James, Eddie - Nazarite Cry Lyrics

I wanna be an extravagant lover
An offering, a sacrifice for thee
I find in you my passion and pleasure
'Til I am consumed with the spirit of burning

A laid down lover
That's what I wanna be, that's what I wanna be
A lovesick warrior
You're all I wanna see, so I give my all to thee

Deep inside, there's a Nazarite cry
You've captured my gaze
With the fire in your eyes

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James, Eddie Nazarite Cry Comments
  1. Markeba Thomas

    The song is so deeply embedded in my spirit

  2. Antone Scott

    This songs takes me into my spiritual world, just me and my Lord.

  3. Kemi Sowunmi

    This song takes me back to who I am in God. No inhibition. No boundaries. No limits even from the body of Christ

  4. Ookie

    Hallelujah! My hearts desire