James, Colin - Forty-Four Lyrics

I wore my .44 so long, I've made my shoulder sore
I wore my .44 so long, I done made my shoulder sore
Well, I'm wonderin' everybody, where'd my baby go
Well, I'm so mad this mornin', I don't know where in the world to go
Well, I'm so mad this mornin', I don't know where in the world to go
Well, I'm lookin' for me some money, pawned gun to have some gold

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James, Colin Forty-Four Comments
  1. Keith Stone

    Colin & SRV were buddies. Read the Stevie flew Colin to TX on occasions to just hang out. Colin jammed onstage with SRV a few times

  2. Johnny Mac

    Colin is fantastic. I've gotta see him live one of these days. I wasn't a huge fan of his radio hits but the greater body of his work in blues and big band swing/jazz is spectacular. This track is fabulous. I love the whole album. Keep it up Colin! You rock man!

  3. Keith Mcleod

    Good tune CJ

  4. Archi Bukson


  5. Penni Hall

    How on earth could I have never heard this guy? Wow. I gotta see YOU!!!!! Not just the best Canadian blues......Phewwww! I had to open a window!!!!!!!

  6. Frank Stone

    Who in their right mind would thumb this video down?

    Penni Hall

    deef and dum......lol

  7. Ana Rose

    Ahh...he takes me away.

  8. fat ass

    Nothing new??? Love Colin!!!

  9. falconeaterf15

    Not a huge blues fan but when you see him play this stuff live, especially on acoustic, minds are blown!

  10. velvethammer26

    well the howlin wolf version on the web is alot better, but still not bad and he is canadian like me so kudos.

  11. Anthony Calandra

    LOL "the whitest"? ... wat

  12. Dinorah Sánchez

    Young blues artist, old feeling blues! Amazing!

  13. Mike Kunyatz

    The best canadian blues player going!

  14. Thom King

    if you don't like this version , then you have no taste whatsoever!

  15. Iconoclastic

    You're an idiot :)

  16. Tim Murphy

    repsonse to TheBluescollector. I checked out your stuff, could not find any blues. So if you want to post bs comments I guess you can cause y'all think it's your right.

  17. Logan Richard

    Colin is my Idol , i met him twice , he signed my guitar and a few other things . We were in his trailer talking with him , its was cool .. Im 11 ...

  18. Andrew Kobysh


  19. Netmanxps

    Damn boy, you got it going on!

  20. Lamporre

    He's a great blues artist, but also good at big band, rock, and even folk.

  21. JimmySteller

    This is one of my favourite Colin James songs! Epic Canadian musician.