James Brown - Star Generation Lyrics

Way in the middle of the night, yeah
Down in the ghetto, even [?] again, yeah
In the mornin', ow
Did you ever hear a story
About a funky kid Slick?
He was raised in the ghetto
But he couldn't dance a lick
When he finished school
He got a job from 9 to 5, yeah
Just walkin' the line
Tryin' to stay alive

On night on his way home
From a hard day at work
Heard a funky sound, ow
Made his funky feet jerk
Came from a field and
All those flashing lights
And the music set the cold chill
Right out of the night

(Star generation
Sleeping over the land)
Funky kid Slick, wanna be
(Wants to be a man)
Something better than a cotton-picking man
(All he ever really wanted, was a
Chance to get down)
And be a superstar
(And be a superstar
With the disco, disco, disco crowd)

Yeah, let the man do his thing

Oh, he stood there and listened, yeah
And the beat began to pound
And his body was rocking
From the funky, funky funky sound
So he learned all the dances
From the kids on the block, hah!
To be the star of the disco
Look at him rock

Watch him rock
Rock-rock-rock-rock-rock, rock, ow!
Aaah, watch him rock
Watch him rock
Make it boogie!

Star generation
A real dancing machine
This finky kid Slick
Dances on a solo team
All he ever really wanted, was a
Chance to get down
And be a superstar
(And be a superstar
With the disco, disco, disco crowd)
With the disco, disco crowd!

Star generation
Star generation


New York City, yeah, L.A.
Atlanta, Miami, Washington, yeah
Boston, good God, ow! schucks!
Houston, take that
(Star generation!)
Phoenix [?], yeah
Augusta, GA. JB's!

Star generation)

Star generation
Sleeping over the land
Funky kid Slick, wanna be a man
(Wants to be a man)
All he ever really wanted, was a
Chance to get down
And be a superstar
(And be a superstar
With the disco, disco, disco crowd)
With the disco, disco crowd!
(Star) Let the man, the man...
(Star generation)

Ah, now he's a star of the discotheque
Across the land
He was born to get down
Now he's a man
The star generation
Of the discotheque
Sho-nuff goes by the name
Of funky kid Slick

Watch him dance
Watch him jam
Watch him jam
God damn!
Get down
Shake your booty, yeah

Now he's a star of the disco
All across the land
He was born to get down, get down
And now he's a man
This star generation of a discotheque
Is known all over the world
He's known all over the world
And it's funky, funky, funky kid Slick!

Ah... (he's a star of the disco)
Yes he is, yeah!
(All across the land)
All over the land
(He was born to get down, get down)
All over the land
(Now he's the man)
Ah, all over the land
(This star generation)
(Of a discotheque)
(He's known all over the world)
(That's funky, funky, funky kid Slick!)
Join me!
(Star generation) Wow-wow-wow!
Go, go, go! (A real dancing machine)
Get it! (This funky kid Slick) Get it! Get it!
(Dances on a solo team)
Get it fella! Get it lady!
(This star generation) Yaw-aw-aw-aw-aw
(Of a discotheque) Get it, fella!
Get it lady! Get it lady!
(He's known all over the world) Do it!
(That's funky, funky, funky kid Slick!)
Do your stuff, do your stuff
Do your, do your, do your, do your
Ha ha, ha!
(Star generation)
Get it fella, get it lady...

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James Brown Star Generation Comments
  1. Thomas Bugg

    I know it's not vintage James Brown, but it still rocks!

  2. Tobate Sounds

    I love this!

  3. Ray Burton

    This is not the James Brown I grew up on but I guess he had to pay the bills. Even he hated doing disco! Where’s maceo, Fred Wesley, pee wee, Clyde, jabo, jimmy nolen....this is hard on the ears!

  4. mehdi hamitouche

    Good track but little bad part rip soulfunk don

  5. Eric Blanc


  6. langlang420

    WHO in god's name are these people bashing this song? It's not james style, so the hell what. This is fantastic, great disco instrumentation and james doing james. And during that time he needed to do disco as his sound had become dated by 1979.

    Dorail Crayton

    langlang420 this song sux😠


    @ DORALL CRAYTON You can say this song sux, that is your right but the simple truth is that as great as James Brown and many of the other old r&b stars were, in the late seventies no one was listening to that type of music. Record companies would not release that old style of music and wanted slick upbeat sounds that fit the time which was dominated by disco. AL WILSON, GENE CHANDLER, JAMES and many others got their marching orders from the labels, give us a dance track we can sell or sit the hell down, it was really that simple. So James should get major props for being versatile enough to try another style but also doing it in a way that still showcased his personality and style.

  7. Dorail Crayton

    I love james brown but this is horrible...he made it known that he wasn't a fan of disco and he didnt like slick production...he liked the style he created which was raw...

    Its obvious that he had not much say so in this song but its not constructed the way he would normally do it...😒

  8. dirtydiscosecrets

    I love this song!

  9. lobables82


  10. lockshota8shine

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for your uploading!!!
    I love you!!!

  11. Mr Unique74

    no he didnt say eatin' Church's fried chicken..wow..only James!! :)

    Charles Brown

    What can I say

  12. Buckeyecat2002

    I eat Popeye's Fried Chicken in my hood. I miss Churche's deep fat fried okra, however.

  13. victorbreaker7

    Hmm, I have the song in a 45 single, but it's completely different

  14. AfromanDisco

    Of course, I'm gonna put a lot JAMES BROWN'S MASTERPIECE SONGS !!!!!!!!

  15. James B

    This is really awful. James himself hated doing this LP, but Polydor Records forced his hand. Brad Shipiro wrote this crap. This does not compare to the songs that James is known for.

  16. discotrader

    where is everyone to listen to this master peace. we dont deserve this kind of music

  17. discotrader

    so classy and so great , you are godfather of DISCO in youtube