James Brown - The Original Disco Man Lyrics

He's the original disco man
With the original disco band
He's the original disco man
His groove is where it all began

He's the original disco, disco man
With the original disco, disco band
He's the original, bona fide original
Original disco man

In nineteen hundred and fifty-five
People were dancing to all kind of jive, yeah
In nineteen hundred and sixty-six, ah!
You all got down with my funky licks
Uh-huh, yeah. Hit it!

He's the original disco man
With the original disco band
He's the original disco man
His groove is where it all began

He's the original disco, disco man
With the original disco, disco band
He's the original, bona fide original
Original disco man

Disco man
Bona fide original
Got to be original
Original disco man

I come alive, when the feeling gets right
Uh-huh baby
I'll make you shake, when the music gets tight
I showed the way for every rock-and-roll band
In the land, yeah
I'm the original
Got to be original
Certified, bona fide disco man!
Hey-hey-hey, hey, hey, hey
Hit me!

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Make it soft
But keep it funky, yeah
Ah, so good, yeah
So-so-so-so good, yeah, yeah, yeah
Mmm... bring it up
Bring it up
Bring it up, yeah
Higher, higher
Make me feel higher

He's the original disco, disco man
With the original disco, disco band
He's the original, bona fide original
Original disco man

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

He's the original disco, disco man (you tell 'em!)
With the original disco, disco band (you tell 'em!)
He's the original (sho-nuff), bona fide original (sho-nuff)
Original disco man

When the music, the music makes you move
Yeah, hah!
And the freak has got you, yeah, in the groove
Do the rock everybody, hah, gettin' down, down, down
Shake your body, shake your body, let your soul be found

He's the original disco man (you tell 'em, you tell 'em!)
With the original disco band (I told 'em, I told 'em!)
He's the original (I said), bona fide original (I said)
Original disco man

One more time, one more time!

He's the original disco, disco man (you tell 'em, you tell 'em!)
With the original disco, disco band (everybody, tell 'em!)
He's the original (I said), bona fide original (I know the)
Original disco man

Aaah... hit it, hit it, hit it!

You funk them all!
You funk them all, rock!
You funk them all!
(Say it, aah!)

You funk them all!
(So happy, yeah)
You funk them all, rock!
(Come back, come back, come back)
You funk them all!
(Say it, say, say it!)

You funk them all!
(Let me have it!)
You funk them all, rock!
You funk them all!

You funk them all!
You funk them all, rock!
You funk them all!
(Aah... wow!)

You funk them all!
(Let me scream!)
You funk them all, rock!
(Let me scream!)
You funk them all!

You funk them all!
You funk them all, rock!
You funk them all!
(Yeah, yeah!)

You funk them all!
You funk them all, rock!
(Got the feelin', got the feelin'!)
You funk them all!

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James Brown The Original Disco Man Comments
  1. clobbyhops

    We want to get a million likes on this James Brown masterpiece, twist your feet’s and appreciate 🤔

  2. Pumas Rock

    El pájaro vió el cielo y se voló!

  3. Aubrey Taylor

    Brilliant...Love it

  4. Spooks McGhie

    Lol. So bad.

  5. junebug ashdown

    Tales from the tour bus brought me here but damn i like hell ots still James Brown

  6. Alex Garcia

    remixed could be a hit now for sure
    regardless love the ego

  7. Kerorofan

    Mike, some things are better left forgotten. I regret knowing this sad excuse for a song.

  8. clobbyhops

    Don’t know why I wanna see John Travolta dance to this 🤣🤣🤣👌

  9. Carl Weston

    The hook makes this a children's song.

  10. Esteban ambriz

    Tales from the tour bus brought me here

  11. Eric Norman

    This is funky stayed true to his sound i like at the 3 minute and 4 minute mark

  12. Randall Marsh

    Hell naw... Man im crying 😂....

  13. PaulGreen11

    A part of me just died.

  14. Qu3chainz

    This has potential for new life for a new generation

    Alex Garcia

    hell yea it got a hook for sure

  15. Qu3chainz

    Need the full live performance.

  16. Eric Schenher

    What is the lyric at 5:25? Sounds like "you fucked them all"? I doubt that's correct, it would be cool though.

  17. Mr. Mysterio Museum For The Mentally Unstable

    I hear this playing when I meet God.

  18. king lord

    Tales from the Tour Bus brought me here!!!! Original Disco Man was the low point in James Browns.career he didn't came back into being No.1 for a decade and a half until Living in America in 1985

    Alex Garcia

    sounds official though the issue was that i got from tales was that he didnt like to feature artists etc or collaborate with others, so he didnt stay current or learn from others smh. egos bro

    king lord

    +Alex Garcia It's still a decent album but Disco was dead at this point in Summer of 1979 with the Disco Demolition at Milwaukee baseball park The death of Disco

  19. FreeTown Ent.

    Why do I like this?

  20. Kevin Miles

    I think, if they would have a lady to sang the first part, then he come on second, let her do break down first and slide him in.
    I think it would work!######

  21. Brent A. Wells

    I never heard this before in my life until “tales of the tour bus”



  22. Ashawn Bowman

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😆🤣 I didn't know James brown did a disco album🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 too funny I

    C.J. Davis

    Tales From The Tour Bus?? Lol me too

    Rodney Wyatt


  23. victorrain

    I would have never heard of this song if it weren't for Tales From the Tour Bus.

    Brent A. Wells

    victorrain same here


    It is bad. It's awful. Even by disco standards this is total crap.

    Alex Garcia

    me too sounds official too hahah


    @modifiedcontent I'm not so sure, there is some atrocious disco out there! This is bad but look in some dollar bins in record stores, makes this sound relatively professional. The chorus is corny as fuck but the production isn't too bad just a painfully unremarkable track by James Brown standards.

  24. Home Depot Loader 662

    Long live the Godfather of Soul!

  25. TheBennychin

    I don't care what y'all say. As someone who likes Disco, I think this is good.

    C.J. Davis

    This is a disgrace to funk and James Brown disgraced himself by making this garbage

    Alex Garcia

    @C.J. Davis had to to make that paper

  26. Ritchie Rosson

    Not Mr Brown’s finest moment. Thanks for posting though. Fun song.

  27. Spook Killskillz

    this is one of my guilty pleasure songs. the hook is so bad that it's funny. reminds me of something from the Disco Mickey Mouse album. .ha!

  28. PhuckHue2

    awful album. an embarrassment

    Jeffrey Brent

    Fuck u,ill play this at your funeral


    Jeffrey Brent you tell em jeffrey

  29. paolo giordano


  30. ManAndAHalf

    Thanks very much for posting this!  This is a very underrated album....last time I heard it was on 8-track.

  31. superstrut75

    This is awful.

    Wheel of Wonder

    No, fuck you. Its awful as fuck.

  32. dirtydiscosecrets

    I've got a review of this in Blues and Soul magazine 1979 and it says that this and Let the Boogie Do THe Rest suggest something outrageously funky but it is not to be...after Its Too FUnky In Here I just didn't want to dance....

  33. mardenhill

    now, here's a man that's smarter than me and paul! (^_^)

  34. AfromanDisco

    chill out both of you and smoke a j ;)

  35. mardenhill

    i'm sorry that i have to break it to you like this ... but i didn't give a shit about your pathetic ramblings in the first place.

    good luck, imbecile.

  36. PaulDA2000

    You are an idiot. I'm done with you. Thin k what you want, I don't give a shit lol.

  37. mardenhill

    i worked in the music industry for a long time, and had extensive contact with artist, company employees and media representatives. everyone i know agrees that "word up!" is the greatest funk song of all time, followed by "house of rising funk."
    james brown was working a lot, but apart from his disco phase, the innovations were a group thing, and he profited from the contributions by byrd, collins, ellis, parker, wesley et al.
    they picked up the foundations laid out by new orleans innovators


    Word up by cameo a better funk song than anything by George Clinton?

  38. PaulDA2000

    Almost every critic to a man now admits that James Brown single-handedly created an entire genre, funk, beginning with "Papa's Bag" and "Cold Sweat" is regarded as the greates funk song of all time.

  39. PaulDA2000

    I read in a Miles Davis biography that he was deeply influenced by James Brown's musical innovations, beginning with "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag",in 1965, with the emphasis on the "1 and 3" instead of the normal "2 and 4". James Brown is now routinely in every top ten list as one of the greatest musical innovators of the 20th century.

  40. mardenhill

    miles davis indeed liked the disco stuff that james did, but funk wise, he was an ardent follower of larry blackmon and cameo, with whom he collaborated repeatedly -- check his autobiography. arguably the greatest funk band ever.
    james brown had copied a lot of miles davis' musical innovations and blended them into his disco recordings.

  41. PaulDA2000

    Miles Davis was a big James Brown fan, he studied Mr. Brown's music and incorporated some of the funk into his music. Conversely James Brown was a big fan of Miles Davis and the horn riff from "Cold Sweat" was loosely dirived from Miles Davis' "So What".

  42. mardenhill

    exactly -- and miles davis was white.

  43. PaulDA2000

    Otis Redding's version was decent but he was no innovator.

  44. mardenhill

    some unnamed critics now have to come to the rescue? this is getting a tad bit old -- the rolling stone is more of a hipster magazine and not a reliable source on music, contrary to me. "papa's got a brand new bag" was covered by otis redding, whose version laid the foundation for crossover, and james brown was so impressed that he copied a lot of the elements redding used in the tune. i just talked to james and he confirmed it.

  45. PaulDA2000

    That's true, but critics have said his funk was the basis of disco. Rolling Stone even said there would be no funky rock ie: Led Zeppelin etc without 'Papa's Got a Brand Bag'

  46. mardenhill

    i know it's hard to swallow, but not everything that james brown said or claimed to be true, was really true. good luck.

  47. PaulDA2000

    Now I know you are clueless. James Brown and his musical ideas made any band that played for him a great band, even if they weren't that great individually. Fred Wesley has said this.

  48. mardenhill

    exactly—which is why i debunk your myth of james brown creating disco. disco brought james brown into the limelight and his band members made him what he was. good luck.

  49. PaulDA2000

    His band members were jealous. Many quit many times but most came back. Don't believe everything you hear.

  50. mardenhill

    and so do you. the fact is, disco doesn't owe its foundation to james brown. he in turn did owe a lot of royalties to a lot of his band members, though ... ask bobby bird, for example.

  51. PaulDA2000

    You have a right to your opinion, no matter how flawed it is. The fact is, there would be no disco without James Brown creating funk.

  52. mardenhill

    ahhh ... now i understand: james brown created music and the universe and man and so forth ... wonderful! the fact remains that james brown jumped on the disco bandwagon, which started rolling thanks to disco innovators who elevated funk on another level and spiced up a watered-down music genre that was tailored towards "black" audiences and made it funky again. james brown heard it, loved it, and copied it -- and everybody -- including james -- was happy and disco-dancing. the end.

  53. PaulDA2000

    James Brown created funk, created disco, created rap, and there wouldn't even be any funky rock without his influence. So there wouldn't even be any groups like Led Zeppelin if it wasn't for "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" which changed all dance music forever by placing the emphasis on the "1 and 3" instead of "2 and 4".

  54. PaulDA2000

    Disco was watered down James Brown funk to reach a white audience.Period. James Brown was 20 years ahead of his time and is the greatest musician and innovator of the 20th century.
    Almost every critic today says this. Disco uses the same repetitive riffs that Mr. Brown did. They even stole the extended 12 inch singles from James Brown, except it's a smoother sound. He pioneered that with his 2 part singles in the early seventies.


    Disco was watered down Philly soul; Earl Young introduced four to the floor. James Brown had almost nothing to do with disco.

  55. mardenhill

    james brown said a lot of things ... i'm a big fan of his music and social impact, but he didn't "found" disco -- again, that's nonsense, please educate yourself about the genre's history and roots. also, funk isn't a "watered down version tailored towards a black audience," (this little paraphrasing should show how inane your claim in regard to disco is. disco is wonderful underground, first and foremost -- the amount of hatred only goes to show this is still true.

  56. mardenhill

    so you say that other disco artists weren't eclectic? that's like saying funk artists weren't eclectic. and the fact that james brown or george clinton allegedly "hated" disco doesn't say anything about the music. i, for instance, hate rock.

  57. PaulDA2000

    The charts were derived a combination of airplay and sales. Most of James Brown's pop chart positions were from 90% sales since he almost never got any top 40 airplay.

  58. PaulDA2000

    Like Mr. Brown once stated about rappers "I taught them everything they know but not everything I know". You can apply that to any disco, funk, danceable rock from Beyonce to Led Zepplin and he could also have said the same thing about them. Even though most critics now say that or variations of that he still hasn't gotten his due. He's had more top 40 POP hits than almost anyone yet he was almost never played of top 40 stations.

  59. PaulDA2000

    Disco groups like K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Average White Band, etc, were nothing more trhan watered down version of JB's funk. 'Papa's Got A Brand New Bag', when it came out in 1965, with emphasis on the 1 and 3 and not 2 and 4, changed ALL dance music once and forever. 80% of what you hear today was influenced by James Brown. When he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame they said that his influence on music has even surpassed that of Elvis Presley.

  60. PaulDA2000

    You you don't understand disco. James Brown's rhythms are the basis for disco. James Brown started doing part singles and long funk recordings long before disco came out. James Brown himself has said he started disco, and if you read anything on it, if they want to be honest, they will say Mr. Brown's funk was the foundation for disco.

  61. mardenhill

    i am afraid you don't understand the concept of disco or know anything about its history. better get your facts straight before you post nonsense. :)

  62. PaulDA2000

    James Brown's funk was the inspiration for all disco. Disco is nothing more than a watered down version of his music that was tailored to reach a massive white audience. And yes, Donna Summer was a fantastic singer.

  63. maleficentdiva

    get up off of that thang!!!! WHOOP WHOOP! HA HA!

  64. Clyde

    I wish james would have allowed kenneth gamble and leon huff to produce him or go back to the group full force.

  65. Clyde

    I like it, but I like disco........the only thing about the disco era that I did't like is that Djays replace musicians(bands) for the most part. Disco was fun.

  66. Clyde

    James hated Disco.... he never sung any of those songs on stage.well one, it's too funky in here.

  67. maleficentdiva

    @PaulDA2000 my favorite disco singer is Donna Summer! she is the first person I think of when I think of disco, not James Brown! Sorry! LOL! Disco is the best dance music, it's TIMELESS! its 100% better than the music of nowadays! DEFINATELY! It's ready for a comeback, people need to know how to have good times again! ITS BEEN LONG OVERDUE! Disco always puts me in a great mood, it always makes me feel happy and want to dance!

  68. PaulDA2000

    Disco was nothing more than watered down James Brown funk tailored to a white audience.

  69. Joseph Tobuba

    @kmne11528 lol @ "mate"

  70. DonnaD1

    @olskul2danumlnem HI, My group Brandye sang the background on this record. And I agree with you - my favorite part is from 5:10 til fade. We Jammed and had fun singin it!!

  71. Buckeyecat2002

    Please upload The Spank, by The GFOS.

  72. AfromanDisco

    of course, do you want it ?

  73. AfromanDisco

    Of course, The world love JAMES BROWN

  74. James B

    This isn't James Brown music. This is Brad Shapiro crap with Brown's voice, And JB didn't even want to do this, but was forced by Polydor Records.

  75. deadflyondawall

    I LOVE the ending part of the song from 5:10 to the very end.

  76. deadflyondawall

    NOW That's PURE FIRE!!!! thanks