James Fortune & FIYA - Just Smile Lyrics

What do you have, to lose?
Why is it so hard to choose?
Circumstances weigh you down
Happiness is no where to be found
Smile even if you're breaking.
Smile even if it's faking.
Oh just Smile. Just Smile.
Smile even if you're sinking.
Just smile, because you're winning.
Oh All you have to do it smile.

On a quest, Searching for happiness.
Trying to find your peace of mind.
Can't find it on a map or a GPS
Your heart your heart will lead you to a happy life.
Smile even if you're breaking
Smile even if it's faking
Oh smile
All you have to do is smile
Oh Smile even if you're sinking
Smile because you're winning.
Oh Smile
All You have to do is smile

Because it's over
just smile.
No more broke days your time's now.
It's your season to stand out
because it's over
just smile.

Only if you smile (no matter what you're going through)
Just smile (You have to keep your head held high)
Only if you smile (God is always there)
Just smile (Oh)
Only if you smile (weeping may endure for one night)
Just smile (Oh I'm a living witness y'all)
Only if you smile (It will oh)
Just smile (It will be all over after while)

Just smile even if you're breaking
Oh just smile even if it's faking
Oh just smile all you have to do is just smile
Oh smile even if you're sinking
Oh smile because you're winning
Oh smile
All you have to do is smile.

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James Fortune & FIYA Just Smile Comments
  1. LeaveTheDungeon

    1:20 🔥

  2. JustJoshTalks

    I literally get tears in my eyes every time I hear this song smhh. I lost my cousin Jay to a car accident and this song has pulled me through those rough times. Thank God for you

  3. some cunt

    This is not it cheaf

  4. Willy Jacobson

    Just Smile here too! https://youtu.be/8SYR2bN1VRE

  5. Yriyah Yriyah

    Most favoritist song on the cd

  6. LeAnna W Hollins

    Thank you Jesus! Yes !

  7. Cerise Wintersong Quintyne

    I truly LOVE this song! them girls can sing!! you go head and sing that song!!! love it! what a real blessing!

  8. Kyrsten James

    Bruhhhhh why NOBODY told me😩😭😭😭


    Can’t sleep

  10. Angelica Pickney

    First time hearing this 🙌🙌

  11. Evin Myers

    This an amazing song ! I need this as a ceo ; and stand in the gap for others ! This is the power of encouragement I desire and deserve ! Health and royalty

  12. justin daniels


  13. laylay Luv

    My cousin is singing on this her name is D'sondra Ridout

  14. CGMDeepRee

    Yes! Love it! Even my children know it and sing it!

  15. Precious

    They're really good together on this track. Bless them Lord. OOf!!!

  16. Jaydrian Clark

    She's straight killkng on this one of my all time favorite songs on this album Lord

  17. RaiKesha Sullivan

    Yes lord

  18. Sienna

    D'Shondra with that smile run @2:46 🙌

  19. THE PR3TTY1


  20. Emily Elizabeth

    I love this sing

  21. marquis halsell

    Carvena you betta write more gospel songs and sing dem songs like as if though you own everything go head on girl

    Mellow Eaton

    Carvena is a force alone, when paired she becomes a super nova. I've enjoyed all 28 times on replay; )

  22. Taj Ismail

    This song has gotten me through so much. Amen!

  23. rotasha b

    just smile. .thank you lord i will smile!

  24. Timothy Dunn

    yes D'Shondra!