James Fortune & FIYA - Let Your Power Fall Lyrics

Let your power fall
When your name is called
Prove the doubters wrong
You’re still mighty and strong

So fight this battle for me
And help my unbelief
So I can tell all my friends
That you have won again

[repeat x2]

[Backgrounds join in at second verse]

You have won again.
You have won again.
You have won again.

You have won again.

You have won again.

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James Fortune & FIYA Let Your Power Fall Comments
  1. Chris Williams

    God is so good to us

  2. ROC Roller The Super Trucka


  3. Scorpio Goddess

    Thank you Jesus Christ 🙏🏆 Powerful voice ❤️❤️❤️ God 🙌you are the 1 I am bless in your highly favored🤲Thank you God

  4. Audrey Miller

    Yes Lord

  5. Demetrius Edwards

    My God Jesus Hallelujah have your way in the name of Jesus.

  6. Shanae Williams

    Still holding on keeping my faith in God, without God I know I can do nothing so I give all the glory and praise to our Father..... Lord I need you to fight this battle for me so I can tell all my friends that you have won again... You brought me out so many times over and over again God you're a winner over and over again... Thank you Jesus for making a way when I was about to give up... I bless your name and I give you praise✨💖✨💪😘Without you God I am nothing...✨💪✨

  7. Kym Little

    God is an awesome God!

  8. TheCarmeltwist

    Thank you Jesus for delivering me from alcohol and fornication thank you Jesus you have won again let your power fall

  9. Asia Johnson

    I listen to this every other day 😔😔😔

  10. Lillieboy

    There is a God that fights for me even when I don't understand the odds are working out the good in me...Lord, I am thankful for everything and anyone that lift up your name.

  11. 5thward houstontx

    Shook hands with a man in August of 2019 who looked me dead in my eyes and told me he was gone make my momma happy. He passed away two weeks later. God that shook my momma world. God you then called my mom sister home September of 2019 and god only you know why my mom was going through what she was going through. God you then took my mom in October of 2019 and god now my life will never be the same. But god I have faith that everything happens for a reason and I will never turn my back on you. Continue to give me strength. Lord I need you everyday of the week. Every minute of the hour. Watch over me and my kids because Jesus we need you in your name I pray amen

  12. Tamara Gregory

    I was Abused and beaten by my husbamd on Xmas Eve 2019 all my money stolen. Husband then left me beat up hurt with nothing.I pressed charges on him.i have to have surgery on my nose.i don't know where he is but God will fight this battle for me..

    Tamara Gregory

    @Lashanda Williams I'm praying he's held accountable I gave it over to the Lord ..I pressed charges for the abuse so I pray whenever he gets caught he will find Jesus ...As For me I thank you so much I'm pressing forward and moving on...I have surgery for my nose he broke Wednesday please keep me in prayer ..God bless you

    Lashanda Williams

    @Tamara Gregory I will add you to my prayers. Glad to hear you moving forward.

    Tamara Gregory

    @Lashanda Williams 😇 thank you

    Tamera Riley

    God bless you

    Laquisha Brant

    Keep your head up. God is here for you!!

  13. Zonita Williams

    I play this everyday so I wont forget who is really fighting for us ... He won ...Thank you God...🙏🙏🙏 for fighting for our kids, our family our marriages, and for those who are sick physically and mentally.

  14. Mary Ivery

    GLORY Heavenly Father keep fighting this battle for me my my

  15. Marie Marie

    2020 almost here, I'm still here🙌 HE HAS WON AGAIN!!!💃💃 HALLELUJAH HE IS GOD ALL BY HIMSELF🙌🙌🙌

  16. doretha Florence

    Just heard this song a few weeks ago. Simply amazing!!!. Trying to help everyone and it's family that's stabbing me in the back. Thinking why should I continue to help anyone and just stop caring and walk away

  17. Cassandra Arthur

    His voice is amazingly gifted

  18. Tuawana Pearson

    God you just keep on winning 🙌🏽

  19. Shedreonna Green

    Thank you Jesus

  20. Quadasia Gilliam

    I can the glory all through this song

  21. peanut butter

    when o heard this song it broke my heart God gots everyone backs he's the king he's the best

  22. Anthony Bunch

    Amen 🙏🏾

  23. Tanara Wade

    He will win in my situation! In my children’s situations! In my parents situations! Every battle the enemy ATTEMPTS to come against me...HE ALREADY WON🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  24. Matheus Ysrael

    2019? Jesusss

  25. Melanie Grandberry

    I love this song..just meditating on God's Grace!💓🙏

  26. Joe Washington

    2:03 too cold!!! Stop it man!

  27. Shavonda Tucker

    Yessssssssss !

  28. Michelle Morgang


  29. Takia Washington

    I'm going through a rough divorce and this is my song to get me through it

  30. Jay Wms

    My grandma luv this song

  31. Ernestine Jackson

    God gives special people to special people. My son was diagnosed with autism at 3. He is 34 now. My prayer was always for God to change the situation. God didnt change the situation(although He had the power to change the situation) He changed me in the situation. Through this I have learned humility patience long suffering sacrifice among so many other things. So many resources available now that didn't exist 30 years ago. Find support groups that will help you deal with your son. You're not the first to go through and certainly not the last. God gave us these beautiful special gifts because He knew we could handle it. To God be the glory.

  32. Nyasia Taylor

    I prise dance to song

  33. Wawira_ Asibiko

    Not once did You ever fail me God. Time after time You keep winning !

  34. Abdo May

    Zacardi God has anointed to sing

  35. Brigitte Boyd




  37. Melquan Dashiell


  38. Marveon

    My grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer in 2016. They played this song at her funeral. ❤️😢

  39. Shirley Smith

    All of out battles. Belong to Jesus we CANNOT FIGHT WITH OUT JESUS CHRIST

  40. Lashon Henry

    Powerful!!!! Jehovah Nissi....The Lord is My Banner. He's my Hero. He's Never lost one Battle.

  41. chris johnson


  42. violet willing

    I have been fighting battles all my life. God has won all of them. I have been lied on. The system tried to take my children my gas bill had a outstanding balance which is now on a fix rate that just some of what God has brought me out. This song is truely my testimony. I have another battle I am fighting now but I know God is going to win this battle too.

  43. Keturah Smith

    You have won again🤗 halaluja!!!!!

  44. ryan williams

    Karen Rogers 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  45. Nathaniel Jones

    I'm sitting here in my work truck rocking rite now trying to contain myself. This song does something to my soul. Lord knows I needed to hear this song rite now my heart is so heavy. Me and my family are going through a rough time but, Lord I need you to fight this battle for me.

    Bianca White

    Praying for you 🙏

  46. J C

    anybody else can't get thru this song WITHOUT crying? 😭😭🙌 Truly humbles your EXISTANCE I love you so much JESUS

  47. AnnetteWhat a Blessings Mcintee

    Let your power fall , Lord We” need you like a fish need water, Families everywhere are battling Addictions/ Health problems, Homelessness, Work scarce Lord we need you to help us fight this battle, No matter what you facing just know God is walking right beside you/ he won’t leave you. , Just trust him, He’s the same God that brought you out that last situation, He never changes. I say this for Everyone that’s going through right now, You Only Lose When you Quit, Whatever your going through he will bring you out. In Jesus Name It’s Already Done.... Amen 🙏🏾

  48. Joyce Smith


  49. Monica Norris

    Hey 👋

  50. Monica Norris

    Thank god for making us 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  51. Monica Norris

    Thank lord 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  52. Monica Norris

    Thank lord

  53. Lequesha Berry

    Fight this battle for me
    Thank u lord u have brought me a mighty long way from starvation, homeless ,fatherless ,motherless, domestic abuse , molested........
    I just cant stop praising u lord

  54. Vonda Wimberly- Revies

    Listening to this song preparing to sing on this afternoon at my Niece's Home Going Service! Lord!! I miss her soo much and it's only been a week and a day since yoy left Us! I pray that you love it Niece! But God You Have Won! Because it was your WILL LORD TO BRING HER BACK UNTO YOU! HER FIRST LOVE! AMEN!!

  55. Drena George

    Fighting abuse addiction and try to just let go of anything not of you LORD GOD ALMIGHTY 🙏😇 JUST FOR ME AND YOU GOING THROUGH THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE AND NEVER LEAVING US👐🏼👐🏼👐🏿👐🏾👐🏾

  56. Dafne Noel


  57. Joe Washington

    2:02 is too cold!

    Joe Washington

    Best run by far!

  58. joyce thompson

    This. Song. Is. For. Andre and. Brian

  59. Araneecia Schley


  60. Austin Riley

    I lost my mother two months ago I’m the youngest out of two sisters I’m the only son she was 58 years old I’m 34 years old we lost our father 13years ago he was 56 years old GOD all we have each other now it’s hard but only the GRACE OF GOD that I haven’t gave up on LIFE

  61. Shnay Smith

    Thank you God in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!!!

  62. Supastar Mar

    Blessed and teary eyed I am. Thank you lord

  63. Heidi Calhoun


  64. Tamieka Walters

    I love this song

  65. steven pueblo

    I been saved since 93 but backslid to drugs for 7 years. But God is married to the backslider He completely healed & delivered me im now on fire & clean. HE HAS WON AGAIN !!!!!!!

  66. Angella Foster

    Lord, please fight this battle for me and my families

  67. Alex wilson

    thanks for the victory🙅🙏😇💪

  68. Alex wilson

    thank you Jesus for winning the battle for me in my bedroom Deuteronomy 20:4😇🙏🙅💪👏

  69. Asia

    This song hit different

  70. Juanita Brown

    Fight This Battle For Me So I Can Tell All My Friends That You Won Again YOU Did It Time AFTER Time Ty🎈 Jesus💯💯

    Juanita Brown


  71. alexandre mbina


  72. TJ Hubbard


  73. Michelle *

    He has won again

  74. fracnisca afre

    Any plan of the devil shall never stand Amen 🙏 He has won victory and over principalities

  75. Brittany Light

    I'm 23 years old and been taking care of others and haven't did for myself always being stabbed in the back 😔 I pray GOD heals and cover me 🙌

  76. Latasha Allen

    Beautiful and powerful

  77. Shymeka Mathis

    Lord this song got me through alot. Every time I felt like giving up I listen to this song. The devil tried to destroy me bc of decision I made in my past. But God said different. #YouHaveWonAgain #ContinueFighting

  78. karin long


  79. Dawn Duckson

    Every time I hear this song I thank God. I had a allergic reaction to antibiotics I never knew I was allergic to. I almost died. My temperature was 104.9. I was septic from taking the medication. After I left the hospital my kidneys started failing. I had to take dialysis for 2 months. The doctors told me my kidneys may not work again and we’re working at 5 %. The medical term he used was “ severely depressed “. So I immediately changed my diet. absolutely NO salt, no potassium. I believed in God and trusted he would heal me. I’m now healed today. It’ll be a year in October. God is Great and POWERFUL!

  80. abosede eunice

    Saw lots of comments on this piece and it ministered to me....I believe God I'm stopping this addiction cos I see him fighting this bàttle of addiction for me

  81. Janice Jackson

    I just really love listening to Gospel and / or PRAISE and worship music thanks for down loading and posting them. LOVE ALL AND GOD BLESS

  82. Julvonnia McDowell


  83. Yasmin Cusack

    Lord I Can't Do It Without You... You Done Blessed Me In Sooo Many Ways That Now I'm Better... Seems Like The Devil Tryna Still My Joy But God I Asked You To Fight This Battle For Me... If You Did It Before You Do It Again ...

  84. LaQua Burney

    So I can tell all my friends
    That you have Won Again
    He did it again and again and again😭

  85. Tamikca Mccray


  86. Darrell Streeter

    I went to a funeral of one of my friends and he lost his battle to leukemia and this song was played at his funeral omg I broke down #powerfulsong

  87. Lalonda Johnson

    You have won again!

  88. Marquita Baker

    Hallelujah God of glory Hallelujah Amen!!!! Revive us again. You have won again thank you Jesus. Thank you for making a way over and over again.

  89. Saint of God!

    This singer look like the Christian version of T.I. HA!😯🙂😀😉

  90. Sherry Williams

    Jesus you have won again! I can tell all my friends!

  91. Jacqueline Allen

    Yes Lord Let your Power Fall On Me. You are may Saviour. You have One again.Glory to God

  92. Tammy Gregory

    Going through a battle of domestic violence through adultery from my husband lying cheating betrayal lord fight this battle for me and give me the victory..

  93. Odelia Wilson

    Love this song it’s for me

  94. Destini Jordan

    Praise Jesus, I thank the Lord our for fighting our battles for us. I have my eldest son who went to prison for 13 and a half years, said he learned his lesson, but while in prison, he decided to practice the Muslim religion, hadn't been out but 6 months got locked up for not reporting, got out 2 months later locked up again, they sent him back to prison for 3 years, I cried, and asked myself why then heard this song, God got this he wins every time, He said to trust him, I am a winner, never lost a battle.So I say to each one of you hold your heads up high and know that God will walk you through it, in Jesus name.Amen

  95. Latoya Mullings-ledgister

    This song has been ministering to me, going through a stage in my life where it's only Jesus can fight this battle for me.

  96. jessie Jones

    Jesus is the only healer he's my Lord & King

  97. Loyalty82

    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah... hallelujah (7 completion, 8 new beginnings)

  98. Loyalty82


  99. Babyvoice243