James Gang - It's All The Same Lyrics

A woman was by to see you
She didn't leave a name
She told me that she loved you
And she said, "It's all the same"

She said she'd just been raining
In meadows where you've been
She said she was a mirror for you
And she wishes you'd look in

Though she didn't stay too long
Well, I didn't catch her name
She told me that she loved you
She said, "It's all the same"
It's all the same

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James Gang It's All The Same Comments
  1. Robert Warner

    Underrated until The Eagles

  2. Donna Mosby

    Home town boy Joe...the BEST...this song makes me cry it is so beautiful...Thirds...wore out 2 vinyls...

  3. Barry Griffin

    Thirds helped me grow up as a teenie bopper, and become HellsDJ

  4. johnny zell

    A woman was by to see you
    She didn't leave a name
    She told me that she loved you
    And she said, "It's all the same"
    She said, she'd just been raining
    In meadows where you've been
    She said, she was a mirror for you
    And she wishes, you'd look in
    Though she didn't stay too long
    Well, I didn't catch her name
    She told me that she loved you
    She said, "It's all the same"
    It's all the same

  5. Geoff Smith

    Had this album( and 8 track) in the early 70's and wore it out. A great wide variety of tunes!

  6. run Caz

    This is a tear jerker. Maybe it's my own interpretation of the music and lyrics, but also the time I first heard it. Devastatingly beautiful song.

  7. randall scott burress


  8. randall scott burress

    snagglepus used to say ain't it the truth

  9. randall scott burress


  10. Joke Hoogendijk

    Pfff. Wow. it gives me chicken skin, you call it goods bump? O well, it's All the Same :)


    "goose bumps"...

  11. randall scott burress

    i hear you serious*

  12. Wild Ride

    Joe Walsh is more talented than just a great guitar slinger. He is a great songwriter, too. The James Gang use to play at my high school dances in the late sixties and in 1970 until they broke wide open. Not only were they a great power trio but they were our homies from Cleveland. We were all blown away

  13. randall scott burress


  14. Johan van de Merwe

    This song is of epic proportions.

  15. Chee Linville

    Man, I know how it is losing a bro. James Gang is always a sanctuary of a sort.

  16. Marcia D

    wish i still had this album....

  17. Jehoshful

    Beautiful song, thanks Joe!

  18. pug760

    Does anybody know what this song is talking about?? i love this song but can't quite figure out the lyrics/meaning..the part where she's said she just been raining ?? in meadows where you've been..i don't get it..

    Carla Taylor

    I think it was "she's just been waiting in meadows where you've been."

  19. CyrilTheSquirrel

    damn this song is just .... great.

  20. Carla Taylor

    Love this so much. Still breaks my heart


    +Carla Taylor You and me both.

  21. MusicDude86

    Bought Thirds on CD, popped it in my car CD player and was blown away by the diverse songs on it. Amazing how a band can go from Walk Away to It's All the Same. When the horns kick in, it reminds me of 60's group the Buckinghams. Awesome album. Rock on \m/ \m/

  22. David Shutt

    I remember "register and vote" (Barnstorm?) K6DAS

  23. HeartoftheDragonColo

    B flat for the horn charts.

    Matthew Walden

    If I remember correctly they were tuned down a half step. Joe's 12 string might be capoed on the 2nd fret. That would then result in B flat.

  24. martianshoes

    Got the cassette from, and cruised and listened with...my best bud, Blaine...last time I heard this was in his '65 Impala...RIP bro....wish we could listen to it and drink one more beer...



    How well I know those feelings, man.


  25. Pink Floydd


  26. HeartoftheDragonColo

    Living in a small town in western Colorado, when a couple guys brought this record to the local radio station (which didn't even actually have a format at all), my friends & I were totally knocked out. We picked this one up and filled in James Gang & Rides Again later. A classic.

    David & Flobear Shaugobay

    HeartoftheDragonColo great

  27. William Spaulding

    This is my all-time favorite Joe Walsh song. I just like the tune and the chord structure. This never got any radio airplay where I lived, but one time I recorded the Thirds album off of the radio and that's where I first heard it. 'Walk Away' and 'Midnight Man' are also on that album. I used to be a disk jockey at the campus radio station years ago at the Univ. of Arkansas and I used to play this every now and then, and sometimes people would ask me "where did you ever hear that song??

  28. fluffydolly

    joe walsh magic....!!!!!

  29. Henry Teverow

    @chernobylFarms drums, and played*

  30. Dirk Diggler

    It's in B Flat because of the horn arrangement. Most brass instruments are in that key.

  31. Chernobyl Farms

    @whokeithmoon holy crap, you don't have to shout! Oh, and Keith Moon? He play guitar for Who, that who he be.

  32. Chernobyl Farms

    This is in b-flat. Incredible.

  33. lisdejong

    @RhythmUniverse absolutely! if they dont marvel at the incredible talent that was "the beatles", i think they can not marvel. poor babies!

  34. David Henry

    I feel this album ranks up there with: The Doors (1st), Jefferson Airplane (Surrealistic Pillow), Led Zeppelin (2nd) and others. A well thought out and crafted album with musical genius all over it.

  35. twelve gage


  36. leonakita

    SPECTACULAR ! Known primarily as a guitarist now, he is a much deeper artist /writer than he ever got credit for.

  37. Beyond 1000.

    A FAT thumbs up on that one.

  38. RhythmUniverse

    @pigurine I'm not dissin' the Beatles. They are amazing - and it's not just baby boomers that love them.

    BUT, and George Martin will tell you that, the Beatles drew strongly on the music from their youth and history.They will tell you that they were influenced at least by Johnny Mercer.

    All music grows from the last. One builds up on the other.The Beatles learned from Elvis, Punk/New Wave grew out of the Beatles, current Dance/Pop/No Doubt came out of Punk and now Hip Hop. It's all connected.

  39. pigurine

    @RhythmUniverse I ask you where would todays ROCK and ROLL be
    without the Beatles? Ill tell you, songs about cars and puppy love.
    I should of said rock and roll songwriting, ask any baby boomer
    they know

  40. RhythmUniverse

    @pigurine haha... Don't let Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer or George & Ira Gershwin hear you say that. LOL I'm sure that the Beatles would agree. :")

  41. Paisano Antonio

    I remember this song from way back the ride to Greenwood Lake to Monroe Ny

  42. pigurine

    @JoblessNhappy You are retarded The Beatles invented songwriting

  43. benmart5

    I agree with you. Joe Walsh is one of the best musicians and songwriters of any generation

  44. richjard

    thanks for posting this. It hints at what is to come on the great Barnstorm Album.


    so true..its a barnstorm tune although I can do without the horns...wish it were a crisp acoustic tune