James Fortune & FIYA - I Forgive Me Reprise Lyrics

It's time to let it go
You weren't created to be perfect
Somebody needs to let it go right now
You, you're not what you went through
What you went through doesn't define you
What you went through only prepared you
For God has already prepared for you
Come on somebody needs to let it go right now
In your mind
(Forgetting those things which are behind)
Yeah what you did, what you, what you didn't do
(I'm lettin' it go)
What you allowed other people to do to you
(Goin' after Jesus)
You can't erase it
(Goin' after Jesus)
But you can press toward the mark
With your eyes fixed on Jesus, buddy
Say I'm lettin' it go

I'm lettin' it go
(I'm lettin' it go)
I'm lettin' it go
(I'm lettin' it go)
You won't steal no
(You won't steal my future anymore)
Of every disappointment
(I'm lettin' it go)
Of every lie they told on me
(I'm lettin' it go)
And you won't steal
(You won't steal my future anymore)
What my mama did to me
(I'm lettin' it go)
What my daddy didn't do
(I'm lettin' it go)
I'm lettin' it go
(You won't steal my future anymore)
I'm lettin' go of my past
(I'm lettin' it go)
And I'm holding on to my future
(I'm lettin' it go)
'Cause Jesus is my future, know
(You won't steal my future anymore)

Anymore, somebody come on, let it go, get up there
Open up your mouth and release a sound
(You won't steal my future anymore)
See the Devil is crying
I'm letting go of my past
And I'm chasing after my future
(You won't steal my future anymore)
The Devil is a liar, the devil is a liar
I said the Devil doesn't like ya
You won't steal it
(You won't steal my future anymore)
It's mine
Every promise he gave me
Every promise he gave me
You won't steal it
(You won't steal my future anymore)
For the promises of God
Are "Yes" and "Amen"
I said the promises of God
Are "Yes" and "Amen"

We trust you today
We trust you today
It doesn't matter what I see
It doesn't matter what I feel
But I'm pressing toward the mark
I'm pressing after your Word
I'm pressing after your promises
'Cause that's what you said about me
Yeah, and I trust every word
I trust every word
I believe Lord
(Thank you God)
Everything you said about me Jesus
(Thank you that we still have a future)

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James Fortune & FIYA I Forgive Me Reprise Comments
  1. Marcia Johnson

    And jesus aways for give me what i do thats sinful

  2. Marcia Johnson

    In this song i fell like jesus or the angle talking to me in the mirror when he was signing this song is true about me with shame mistakes pain in my life thats why im keep LISTEN to this

  3. Phillip Hakeem

    Lord Jesus I forgive my self for all the sins that I comited against u please forgive me Lord Jesus please forgive me for all of my sins and please free me from all sins that I comited against u i pray Lord Jesus that u will forgive me for all of my sins i pray this in the name of Jesus Amen 🙏💒🕇

  4. Cutey Pie

    The real question is, *Does the child that you burnt & abused at the age of 4 really, Truly Forgive You?* Its sad and even amazing that you have actually flipped even This into a hustle! You got many fooled, sir.. But GOD knows it all💯 I am not judging, I'm just going off Facts. But time will reveal. Let's just pray the new wife & baby doesn't suffer or endure any of your abuse too... *SMH*

  5. Rakeem Coleman

    Im divorcing my past with tears in my eyes. My Heavenly Father said "if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, all things are become new...i surreder and become a new man.

  6. Tahlea Hetherington

    So powerful. How good is god! 🙌🏼

  7. temi xo

    I know I’m late but Thank you for this song!!!
    I have literally been blocking my own life for years (how sad is that). I’m gonna play this song everyday until I actually forgive myself. By fooorce, i must let go. I’m speaking it into my life. Thank you again. God bless

  8. Rakeem Coleman

    I lost my mind i cried my eyes out when i heard this. We have things happen to us and we do things and will carry guilt for years. God tells us to confess our sins and he will forgive us and cleanse us.

    Chris Arrington

    Rakeem Coleman it’s SOOO hard brother!😪😪

  9. chikita evans

    "I got a future." James Fortune

  10. Omokehinde Sobowale

    Your songs are healing to my soul.always about letting go and moving on🙏am blessed

  11. Chocolate Thunder

    Yes we must forgive ourselves, and also be accountable for our wrongs. That's true healing from the heart.

  12. D King

    🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 I forgive me thank u LORD

  13. Kathy-Ann

    This song is a blessing....

  14. Rashad B

    My God, My God 😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  15. Charlette Pennington

    I want to dedicate this song to David who made a mistake and now he is in jail became a Muslim please pray for him about time he gets out he will be a old man only God can help him he feels hopeless confuse depress scare 🙏🏽

    Jenelle Jones

    I too wanted to stand in agreement with you for David who is enduring one of his greatest battles and trials. Truly we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God but if God forgives who are we to walk in condemnation? The enemy loves to remind of us our faults but it's because he knows that we are purposed to win. David may be in a cage but the biggest cage we have is in the mind so that where he has to remain strongest. May he be strengthened to run the race before him. and for this to be a testimony for someone else as well. God bless you for lifting him up my sister Charlette


    Let It Go,I Forgive Me,I Forgive Others Thank You!

  17. Elizabeth Norwood

    Thanks Mr Fortune for your beautiful music! God bless 🙏😇

  18. DragoBalboa

    Great music vid & lyrics.....'just what I needed. Thanks !!!

  19. omega victoryismine Smith

    I"m looking In the mirror in saying to myself I forgive me because God have already forgive me 🙌🏼🙏🏼🖖🏼😇🚀

  20. Kendra White

    I forgive me..... I will no longer allow the devil to torment me with my mistakes!!!! In the Name of JESUS!!!

  21. Gami & Debb Rodriguez

    Heard this song today, it was so hard to change the radio, never have i been on the station this song cane on. Drove in tears, deep song and everyone should hear it.

  22. Patricia Jones

    I forgive me no more holding to my past

  23. Dominique Azaria

    Forgiveness of self is not preached enough! Too many Christians are walking around in self condemnation. Time to forgive me!

  24. Rendani Khangale

    Lord, help me to forgive me.

  25. M. T.

    Thank you Lord for blessing me with this song. It truly couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you for working all things for my good. I will serve you through the good,bad and the ugly in life. I'm forever yours till the end. I forgive me

  26. Elizabeth Seton

    I'm speechless

  27. jackie thibodeaux

    Yes AMEN!!!!!!!!

  28. OATs Media

    I forgive me. Knowing that he first loved us and gave Himself for us. Forgiveness was part of His plans for mankind.

    Set yourself free...

  29. Gladys Awusi

    I forgive me 😇😇😇

  30. mini time

    Jesus for life , Amen

  31. Danai Clay

    Ohh wow.. this song has uplifted me in so many ways. I forgive me.

  32. Deannika Stewart

    Lord God every time I hear this song I feel power. Please pray that I truly forgive myself so God can use me greatly in his kingdom. I need him so bad in my life.And i know it's going to only change when I say enough is enough and forgive me.

  33. LoudUp TV

    Great music

  34. Tiana Hughes

    I'm leaving my past behind I forgive me I'm letting it goooooo

  35. Roselynn Ellis

    😇🙏 Amen

  36. kinya wofford

    i like it and im a kid

  37. kinya wofford

    i like it and im a kid

  38. Ronnett Norfleet

    Yes!! This song really touch me. I need start forgiving myself.

  39. Peggy Johnson

    I forgive me for past mistakes regrets hurt that I have done Jesus has forgiven me for all of my sins Jesus is my everything and I am blessed and good !

  40. Self-love235

    So beautiful I love this!

  41. Onecia Forth

    I forgive me 🙌🔥 like if u forgive yourself

  42. B Mante

    Wow so powerfull... It made me cry... 🙌 Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for saving us all

  43. Pastor Princess

    Mr. Fortune, I love all of your music, but, I love you for this one. Sometimes we are hard on ourselves when we mess up or miss the mark and we just can't forgive ourselves. Thank you Sir.

  44. Tanetra Wrentz

    This song speaks volumes to many things and situations!


    I forgive me... walking in victory this is my season thank you Jesus

  46. Rickey Frison

    I love this song

  47. 20kMilky

    I forgive me! 😤😁

  48. Marven Michel

    haha at times when james was wearing that hood, he kinda looked like king bach. i'm not the only one that sees it right???

  49. Ada Chibuife

    Too beautiful... Video so clean and classic... Lyrics so nice... Much love and respect 💞

  50. Ada Chibuife

    Too beautiful... Video so clean and classic... Lyrics so nice... Much love and respect 💞

  51. clemerson paixao bejarano

    Deus maravilhoso

  52. LaShawna Parrish

    I forgive me....Yes Lord!!!!

  53. Love A.

    "I Forgive Me"

    Sometimes the hardest person for you to forgive
    Is the one you see in the mirror everyday
    It's time for you to get free

    I've decided to stop replaying regrets
    And I've decided to tell my past by
    I cannot change what I did
    But I did change what you gave
    When you took my place
    No more guilt but grace
    Feel it all went too long
    Watching reruns of my wrongs
    Take the shame away
    Reliving mistakes you wash away

    I forgive me
    I forgive me
    I forgive me
    I forgive me

    Now I know it was wrong
    Carried this weight for too long

    I forgive me
    I forgive me
    I forgive me
    I forgive me

    Now I know it was wrong
    Carried this weight for too long
    I forgive me

    I'm letting it go
    I'm letting it go
    You won't steal my future anymore
    I'm letting it go
    I'm letting it go
    You won't steal my future anymore
    I'm letting it go
    I'm letting it go
    You won't steal my future anymore
    I'm letting it go
    I'm letting it go
    You won't steal my future anymore

    Oh oh ooooh, oh oh ooooh
    You won't steal my future anymore
    Oh oh ooooh, oh oh ooooh
    You won't steal my future anymore
    Oh oh ooooh, oh oh ooooh
    You won't steal my future anymore
    Oh oh ooooh, oh oh ooooh

    I forgive me
    I forgive me
    I forgive me
    I forgive me

  54. Sherry Davis

    This Song Been on My❤️ All Week.. #IForgiveMe🙌🏽🙌🏽

  55. Amanda Williams

    I forgive me I love this song yes lord

  56. Shelly Polk Reed


  57. Jay Jermani Garrett


  58. J.G. 1988

    I needed this song for a while

  59. Ronda Helvy


  60. Alisha Gary

    I Forgive Me......

  61. priscilla briscoe

    beautiful song i forgive me ☺

  62. Terri Telfair Holmes

    thank you lord for your word

  63. Lolita Purter

    This is an awesome song. I forgive me. The devil attack your mind and you have to let that devil know that God forgave me and I forgive myself.

  64. Meagan Austin

    My God My God

  65. malissa flowers

    Oh my GOD. This song totally speaks volumes to my life and my past. Thank you James for allowing GOD to use your personal experience to speak to my personal experience in the form of this song. Often times I am so afraid of what is thought of me once my past is revealed. However, listening and truly understanding who I am in GOD is beginning to take shape on my future. Ive grown uo in the church and kept GOD word in my heart but, it is very difficult to accept GOD at his word when Ive shamed him by my sins. Although Ive asked for forgiveness yet Ive not forgiven myself. But TODAY is a New Day and I will no longer answer to the names of my past but rather the name that GOD has given me which is HIS child inwhich He is well pleased. So thanks again James Fortune and FIYA continue to allow you to be a vessel. Cause the world really needs to forgive itself.

    Dr.Michelle' Mykel' House

    malissa flowers the only hope we have against being deitsic something Satan consist in its entirety of,acknowledge Jehovah and Jesus Christ And Holy Spirit come as One Man in Righteousness... jahbulon...apostates...are satans' pawns Aman Agapé

  66. Malcolm Bee

    I forgive me... love this song

  67. Elourdine Charles

    i think it s time to forgive me!!!🙌🙌🙌

  68. Onaje Iyawe

    So Whenever, I'm Having Trouble Trying To Like You Know, Legit STOMP Out Everything I Was Doing From My High School Past, I'll Just Blast This On 💯 Can't Wait For His New Album!

  69. blykhim

    goodbye past, so long, im leaving you behind cause Jesus forgave me its time i let go of my bad decisions, regrets, and pains. Good bye forever!

    Keylon Watson

    blykhim Yasssss🙌🏿🙌🏿


    blykhim yes walking in victory...a new season

  70. Faseun Titilola

    God bless you for this James Fortune

  71. Cal West

    thank you for this song

  72. shantay Johnson


  73. Asheley Headley

    I forgive me!

    Dr.Michelle' Mykel' House

    Asheley Headley have you seen THE BOOK OF DANIEL I love that movie,stay on the watch Agapé

  74. NeoReXX

    Wow James Fortune & FIYA has made another Spiritual Bliss relieve song Bless your heart James I love you, your music makes me feel prosperity Joy when I stressful Bless your heart ❤️✝️🌧⭐️😃🎼

  75. Samuel Sunday Awolola

    More grace Sir. Please how can I get a copy of this blessed track?

    Bowser Gaming

    Samuel Sunday Awolola go to your local store or itunes Google play store it's called dear future me

    Richard Garcia

    My Jesus knows our beginning an our end he bless me with this song in the right time when Satan an I thought I was going to die he lifted me up

  76. Marvin Washington

    Thanks for gifting the Planet with this massively needed song of healing, restoration and renewal.

  77. Paul Mitchell

    I forgive me ! You won't still my future anymore. Keep it movin brother james. You are an inspiration, still !

  78. Marpe MuSiC

    Waohhh!!! Great sound. I'm blessed...don't let who you were interfere with who God has allowed you to become! Inspiring and soul stirring.

    Beneditte lutumba

    Marpe MuSiC amen 🙏🏿 this comment really touched me.

    Dr.Michelle' Mykel' House

    Marpe MuSiC hungry hearted for Jehovah Selah

  79. Michelle Dodson

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏 love this

  80. Chilala Muteteete

    I love this song so much. Glad I'm here before 100 views. Self condemnation has really killed most of us Christians and today I refuse to feel sorry for myself because thats the devil's work. Oh my God I forgive me because you already have

  81. Ifeoma Nzekwue

    I liked the video before I even watched it. Because the song alone is so powerful, it deserves a like!