James Fortune & FIYA - Make A Sound Lyrics

We enter in with hearts of praise
To honor you the God of grace
Receive our hearts, our offering
We bring to you the Sovereign King
With cries of worship, purified hearts we come

[Pre Chorus:]
Make a sound (Make a sound)
Make it loud (Make it loud)
For the King (for the King)
Mighty God (Mighty God)

Come one lets give him a sound, a sound of worship
That’s what He wants
That’s what He desires today
A sound of praise
Take over this place
Invade our space Lord

[Pre Chorus]



[Pre Chorus]


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James Fortune & FIYA Make A Sound Comments
  1. sturvine kelly

    I like the. Remix

  2. Mike Fuller

    doing this for morning worship tomorrow
    We going to kill it!!


    +Mike Fuller do you have the chords or charts?

  3. attallah moore

    we are doing a dance at my plzz come

  4. Google Pics


  5. amari hooks

    i love this song I am dancing to it cant wait

  6. Abstract II

    This my song :D

  7. MzzColee Youngg

    Go sang it j