today. This song is a tripper with a laid back groove. Here Walsh just gets you into a mellow groove. A real classic treasure.

  20. sretrot

    Before he played for me to hear for the first time, my dad told me that in 1975 he took magic mushrooms and listened to this on repeat for 9 or so straight hours.
    I can see why... Brilliant song.

  21. Beyond 1000.


    And mine too. :)

  22. Beyond 1000.

    One man's trash is everybody elses gold. As long as you love the great Walsh that's all that counts.

  23. outlawcountryman

    @olytanis the paper sleeve with the band members in like blue and on motorcycles?

  24. Paisano Antonio

    a classic album makes you want to just say yes life is good

  25. Paisano Antonio

    a classic album,

  26. American Born Patriot.

    : ) : ) : ) : ) my kind of music...

  27. GregCliffordDrums

    I've got to get this album on vinyl.

  28. 1952FMS

    this is one of many albumns i had, with many years & moves it got away. love this time period. thanks for posting

  29. alexoffinnious

    Hearing this song moved that part of my brain that was programed in the 60's & 70's to the front again.Nice to hear again. Thanks for the post.James Gang was one of,if not the best that ever was back in "the days". To bad we can't go back and relive them.

  30. bjbhappy

    MCDREAMY : )