James Fortune & FIYA - It Could Be Worse Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You’ve been saying that you’re tired of going through
Seems like everyone else is blessed but you
Preacher telling you, your miracle is on the way
Paid your tithes, you’re confused cause your rent is late

[Pre Chorus:]
So you may not have a mansion in a gated neighborhood
But at least you have a roof over your head
You say your body needs a healing, well the healer’s here today

Praise now, it could be worse, Praise now it could be worse

[Verse 2:]
You complain about the job that you don’t like
Do your best, working hard they don’t treat your right
Boss is telling you, your raise is coming soon
With no notice, you’re laid off, what do you do

[Pre Chorus:]
You’ve been waiting on your blessing
Don’t you know you’re already blessed
You should thank the Lord for what you already have
If it wasn’t for Jesus, tell me where would you be



Praise now it could be worse

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James Fortune & FIYA It Could Be Worse Comments
  1. Rico Famgoon

    Thank u father God it could be worse I'm bless for the little things in life amen

  2. Erika Kitchen

    praise God I was in a minor accident yesterday. I was a little shaken up but then I said thank you Lord it could have been worse.

  3. SwogFrog

    To anyone who is in pain and is willing to take this message to heart?

    Good, I wish you the best in your tribulations, but I hope you can recognize that this song, this group is SIMPLY looking to take advantage of your hopelessness, and of your pain, nothing more.

    Kitty Katt

    It's a song and nothing more. If you don't like it then leave...and take your comment with you. It's quite obvious in both of your comments that you don't belong here.

  4. SwogFrog

    If it weren't for Jesus, I wouldn't be here

    Fuck you Jesus, why did you have to inspire my parents to fuck and bring me into existence

    I was perfectly happy before

    At least I'd imagine, nonexistence sounds wonderful

    Kitty Katt

    Why are you here then besides trolling to see who's going to bite your bait? Please take the garbage you wrote with you and move on. I wish you well.


    So you specifically looked up this song just to say that?? Hmm... I'll be for you.

  5. Pablo Santos

    2019 alguém ????

  6. Dramoya Campbell

    Thank you God for everything you've done for me 💛

  7. Shataya Jefferson

    Amen Hallelujah 🙌

  8. Pastor Doris

    Praise God

  9. Diamond Tia

    Whenever I’m down. I always come back home. Hallelujah thank you Jehovah 🙏🏼😥❤️

  10. Kennard Badger

    The intro is my favorite 😂

  11. Rochelle

    MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Phillip Michael Williams

    Been in bed sick since last Thursday but all I hear in my spirit the only thing I hear is praise now, it could be worse

  13. BBGNUT Streetmoneynut

    We need too start thinking god for what he doing in our life cause it could be worse god not attracted too you problems he is attracted to your praise


    Yes lord it could be worse, I need to be more grateful even when I'm broke and trust u lord

  15. Theresa Craft

    It could be worst thank you Lord

  16. Michelle Holmes FAMILY CLIPS & TRAILERS

    I First Heard This Song Back In 2012

  17. Sandra Francis

    thanks you,sooooooooooooo much😇😇😇

  18. Be Inspired JESUS LOVES YOU!

    Yes AMEN it could be worse

  19. Blessed One

    Praise him now it could be worse.

  20. Tikidra Robinson

    This song has guided me through many challenges. Yes father thank you!!!!!

  21. Keisha henley

    This song is for me

  22. Alexis Mae Don Ward Struggs

    Alexis Was here

  23. Rachel Gerald

    Depression, I see you. You can't have my mind. God has been too good to me and I have work to do for His Kingdom.

  24. PurpleBunny Hargrow

    I know that's Le'Andria Johnson what happened to her voice?!

  25. Victoria Cromwell

    Love this song!!!

  26. Randy Cox

    Astro Cancer....

  27. Tina Nixon

    Amen!!! Praise him!! It could be worse.

  28. Tee Mack

    I was complaining and saying God my situation looking bad...every time l turn around, there's a financial situation or need in my household that l can't handle...thanks James Fortune n FIYA...This song encourages me n gave me a new outlook on life...Jesus!!!!Hallelujah!!!!

  29. Marissa Parks

    Yesss Lord ! It could be worse !

  30. Tayredty

    Ty Jesus 🙏🙏😢

  31. The Jay story

    to God be the glory!!!! thank you lord

  32. Sheree Dupree

    This is such a powerful song when u listen to the words praise now it could be worst tomorrow is not promised so we need to thank God for everything that he has done for us

  33. Dece Smith

    Thank him praise him trust him through the good and bad lord I thank you!!!!!

  34. Danielle Jenkins

    We take much for granted

  35. sharon kisakye

    Victory belongs to Jesus
    I love the way you handle my situations
    IT COULD Be worse

  36. Sandra Pollard

    Yessss, it's overwhelming right now,but it could be worse....

  37. Carnilis Johnson

    THANK GOD!!!!!!

  38. Chonita Freeling

    Thank u Lord for making a way for me when I had nothing!

  39. Queen ME

    It really could be!! Thank you Father God for your favor!

  40. James Mitchell


  41. Keisha Pritchard

    This song is added encouragement! We take things for granted but we must remember God supplies all of our needs regardless of the circumstances. Praise Him because it could be worse!

  42. Rhunee Ekponta

    Lord, I praise you today, I praise you always!! I'm sorry for complaining. God bless you James Fortune and FIYA for this song🙏

  43. Mary F Thornton

    Could be.

  44. Ronda Martin

    Yes yes yes start my days off praising the everyday

  45. Kameron Moore

    stop complaining because it could be so much worse!!!!

    Ariel Henderson

    So true

  46. Cam

    I absolutely love this song. ❤ It got me through one of my hardest seasons. #GodIsSoGood ❤

  47. raven girly girl


  48. Beverly Lindsay

    If we start our day off with praise, when the enemy show up he doesn't & can't find a opening. Praise in every season of your life.

    Jabree Debose

    Beverly Lindsay amen



    alexus santos

    Amen 🙏🏽

    Sharon Williams

    Amen and Amen and Amen and I do agree!!!!!

  49. Keith Moseley

    Every day I get up I praise him 24/7 AMEN

  50. Walk Walker

    OMG I really needed this today

  51. Sheik Sheik

    I try to listen to this song every morning

  52. Pearl Willis

    R.I.H R.I.P sister in law love u so much


    I'm just happy for all of us that she still exists in an exalted state beyond this earth....

    Except that'she fucking doesn't, that it's fucking deluded and stupid to believe that she does, and that your love only has meaning on this fucking miserable plane of existence.

    If there's anything left for you to do in this life, it's to extend the love that you felt for her to other, living, suffering beings, and spending no more time thinking of her.

  53. Aja Arzuaga

    god is good yes he is

  54. Shannon Finklea

    R.I.H. Aunt Carrie.... I love you so much!!

  55. Diamonds Lady

    Thank you lord🙏🏾💕 love this song

  56. Ronda Martin

    Love this song but cant help but see the pictures of the burned stepson of James Fortune shame on you James for doing that.

    michalette randolph

    what if jesus loved one thing about you but resented you because of your past ?

  57. Larry Anderson

    👼👼👼👼👼 I love this song with all my heart

  58. Miranda Woods

    I like this

    Queen Naya 23

    I do to

  59. Kaitlyn Middleton

    Thank you God for this song

  60. Quinteus Wright

    It could be worst! thank you God for all you done for me!

  61. N&N Family

    yes god praise god it cold be worse he will do it

  62. Rachel Cooper

    love it

  63. TrendyBoy Ray

    I woke up from a spiritual battle that left me so empty inside!!!! I couldn't pray so I told God since I cnt pray then I'll just worship him and then I get on here and see this song and "the curse is broken" thanks James Fortune


    It doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of meaningful ways to exist without being convinced by delusion. I haven't figured out what those are yet, but at least I'm not deluded like you LMAO

  64. Kem Bradford

    Thank u Lord for blessing them with the spirit voice and spirit

  65. Sherwood Hartso

    I really needef to hear these songs ,this morning they let me know my struggle is not hard ,that God has my back ,thank you Lord

  66. Nakia Johnson

    Love this song

  67. Ronda Martin29 Martin

    How could you burn a child and not go to prison shame on you James

  68. Destiny Harris

    it could be worse my favorite song ❤️👌

  69. Donielle Graves

    I've been down before so I know what it feels like and I also know what it feels like not to be able to walk for a long period of time. God God It could be worse.

  70. Walter Huff

    Oh Yes. It could be Much Worse. BLESS YOUR HOLY NAME 4EVER!


    Yes Amen!!!!

  71. Patrick Banks

    I love this song a whole lot and before you start your day i encourage you to listen to this song you will be blessed.

    AI3xZJE41 YT

    Yes I have to listen to it here and there, especially when my days get ruff.The devil is always bizzy.

    Patrick Banks

    I love this song to

  72. Melvin Rigby

    It could be worse I was at the hospital today I saw people being roll in thank God I was able to walk im

  73. Renee Austin

    Thank you God Amen

  74. Monica Peterson

    My God thank you God it could be worse 

  75. LadyGwendolyn Oshoniyi

    Lord sometimes i focus more on the issues of my life and forgetting how you've kept me sailing it all. I should be thanking you Lord and am grateful. Indeed am gonna start doing more of praise than complaining

  76. Ishan Cruickshank

    Praise God  you heal me, it  could be worse

  77. Owatta Lady777

    I praise God now, it really could be worse!

  78. Tarina White

    Thank God! Amen!

  79. Sharon Renee Sharon

    Those are some deep words... praising God cause it could be worse

  80. karina thompson

    PRAISE GOD   FOR  HIS LOVE!!!!!!!!

  81. Allison Wright

    Thank you Jesus it could be worse!!!

  82. Wendy Mingle

    Oh yes. It could be worse. I'll praise you God in the midst of the storm

  83. Marco De'Vesh

    HIYAH!!!!!!!! Yes lord. Amen

  84. brittney dickerson

    thank you jesus for being there for me and my family 

  85. Patrick Banks

    I like this song

  86. Larry Arthur jr

    Thank lord to wake me up.

  87. Patrick Banks

    Thank you god

  88. gracie zeigler

    AHHH GOD!! it could be worse....  for the name of the Lord is a Strong Tower the righteous runneth into it and is safe.........bless the Lord!!!

  89. Bethlehem Church of God In Christ FTW Tx

    Glory to GOD

  90. Roxie Chisolm

    thank u Lord for ur grace and mercy 



  92. Denise Smith

    Amen hallelujah thank you jesus it could be worse!!!


    wid God al thns r possible verse 2 meks me strong

  94. mamie brant

    amen amen. 

  95. Rita Colbert

    LORD!!!! I'm SO GLAD I was not driving...sang CHUCH!!! WOW, James.. count your Blessings NOT your Problems...that's what my G-Father use to say....WHAT????


    Is this a real comment?

    JFC, spend your time on people who are actually alive and suffering, and not commiserating the existence of shitty people who are gone

  96. Gail White

    Lord. I have been bless. I want to thank you. Osteoarithis nearly cripple me. You save me

    EstherJudithMiriam SarahRahabMary

    Amen. Yah is good.

    Gail White

    God has been good to me. Problem with my spine started in 1996 . Mom need my help becaue of illness. Fell in rain alot going to take care of her. End up. With terinated disc 2 surgery now. Osteoarthristis family turn there back 23 yr old. Son showed me he love his mother. To sons 37&34 dont care

    Gail White

    God is on my side

  97. chasity smith

    thank you god

  98. Theria Williams