James Fortune & FIYA - What If? Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
What if I were a liar,
with the most amazing stories ever heard
What if I was a robber,
taking things that I didn’t earn
What if I was a killer,
That thought nothing of taking another life
What if I was suicidal,
and the only life I wanna take is mine
Would He love me
Would He forgive me
Would He save me
And dare to use me

[Verse 2:]
What if I had a baby,
that I didn’t allow to come into the world
And what if I’m confused,
About whether I’m a boy or girl
What if I took a husband,
away from his wife and his child
What if I said before,
I didn’t believe in God anyhow
Would He love me
Would He forgive me
Would He save me
And dare to use me

I don’t know everything
But this one thing I’m sure of
The blood of Jesus can make any sinner pure
Yes He loves you
Yes He’ll forgive you
Yes He’ll save you
He’ll even use you


Yes He loves you
He will forgive you
He will save you
He’ll even use you
Yeah, yeah…He will forgive you
Yeah, yeah…and He will save you
What if I was a

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James Fortune & FIYA What If? Comments
  1. Destiny E

    Who is the vocalist??? Her voice is amazing💕😍

    DelenoVal Jolly

    Cheryl Fortune

  2. Alisha Stevens

    we danced to this at church

  3. Ayana Robinson

    This song makes me cry but I know that God still loves me no matter what the problem is💗💗

  4. Kelly Adams

    God 😍

  5. Enola

    Just love this! Can ANYone tell me where I can find either the accompaniment for this or the sheet music? I have looked relentlessly and really would like my choir to perform this!

    Chyna Williams

    Enola go to google and google James fiya what if

  6. Kiarra Shepherd

    This song gave strenght when i felt weak from sexual assult

  7. Ralph Garrett

    God is blessing you in a mighty way.

  8. Queenrelcy 101

    Who dislikes such a touching song

  9. Queenrelcy 101

    I'm 10 and I wonder why young people don't listen to songs anymore

  10. Christina Gordan

    I'm in love with this song I listen to it everyday.

  11. •Sunflxwer•

    I've been sinning and I know God won't forgive me because I've been doing it for a while. It's almost like an addiction.

    Similoluwa Adedeji

    finuraxreina Once you can just BELIEVE and REPENT.....HE loves you and every sin can be forgiven....if you truly want forgiveness..just go to HIM and repent

    Similoluwa Adedeji

    finuraxreina you do not have to fight this addiction on your own...HE'll help...God will help you...Stay Blessed

    Just Nikko

    •Rachel• It doesn’t matter how deeply you are in sin or for how long! God is a forgiving God and He’s not like man once you repent and turn he cleanse u of all unrighteousness. Any man that is in Christ is a new creature behold all things become New!

    Deanna Hasley

    there's nothing he won't forgive you for he loves you... you are his child but it's up to you to want to change all you have to do is repent as God for his forgiveness and ask god to save you but you have to Stay fighting with his word you have to Stay praying because when you give your life over to God that's when the devil does what he does best steal kill and destroy but you have power you have dominion over the devil rebuke him in the name of Jesus because when you read God's word and pray the devil gets scared and flee from you so remember you can do all things through Christ which strengths you the bible says do not touch my anointed so you stay in prayer you stay reading God's word and stay encouraging yourself in the Lord and watch your life change for the better

  12. Beth

    I've been wanting to end my life... Im trying to find God, but when I feel I found him again, something is said or happens that makes me think I can't do this anymore...I feel hopeless and can't get close enough to live... But when I hear this it touches me somehow... Brings me peace but makes me cry. God knows I want to live...I just don't know how... And I'm scared I may not finally find him or find him in time.... I wont lie-Im scared. By Im trusting in God regardless of the pain and brokeness🙏

    Michele Strom

    Hi Beth, I know you wrote this a couple of years ago, and I hope and pray you are in a better place. Please know that your life has value! God loves you - it doesn't matter if you feel it our not, He has not changed. I'm here if you want to talk!!

    Here are some ideas that I think will really help you.
    Reading about and thinking about the life of Christ. In addition to the Gospels, there is a very excellent book on the life of Christ, which you can read for free here : https://m.egwwritings.org/en/book/130.2042

    Reading and praying through the Psalms will also help - many Psalms were written when the writers were in very dark places, and they brought their discouragement to the Lord. (Some of the Psalms were actually prophecies about how the Messiah would feel - Compare Matthew 27 to Psalm 22)

    You may also want to study the causes of depression. Some are caused by trauma, and some by what gets put in our minds and bodies, ie, dark entertainment, aspartame (and artificial sweetener that gets put in "suger free" foods and goes by different names). Please do check out Dr. Neil Nedley's work on depression.

    God bless. I will pray for you, and again, I am hear if you need to to talk!

  13. joanna desiree

    Don't continue to do something sinful, just because you know you will be forgiven. Because then it's just wilful sinning.

    Denise Johnson


    noble peter

    It seems the song as talking about things that were done b4 coming to Christ for salvation

    Deanna Hasley

    noble peter THANK YOU!!!

  14. josh bun

    🙏🏻amen 😭

  15. Keiarra Shelton

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son for whose ever believeth in him shall not parrish but have ever lasting life💝💝💖💖

  16. Octavia Johnson


  17. Tilda G.

    God will forgive us and give us another chance alright, but we need to repent and rely on Him totally. 2 Corinthians 6:1 " Do not receive the grace in vain".
    Don't ask for forgiveness and go back to it again. Repent in your heart and grace will give you the strength to walk in Christ.
    This goes for me too, Amen🙌🏿✌🏿❤️

  18. cupcakebrownful

    My God this song touches my soul

  19. Aaron

    I want to get right with god.He loves me😇🙏👌

  20. Grizzelex Duke

    Yes HE will......Amen

  21. Alanys Elisa2003

    I love this song

    Alanys Elisa2003

    Thanks boo

  22. BeautybyRe Re

    I love  this song my cousin Chyna told me about this !!!! Thanks Boo love you Chyna

  23. mykala rumph

    I live this song it touches my heart

  24. Tatiana Henderson

    This song gets to me everytime , i love it 😘

  25. Canedra Gross

    there is no such thing as an unforgiveable sin unless you blaspheme the HOLY SPIRIT, I love this song, hallelujah

  26. Leslie Lewis

    That is a beautiful and profound song and you did a GREAT job bringing the words to life! Thank you and God bless.

  27. bluesky1011

    This is such a great song. It speaks to me. I really love James Fourtune and FIYA

  28. Nelliechanelle

    My daughter just love this song!

  29. Catara Jones

    this song touches my heart its so beautiful

  30. ZionHill AnointedExpressions


  31. Dyiesha Brown

    The first time I heard this song, i cried, because I remembered everything i have done and how many times i had to depend on Him to forgive me. This is a great video and an amazing song... Amen

  32. marie rose

    What if...

  33. Mochalubber23

    To bad this song isn't as popar as it should be

  34. Tyieshia Murray

    Love this song

  35. lakyra taylor


  36. ShesGorgeous


  37. ShesGorgeous

    This brings me to tears every time

  38. Muthaluv

    Oh god oh god

  39. Anika Bent


  40. Armoni Smith

    Love this song.!!

  41. NotJustTae

    One of my favorite songs

  42. Viola Lewis

    god bless you

  43. Jada Franklin

    Omg i am obsessed

  44. DelenoVal Jolly

    GOD bless you as well Andrew <3

  45. DelenoVal Jolly

    Thanks Ulysa <3

  46. Ulysa Muirhead

    oh this video is perfect!!! it really tells the story of the lyrics... i am in awe

  47. Andrew Mutuma

    wow God bless you!!