James Fortune & FIYA - Make A Sound (Reprise) Lyrics

Take over this place
Invade our space
Deliver your people
We’re ready
We’re ready for change

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James Fortune & FIYA Make A Sound (Reprise) Comments
  1. Letrecia Flowers

    Love this!!! My first time hearing it.

  2. Liselotte Östblom Music

    Love THIS !

  3. John Ross

    Terrence Vaughn on point!

  4. 7s345


  5. Dylan Suski

    pause at 1:36 lol the face

  6. Nydia Olaira Alvarez

    I agree! I hear it all the time when I am cleaning!

  7. Nydia Olaira Alvarez

    beautiful harmony!!!

  8. Cedric Tellis

    Maaann Hold Up..! I get joy when I play this.. Throw this track on when you cleaning up the crib... Lol

  9. Jerry Jn Camille Joseph

    Hope to see Aaron Lindsey on this one

  10. canttouchthis533

    Love this song everyone was amazing!!! that girl was jamming on the tamborine lol

  11. aoiaaon

    I love this songs so much. I bought the album last month and I listen to all the songs at least 10 times every day. I love you James and all your Zion singers. You are all blessed. You have ignited the my heart with hope and true songs of praise to Almighty and Everliving God. In order words, God has used you to deliver a strong message to me.

  12. Tim Tyler

    Terence looks like JBoog from B2K

  13. Amaris Wright

    Luv this song......want to sing with him........

  14. Akil Henry

    Yup that's definitely her :)

  15. Cortney Parmer

    was tat michael reid on sax/??/ Awesome track to jam to....

  16. Julio A Gonzalez

    @Razov09 I think that just might be Marcia Chapas...Beyonce's Percussionist. :)

  17. Julio A Gonzalez

    Anyone know the name of the Lady Percussionist?

  18. ladiepink

    has anyone found the t-shirts??

  19. LaShana N

    WOW, thanks for posting these clips of your new CD "Identity". Every song that I have heard thus far is awesome!! I'm thinking "CD of the Year" already!!! Great praise, energy and lyrics!!! I must have this CD. God bless you Mr. Fortune and FIYA, continue to minister in song! Your gifts are a blessing to the kingdom of God!

  20. TB2nice



    This is an Aaron lindsay joint

  22. Josh Jeggs

    this sounds like a isreal song. nice

  23. Sani Tait


  24. Brandy Williams

    Sing Chauncey...

  25. Keairra Speaks

    Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss... another great cd!!! Can't wait to buy this in January!! I'm still stuck on the other 2 songs!