James Brown - Living In America Lyrics

Yeah, uh! Get up, now!
Ow! Knock out this!

Super highways, coast to coast
Easy to get anywhere
On the transcontinental overload
Just slide behind the wheel
How does it feel

When there's no destination that's too far
And somewhere on the way
You might find out who you are

Living in America
Eye to eye, station to station
Living in America
Hand to hand, across the nation
Living in America
Got to have a celebration
Rock my soul

Smokestack, fatback
Many miles of railroad track
All night radio, keep on runnin' through
Your rock 'n' roll soul
All night diners keep you awake, hey
On black coffee and a hard roll

You might have to walk the fine line
You might take the hard line
But everybody's working overtime

Living in America
Eye to eye, station to station
Living in America
Hand to hand, across the nation
Living in America
Got to have a celebration

I live in America, help me out
But I live in America
Wait a minute

You may not be looking for the promised land
But you might find it anyway
Under one of those old familiar names
Like New Orleans (New Orleans)
Detroit City (Detroit City), Dallas (Dallas)
Pittsburgh P.A. (Pittsburgh P.A.)
New York City (New York City)
Kansas City (Kansas City)
Atlanta (Atlanta)
Chicago and L.A.

Living in America - hit me
Living in America - yeah
I walk in and out
Living in America

I live in America - state lines
Gonna make the prime, that
I live in America - hey
I know what it means, I

Living in America
Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out
Living in America
Hit me, I said now
Eye to eye, Station to station
Living in America
So nice, with your bad self
Living in America - I feel good!

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James Brown Living In America Comments
  1. niccole hoody

    america dont feel like america anymore

  2. George Coochie

    RIP Apollo Creed

  3. Hari Om

    Song that truly embodies American exceptionalism and never give up attitude. Go USA Go!

  4. 13rdp

    Each time I hear this song, I cry for all those poor native real Americans.

  5. FilleatUT

    HBO's Watchmen 👀

  6. Oswaldo Flores

    Living in America in ww3 lmao

  7. MrBTDhimself


  8. Man In Water

    I got sick and couldn't afford the treatment, so I went bankrupt.

    🎶Living in America🎶

  9. Toool

    This music video deserves a lot more twin towers.

  10. LI TE

    I saw this legend in Dublin years ago... Wish I knew who his dentist was

  11. Raymi Horvàth


  12. Raymi Horvàth

    Clubber lang gone
    Punch out 3

  13. Raymi Horvàth

    Rocky Balboa dead
    Happen little mac
    Dick ivan drago

  14. Raymi Horvàth

    Little mac wins
    Ivan drago lose

  15. Raymi Horvàth

    Creed lee green wins
    Rip Rocky 2020 2024

  16. MyKittyPercy


  17. Piro Acix

    from 1:39 to 1:43 when he dances and sings " station to station" with the dancers doing that move....FUCKING AMAZING!!!

  18. אפי בבילה

    God bless the u.s of america!!!

  19. 奥野泰弘


  20. Claudio Silva

    TRATA DE QUE NO SALGA VIVO Rocky balboa ❤❤❤❤ Apollo Creed

  21. Jami Yazz


  22. Alex J81

    James the best!!!

  23. Raymi Horvàth

    Rocky vs ivan drago
    Little mac vs ivan drago

  24. Victor Skywalker

    Better than the Star Spangled Banner

  25. maxim winner

    Happy New Year to everyone from Michigan!



  27. Teresa R Perez

    Yes !! Best part of Rocky IV

  28. IO Odyssey

    Shhhhhhhiiiii. . . . . I used to like James Brown..... Now I love James Brown!!! Happy New Year to all from Chi-town!

  29. Lesley Rock

    Banga. rip apollo lol

  30. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval

    🤹‍♀️ *WHO'S LISTENING IN 2020?* 💗

    Rodolfo Cádiz

    PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval Pittsburgh p.a

    White Ox

    from australia. cant go home. bushfire. but can listen to JB living in america

  31. Douglas Hagan


  32. Evan Tomlinson

    0:44 From all the memes

  33. John Cunliffe

    I’m English born n bred but this tune doesn’t half get my blood pumping

    Much love to all my American brothers


    John Cunliffe sup am British too

    Jeannie E. H

    Much love to my brothers and sisters across the pond, my friend.
    An American sister...

  34. Awax

    I think the lyrics should be updated :

    Mass shootings coast to coast just easy to get killed anywhere
    On the transsexual overload; just take a dick
    How does it feel when there's no real jobs available
    And somewhere on the way you might find out how much you owe the banks?
    Living in America, eye to eye, meth house to meth house
    Living in America, dick to ass across the nation
    Living in America, got to have a hamburger!
    I live in America
    I live in America
    You may not be looking for poverty
    But you might find it anyway
    Under one of those old familiar names, like
    New Orleans
    Detroit City
    Pittsburgh, P.A.
    New Orleans
    Detroit City
    Pittsburgh, P.A.
    New York City
    Kansas City
    New York City
    Kansas City
    Chicago and L.A.
    Living in America, eye to eye, meth house to meth house
    Living in America, dick to ass across the nation
    Living in America, got to have another hamburger!

  35. Red Sun Order

    🇺🇸 Best👌

  36. Anthony Tinaj

    I love how they mix rocky movies in this video

  37. Roger Auger

    I'm a Canuck and I love this song. Mr. Brown showed his love for nhis Nation with this one. :)

  38. bbman man

    Dear World: Nobody cares when you're listening to this. Stop fishing for clicks. That is all.

    Stefan Reich

    Hey click fisher

  39. Marcelo Chacon

    Living with a Hernia jajaj

  40. The Duke of Norton

    I always wanted Drago to win. Still do!

  41. Rakshasa

    I have a hernia

  42. X SPARTA

    Im feeling a American of shit im french

  43. alex tagbo

    I am living in America because of James Brown😎😎😎

    Abdullahi Kassim


  44. mcfcmaineroad1981

    Love America

  45. mcfcmaineroad1981

    Best song/film ever and I live in Manchester, England.

  46. Birthofthe_cool

    On black coffee and a hard roll... I feel that..

  47. Anthony Richards

    One of the best choreographed music videos ever. God father. Went hard on this. Go Mr. Brown - Ugh!!

  48. Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo

    The big mistake in my life is i was born in fucking bulgaria God was you punish me like that i love america may be in me previous life i was someone who give his own life for america

    maxim winner

    feel watcha sayin' bro

  49. Chescko Rockjas MTZ

    Sin duda un gran tema.
    Esto es magistral 👍

  50. Marko Grujic

    E ovo je pesma
    Living in America jaoooo :D

  51. Driss EL HOUK

    Que dieu bénisse l'Amérique ! [email protected]@@@@

  52. Steve Murray

    This should be America's theme song

    Thats Amazin

    Na hulk hogans theme song tho

  53. Jesus Nuñez

    Música clásica excepcional no abra otro como jim

  54. Minny Paul

    I showed this to a Liberal, now I’m currently awaiting trial. (Lol)

    Minny Paul

    Not a true story, but you get where this’ going. 🤪


    @Minny Paul LMAO! But it could be true!😉

    Minny Paul

    nellz72 😉

  55. Mustafa Fidan

    Once I have been in his concert, he is brilliant.

  56. Joshua Nunya

    I saw this in the theaters during Rocky IV and at the time I did not appreciate it. Plus it was during the Reign of the Purple One (my boy). Now it is 2019 and I like pretty much ALL music. I binge watched WATCHMEN and there was a scene when this was played. I was like "this song is actually good! The hell was wrong with me? Oh yeah I was young, no $$$ and into Prince!" 😎 why haven't I heard this at more Weddings/ Parties etc? Better than that Electric Slide crap.

  57. Renata Nolde

    Love the song, if you are American you feel the lyrics and live for it .

  58. Nitin Roy

    I was playing this song in Bombay. I'm now in Detroit.

  59. John Doe

    Black Elvis!

  60. Stewe Johnn


  61. achohan7


  62. rochelle Crump-mcnulty

    2019 here

  63. Charlie A. R. Q.

    Oh Oh !! Esperaba ver la versión completa del vídeo de la película de Rocky IV....Pero bien esta otra también me gustó. Se siente bien vivir en América 😊👍✌👉

  64. sliverjadedragon

    This make me want to represent USA in the Olympics

  65. Mister X

    Get up on the good foot...

  66. King2Be

    Every time I hear this song, I think about what’s gonna happen to Apollo Creed next 😢

  67. Mosa Fayomi

    آلات ضعيفه الفيديوا جيد الكروب قوي المطرب فاشل. الاغنيه تحتاج ططوير

  68. sliverjadedragon

    Lady’s and gentleman get on up for our national anthem living in America

  69. Super Mario

    White America was the best. Today's mixed race America is a shit hole SOMALIA 2.

    Fabroni Giordano

    Stop talking out your ass and back it up with facts. Somalians are nowhere near the biggest race in the U.S.

    Manchester United

    Super Mario lol this song is literally created by a black man.

  70. Gabrielle Renick

    Giant gold rams head in background with large head wound?????

  71. Cartman

    1980s: "Flying cars in 2010!"
    2010s: K-poop, Miley Cyrus, Billie Irish

    Ambient Meridian

    Damn you really showed them

  72. Michael Thomas

    Everybody I love my America ..
    - that's why I listen to this song often ....
    ••• I love our Star Spangled Banner and Francis Scott Key, my hat is off to you ...
    I, We all Americans love you and the dedication, service and the great poem, that became the Star Spangled Banner...
    --- but there is just something about This Song, James Brown singing it, the way it makes me feel as an American born and raised ..
    I think this song should be played instead of or immediately following Francis Scott Keys Star Spangled Banner....
    --- this song makes me wanna go drop bombs on any country talking shit, punch an ungrateful f0reigner right in his or her mouth ...
    -- especially at the 2:00 mark ..
    When he says "I live in America" ... I raise my hands and sing along smiling and smug , we are the greatest nation on Earth .....

    Michael Thomas

    @MEME MASTER I didnt know I was talking to a child ...
    --- frankly you shouldn't he on the internet interacting with anyone at 9 years old ..
    Where are your damn parents....
    -- now I'm more pissed they have allowed their 9 year old child onto the internet unsupervised ..
    -- so I'm sorry , I cant and will no longer talk to you..
    I hope you understand that, and frankly I'm upset that your parents have allowed you to be on the internet..
    -- please stop interacting with people in the internet for now ..
    Wait till you get older, with that hope everything works out for you ...hopefully the world and the UK get better (Conservative Won yeah I guess)
    But please stop interacting on the internet for now ...


    @Michael Thomas what


    @Michael Thomas I have been on YouTube since I was 5


    @Michael Thomas I make videos tho


    @Michael Thomas 😔😔

  73. Sarge Scum


  74. Maria Garcia

    Great James Brown!.Him músic is...from...of soul

  75. Maxime Lecoeur

    mmmmm SOOOO GROOVY!!!!!

  76. BIG E TCB

    My idol saw him live in 1976

  77. Abel Tarrillo Diaz


  78. sliverjadedragon

    Decades later this song make so much sense and respesent the hard work and over time you got to put in

  79. FLX Hatred

    Fugget about it

  80. Professor McClaine

    Trumps 2020 anthem 🇺🇸👍🏼

  81. Artur Gorzej

    I remember watching Rocky IV and when I have heard the line that Rocky's spokesman said to Drago's spokesman: "At least we do not put our people in concentration camps"
    And I instantly stood up and said loud: "How about the Native Americans? Guess they ain't people to you?"
    And I am not America hater, Russian, Commie, I do not say Russians didn't put people to camps, I just like to see the full picture of things. All did both good and bad.

  82. thomas Mccann

    Sir James brown love up .

  83. Vivek verma arya

    Grand hotel is Trump hotel am I right?

  84. Liz Lyons

    Love it!!! 💖💖💖💪💪💪💪

  85. Ammar Ali

    I am Iraqi but I feel American listening to this

  86. Coco Pops

    Drogo comes up like a supermodel and everyones just dancing at him 🤣🤣 Apollo just moving around randomly. They don't make it like this anymore

  87. Robotman

    This song but it’s Usman beating the ish out of MAGA boy

  88. Jerry Henning

    Music isn’t made like this anymore. It’s an era that needs to make a comeback.


    R.I.P The Godfather of soul !

  90. Lord Thorgorath

    Judging by the high degree of grit in Brown's voice, I'm guessing he was not somebody you'd wanna cross the wrong way

  91. Alina Paguada

    Creo que es el tema que mas acojida tuvo Living in America de James Brown que fue del año 1986 un soundtrack de la pelicula Rocky IV yo tuve la oportunidad de verla fue fenomenal magnifica film y toda las personas bailando en el cine un bonito recuerdo yo tenia 11 años hasta a mi me daba ganas de bailar

  92. MarlonMax


  93. Mon Ertov Reifidom

    Jacques Marron - Vivre en Amérique 😎

  94. Julio Garcia

    Apollo! Apollo! Apollo!


    antes pensaba que se referían a todo america pero luego resulta que solo era a estados unidos :v

  96. George Vida

    james was the man