James Fortune & FIYA - Free Indeed Lyrics

Come on Aaron let's do it, yeah
God has set you free
Now it's time to celebrate your freedom
Hallelujah, let's sing it bro

I am free
(Free indeed)
I'm free indeed
(No longer)
No longer bound
(The chains are all gone)
No more chains holding me
I am free
I'm free indeed
No longer bound
(The chains, the shackles have fallen off)
No more chains holding me
(They can't hold me back)

I'm free indeed
(If you know you're free say it)
I'm free indeed
(Haha yeah)

I'm free indeed
(Used to be bound, but now I'm free)
I'm free indeed
('Cause who the Son sets free, is truly free indeed)

Devil though he had me
The Devil thought he had me
(He played himself)
Guess he thought he had me
(He had a plan and everything y'all)
His plan was cunning
His hold was strong
(But it wasn't strong enough)
But not strong enough
(And for a minute)
The Devil thought he had me
Guess he thought he had me
(Yeah, I ain't the only one)
His plan was cunning
(We're gonna have a greater plan)
His hold was strong
But not strong enough
(Now I can say)

I am free
I'm free indeed
(No longer bound)
No longer bound
(No more chains are holding me)
No more chains holding me
(Say hello to dear future me)

Oh I am free
(Because I'm free)
I'm free indeed
(I ain't bound no more)
No longer bound
(And no more chains)
No more chains holding me
(If you're free indeed say)
I'm free indeed

It feels good to be free
(I'm free indeed)
Free in my mind
Free in the spirit

My past was chasing me
My past tried to live again
Trying to kill what God
(What he had)
What God has promised me
(I even started to doubt)
I started to doubt the words
(What he told me)
The words God spoke to me
(Then he gave me a reminder)
But he said with him
There is liberty
So I'd be fine, oh my
(Let's do it again)

I am free
I'm free indeed
No longer bound
No more chains holding me
(Haha no more chains, c'mon)
I'm free indeed

Yeah, it's time to praise him now
C'mon shout the highest praise

Hallelujah! (Hallelujah I'm free)
Free fom my past, free from the past
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (Hallelujah I'm free)
The guilt is gone, the pressure is no more
(It's all gone)
Freedom belongs to me (Hallelujah I'm free)
Who the Son sets free (Is free indeed)
That's why I've been saying (Hallelujah I'm free)

C'mon shout Hallelujah
(Oh yeah, yeah)
I'm free
Nothing like being set free
(From the hurt, yeah)
I'm free
The hurt is gone, the guilt is gone, the regret is gone
Because I'm free
I'm free
Celebrate your freedom
And lift your voice
Sing it like you mean it and say
I'm free

(Haha, okay)

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James Fortune & FIYA Free Indeed Comments
  1. Dorian Currie

    3:56 4:04 4:11 4:18

  2. Sente O som

    Cadê os brasileiros aqui ??? TMJ BRASL ❤️

    Clube Dos Bateras

    Opa, se increve lá mano🔥🥁🇧🇷🇺🇸

  3. antonsavin72

    What a joyful song! Thank you, James Fortune and band!

  4. Milton English Sonny Jr

    Sick man!!!! Cee Rod killed it!!!

  5. Steven Majors


  6. Tarrum Kai


  7. Hubert Floyd

    my goodness Calvin!

  8. robert Mathis

    The goat Calvin Rodgers

  9. diamond Martinez

    Yes this just how i feel FREE

  10. Dewayne fair

    Jesus Christ Calvin. I'm sure that drumset was literally smoking after this. The GOAT!

  11. Deon Travis

    All I see is Calvin in comment section 😂😂

    Herbert Allen

    Deon Travis right when Ayron went stupid hisself 🔥🔥☄️

  12. D Ray

    Calvin just reminded us that he is still the man🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂. He lays the blueprint, we follow what's been laid out😂😂. #CALVINRODGERS

  13. Matthew Powell

    3:42 for Calvin

  14. LB The Prodigy

    Calvin is the GOAT

    davon marshburn

    Labrandon Bowen i agree

    Hubert Floyd

    me too.. the GOAT

  15. Marcus Flowers

    Calvin rodgers tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. uhetsberger


  17. kazziah douglas

    calvin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Christian Wiley

    Calvin Rodgers

    oh my gosh, man