James Fortune & FIYA - Still Able Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I've been hurt and abused
Even lied to by the ones I’ve trusted most
I've had some nights, I cried more than I prayed
That’s when God said to me I am still in control

[Pre Chorus:]
Now the worry is over and the doubt is gone away
God reminded me, that's he's still able
God reminded me that he’s still able

[Verse 2:]
There are some days I feel like giving up
How could God love me and let me go through so much
I'm afraid to carry this hurt all alone
I need your help Lord with you I can move on

[Pre Chorus]

Sometimes it seems there's no way out
So many problems weigh you down
You've got to know he cares
And he wouldn't leave you there for long, be strong


God is able, able
He's still able able
God is everything that you need
Everything that you need
Now the worry is over
I can wave the doubt away,
God reminded me, that he's still able.
God reminded me that he's still able

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James Fortune & FIYA Still Able Comments
  1. Samiullah Henderson

    Going through a rough patch. No money for bills. I almost gave up and thought seriously about getting money illegally. However, God reminded me He is still able. He has me and I will Hold On to His Word. Thank you Jesus

  2. Brandee Darby

    Brandee Darby thanking God for what he is doing in my life turning around for me

  3. Ruth Hayemba

    I listened to this song 3 years ago when my education had failed, i literally thought i've now lost everything.. I thought i wont make it to now.. I had some nights i cried more than I prayed, then God said to me everything was gonna be alright, i am here to testify that i am still good and God is taking care of me!

  4. Oksana Vig

    Many times in life we focus
    On all we don't have
    And it makes us worry
    But today I want to remind you
    Of the one that you do have
    And let you know
    That He is still able.
    I've been hurt and abused
    Even lied to by the ones I trusted most
    I had some nights I cried more than I prayed
    That's when God said to me
    I am still in control.
    It changed my prospective, and so.
    Now the worry is over. Yes.
    And the doubt is gone away.
    God reminded me. He reminded me.
    That he's still able
    God reminded me. That in spite of it all.
    That he's still able.
    Thank you lord.
    There are some days.
    I feel like giving up. And I wonder.
    How could god love me and let me go through so much.
    Anyone have asked that question?
    I'm afraid to carry this hurt all alone.
    Today more than ever.
    I need your help lord
    With you I can move on, move on
    Now the worry is over
    And the doubt is gone away.
    Cause you're not alone.
    Now the worry is over
    And the doubt is gone away.
    Lift your hands and say.
    Now the worry is over.
    Thank you Jesus.
    And the doubt is gone.
    God reminded me. You can't forget.
    That he's still able.
    I was about to give up.
    God reminded me. He reminded me.
    That he's still able.
    But it's not easy because
    Sometime it's seems
    There's no way out .
    You're surrounded by problems.
    So many problems weigh. They weigh you down.
    You down. But he cares for you.
    You got to know. My sister. He cares. My brother
    And he wouldn't. Leave you there.
    Not for long. For long.
    So right now I just need you to. .Be strong.
    And remember that. God is able.
    He's able. Able.
    He hasn't changed. He's still able, able.
    Seems like problems waiting in line just for you.
    God is able. His able. Able.
    You say I've never faced anything like this before.
    He still able, able.
    The odds are still in your favor because.
    God is able. When you planned it your way. Able.
    And it hasn't gotten better. Able.
    Remember god is still. He is still able.
    In the midst of your storm. Able.
    In the midst of your struggle. Able.
    It's good to know that.
    God is able.
    In the hospital. Able. in the court house. Able.
    Even in your house, believe.
    He's still able.
    You can't give up. Able.
    The story is not over. Able.
    God will provide. God is.
    What ever you need. Everything.
    If they walk out on you. That you need.
    If they never come back. Everything.
    If they don't support you. That you need.
    He sees your tears. Everything.
    God knows your pains. That you need.
    If you are sick in your body. Everything
    His the god that heals. That you need.
    If you lose your job. Everything.
    And you can't pay your bills. That you need.
    No food on the table. Everything.
    I know he's able. That you need.
    You can wipe your tears. Everything
    Cause he's everything. That you need.
    That you need.
    And so now. That the worry is over
    I can weigh the doubt away
    I was at my lowest point when god.
    God reminded me, that he is still able.
    I know I can make it because.
    God reminded me. That he is still able. That he is still able.

  5. Antuan Webb

    All this coming from a child abuser and woman beater. But hallelujah anyhow, right church?

  6. kissakye kigongo

    Hallelujah, thank you James for this song

  7. Rodrick Edmund Brown

    Does FIYA stand for anything?

  8. soledad77

    God is able 🙏🙏

  9. annmarie barnett

    Went to bed feeling so cast down and trodden under life, but, woke up singing this song! Today I'm reassured that GOD is still able!

  10. Tommie Lee

    Jesus Christ is still able

  11. Devon Blow


  12. Enock Smay

    The song its awesome, it gave me hope

  13. eric mutahi

    Glory to God Hallelujah he is able

  14. Arletha Mikell

    Hes still able

  15. Antoinique

    I have this song on repeat. God have Your way. I do believe that You are indeed able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ever ask, think or imagine.

  16. Kerriann Waugh

    He gave me this song early in the morning thank you

  17. Patrena Knight

    God am letting go and letting you take over. I've made mistakes over and over but am ready for a change. I love u Lord.Am going through so much but am trusting you cause ur still able.

  18. Queen tiny

    I love dis song soooo much

  19. Angel Bain

    To da 40 people don't like dis song y'all r not believer's u have to go true rough times to known WHO u r in life and God had to try me out

    Sasha Davis

    Angel Bain amen...testimony

  20. Courage Lekpa

    He is able for sure. Lovely song

  21. Michael Boozer


  22. rebecca okello

    this song gives me hope... Yes God is everything

  23. Earl Johnson

    another inspiring & beautiful Song.

  24. Zaniyah Crews

    I LOVEEEEEEEE this song ❤️

  25. malissa flowers

    Im going through so much right now. Partly self inflicted; the other lifes circumstances. I know GOD is ABLE.... however it seems to be my life's story of always having to struggle to have or gain his promises for a more abundant life. So can anyone tell me besides knowing keeping regaining stay focused and believing that GOD is indeed Able what else should I be doing or need to be doing in order to overcome my life's struggle? I'm in Love with Jesus yet Im always fighting to prove it. Im 37 years old with 4 kids a 2 year old marriage and it seems like what GOD has allowed and help me accomplish still isnt enough. I feel like sometimes the enemy is soooo threaten by what blessings Ive already gained that he doesnt wamt me to have anything. I just wish he'd give up his fight against me cause Im on the LORD side.

  26. anastasia carruth

    i needed to hear these song

  27. Anterion Bailey


  28. Anterion Bailey


  29. Catherine Chavis

    He is able and thanks for reminding me Lord!!!

  30. brittney wesley-davis

    needed to hear this songs

  31. Juanita Wiggins

    I hear you Lord, loud and clear.  I will now place everything in your hands and let you lead.  Tired of making the same mistakes and I need a change.

    Jasmine Jones

    Juanita Wiggins God Bless You

    Samiullah Henderson

    I am as well my sister. I definitely need to change my life. I am tired of sinning

  32. corporalbrig

    Thank you Father for your Grace and Mercy. You are faithful and able.

  33. corporalbrig

    Thank you Father for your Grace and Mercy. You are faithful and able.

  34. manguelle lys teclaire lydie

    I trust You Lord, You alone are able in my life

  35. Stacy Lewis

    amazing song, its 1am here and I needed that breakthrough

  36. Angel Scovens-Thomas

    God is able. Through the love, the hurt, the pain, the obstacles, the hurdles, the gossip, the bills, the racism, the addictions, the broken families, the depression, the sleepless nights, the illnesses and life testimonies. Be strong and know that God will bring us all through.👼💕

    ProdigalOne Bowman

    Angel Scovens-Thomas Amen!

    Chris Heltzer513

    Angel Scovens-Thomas this white guy hates racism and amen

    Maximino Carrero


  37. keedy Goatley

    God let me know that even when we are at our worst , he's still at his best ; just because we need , what's that got to do with our God . If He can call Lazarus from the dead , what is this light thing that afflicts you and I ?.

  38. Darien Council

    very encouraging, I'm currently sitting at my desk at work and I couldn't do anything but give God praise for blessing me in spite of whatever my current situation may be.. God you are great and I love you dearly

  39. Rolaine

    Love this song.

  40. Lynette Cox


  41. Novia Reid

    This song has encouraged me and helped me get through the most difficult time of my life

  42. sunsets21

    Love the song thank you

  43. Paula Smith

    He still able :-) :-) :-) :-)
    We luv him!!


    When I was going through my rough times, God reminded me that He is still able. Thank you Jesus!

  45. truth giver

    what a great song =)

  46. Margo GILL

    Still Able

  47. Markus Chamberlain

    love this song God is so Faithful

  48. truth giver

    look at my youtube profile and you will be BLESSED :)

  49. Elialdo Leopoldo


  50. Kar L

    You jinx'd it :)

  51. menina

    really? explain that because its just a white back ground as i can tell

  52. C Solis

    Thank you God for your love!!!

  53. Sexybiblelover260196

    This would be a good song to listen to while driving. Nice music. Love Sexybiblelover.

  54. daisy miller

    thanyou amigty god!!!!!

  55. Carol Gatura

    I love this song! So encouraging! Love from Kenya :)

    Quest Kamande