James, Eddie - Fire Lyrics

I've got a fire
I've got a fire burning
Burning inside of me

I've got a fire
I've got a fire burning
Burning inside of me

Your presence is my passion
When You capture my gaze, You set me ablaze
With Your

Fire, fire, fire
Ever burning, all consuming
Fire, fire, fire
You baptized me
With Your Spirit and fire

In Your presence, when I'm at Your throne
It's like fire, shut up in my bones
You're the One, the One that I desire
You're the all consuming fire

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James, Eddie Fire Comments
  1. Bronika Nice


  2. Ramanda Evans

    I get the chills with this song

  3. Lonni Tuulaupua

    I love this song 🙌🙌🙌🙏

  4. Camille Nwaefulu

    I watched them perform live! Loved it!

  5. Camille Nwaefulu

    4:34 is still my part!!!

  6. jahnalise

    Love this song

  7. Jacob Creasman

    Lord let your fire burn in me! cleansing and purifying me for your glory!

    Justin Click

    You know the fire burned down the notre of dame cathedral

  8. Dedele Nkobe

    i💛this song

  9. stick to the script

    The song is in F major!!

  10. Tamya Smith

    this is a awesomel song

  11. JJ dodd

    good song :-) :-) :-)

  12. Mateo Perez

    This is the Song in the Number System for you Musicians
    Intro - 1
    Verse - 1
    Pre.Chorus - 4 5 6 7b
    Chorus - 1 4 6 5 6 1 6.b. 6.b. 6.b
    Bridge - 4 5 6 7 1

    Viveen Cumberbatch

    cousinzbandmack, I hope you have explored and learnt the number system by now. I find that it allows you to learn new songs on the spot much quicker than if someone was calling out chords.

    Mateo Perez

    @Viveen Cumberbatch I agree in my church thats all we use. and its easier to understand if the keyboard player wants to so a walk all of a sudden.

    Mateo Perez

    and if u guys need any other songs just email me and i could hook u guys up for free

    Zander Daniels

    I'm the only one in my church that knows the number system -.-

    londynn thompson

    Mateo Perez. that really right Mateo perez

  13. Maestro DeSean

    Why is this categorized as comedy?


    Maestro DeSean same question👋 lol love the song


    @JCMC777 Cause it's funny that the devil lost ;)


    @Aeternak lol

  14. Tayler Bell

    I've got a fire burning in side me thank u Jesus

  15. Shannon Russell

    fire, fire, fire I got a fire burning inside of me!!

  16. Mia Elder

    love this song!!!!!!!!!!😃

  17. Sarah Worth

    I💖this song🙌

  18. Malasha Williams

    I love this song , when they first song it at my cross cutlure church i was very happpy and ammused 😘😘GOOD JOBB 👍👍

  19. Morgan Clark

    I love this song and Eddie james he came to my church

  20. Loricia Martin


  21. Soprano14Ever

    Seriously one of the BEST songs EVER

  22. southernmisses13

    Praise. The. Lord

  23. southernmisses13

    I absolutely LOVE this song!!!!!

    Kirsten Nicole Workman

    You baptized me with your spirit and fire!!!!!