James Brown - It's Too Funky In Here Lyrics

Too funky in here
Gimme some air

Too funky in here
Gimme some air
Open up the window, man

Too funky (Too funky)
Say it (Funky in here)
Gimme some air (Funkity, funk)

Too funky (Funk up the air)
(Too funky, funky, yeah)
Gimme some air (Funkity, funk)
(Funk up the air)

Too funky in here
Gimme some air
Too funky (Too funky, funky in here)
Gimme some air, now (Funkity, funk)
(Funk up the air)

Bass needs, a little waterin' down
Guitar could use, a little cool sound

I need a little air freshener under the drums
Open up the window
Let out some
Too funky in here

(Too funky, funky yeah)
Say it again
(Funkity, funk)
What you say?
(Funk up the air) What you say?
What you, what you, what you
(Too funky, funky in here)
Gimme some air
(Funkity funk, funk up the air)

Gee-ah dah man ain't leavin' no slack ha
Horns ain't holdin', nothin' back
Whole band knows that they're gettin' down
Air's polluted with a funky, funky sound
Now say it again
(Too funky) wooh! (Funky yeah), uh hey
(Funkity funk) Bleegy deeky, bleegy deeky (Funk up the air)

Say it again
(Too funky, funky in here)
Open the door (Funkity funk)
Gimme some (Funk up the air)

In the bridge, y'all
Guitar man, put it in your funky hand and play it

Gettin' down that's right
My name James Brown is go
Too funky

Too funky in here
(Too funky, funky in here)
Gimme some air (Funkity, funk)
Say it (Funk up the air)

Disco soul when you hit this thing
Doom bak ah, nobody wants to change
It's somebody, so don't open the door
Lotta people goin' knocked out on that bedroom door
And say it too

(Too funky, funky in here)
Open the door
(Funkity, funk)
Let me, let me (Funk up the air)
Too funky (Too funky)
Too funky in here (Funky in here)
Open up the door ya'll, (Funkity, funk)
Gimme some air (Funk up the air)
Too funky in here

(Too funky, funky in here)
(Funkity, funk, funk up the air)
Too funky in here
Gimme some air
Too funky in here, here me
Gimme some air

Doing it (Too funky)
Say it, funky in here
The air (Too funky, funk up the air)

Gimme some air (Too funky)
Up outta here (Too funky)
Party, party, party (Funk up the air)

(Too funky) Party
Dika dik ah (Too funky)
Dika dika (Funk up the air)
Now rock, oh (Too Funky)

On side to side
Do ya (Too funky)
Do ya
Do ya (Funk up the air)
Do ya dance right now

Right (Too unky, unky n ere)
Hey! (Funkity funk, funk up the air)
Let me say it
(Too funky, funky in here)

(Funkity, funk)
Down, down, down (Funk up the air)

Rock (Too funky)
Get goin' (Funky in here)
Look at him (Funkity, funk)
Over there (Funk up the air)
Open up that window (Too funky)
Get it out (Funky in here)

Everybody (Funkity, funk)
Down, down, down, down (Funk up the air)
(Too funky, funky in here)

I'm back uh (Funkity, funk)
(Funk up the air)
I'm back (Too funky, funky in here)

My name is Brown
(Funkity, funk)
A bad booty get down (Funk up the air)
Too funky, funky in here

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James Brown It's Too Funky In Here Comments
  1. David Morland

    Yeah He sure is TOO FUNKY this still sounds &always will sound RIGHT ON!!!.

  2. Mya Faire

    Dedicated to the 2016-2020 White House.

  3. Gary Alexander

    Goodness, goodness. Bootsy on bass?

  4. Alvin Batiste

    Can't open a window the latch rusted up on this here..... OOH TOO FUNKY 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  5. Lefrancois Cyril

    Thé godfather

  6. Fred E Krueger


  7. Daniel Daniel


    zagor tenay

    Soul. . ......And other. .. Maremma in sur ciuo!!!!!!

  8. Julio Bradford

    James Brown the Godfather of Funk at his best!!!😎🎤🎼🎵🎶

  9. Errol Thomas

    Happy Birthday Mr. Minister of Super Heavy Funk

  10. Keith Taylor

    Too Funky in here!!!

    zagor tenay

    Is....... .dancessimo! !!!!!

  11. Sheila Palmer

    This is my jam

  12. jhoseph Levy

    Georhe michael tried to copy this song

  13. Keith Taylor

    Whew, Locker room Funk!!! Funky socks!

  14. We're all doomed!

    I smell funk

  15. Manny Pintado

    This is one of my favorite intros. Larry played it and The Funk took over.

  16. M. Bolton

    .. 2019(?) 😅🔥

  17. Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama

    Dynamite, Mr.

  18. HobbsBhipp

    This song is too funky; damn miss music like this.

  19. Dorail Crayton

    amazing this funk number came out in 1979...thats when i was born😇😇😇

  20. Alexandre Cassimiro

    Esse é o rei eterno do funk e do soul mr James Brown um dos meus ídolos da música!gênio!eterno!

  21. Ray Burton

    King of Soul!

    zagor tenay

    And.......Funky! !!!!!!!

  22. Correo Play Store

    TEMAZO CONCHETUMARE !!!!! .... te extraño James Joseph Brown...

  23. kompaTbel

    its too funky me !!! god bless my godfather

  24. armand benaroche

    The greatest...

  25. Leo Lampkin

    Too Funky In Here, must have been some good weed!

  26. C.A. Morton

    I always play this song when im sitting on the comode.

  27. Sahil Khan

    I found this by accident... it got the funk out of me !

  28. Terrance Knox

    Of all of JB’s late 70’s songs...this isn’t my favorite. Now SPANK is a much funkier song

  29. TheBennychin

    People keep going, FUNK FUNK FUNK. This is actually DISCO!


    TheBennychin Funky Disco

    Ella Tjaden-Thompson

    what ever it is its the bomb

  30. D J Sal Z.

    The Godfather of Soul !

  31. deacon theseer

    The funkiest song ever. And I ain't playing LOL


    check this!

  32. mike Marino

    Funkah the funk!!!!!!!!

  33. Neal Hagan

    nice to see youth in comments have discovered the G.F.O.S.


    Neal Hagan That's right. We need more and more of that happening.

  34. Kevin LF1

    Who the funk put thumbs down on this ?? You ain't got no soul !

    Daniel Daniel

    That's what this country WAS all about in the first place; freedom of speech, religion, opinion...............

  35. MrAntiSellOut

    Still worth enjoying after 1979

  36. Mike Hood

    James Brown was the Grand-Master of the Dr. Funkenstein Sound Lab System, his offspring was those musicians who mixed soul, jazz and funk.

    Robert Ginsburg

    @Mike Hood Funk music himself is a blend of Soul with Jazz notation.. african motifs too.

  37. Summer Breeze


  38. savannahj savannah

    Mr James Brown ...

  39. D'Artenya Granger

    James Brown - It's Too Funky In Here 1983

    Dorail Crayton

    D'Artenya Granger 1979 bro...

    Lorraine Edwards

    2 funky luv ya. Binker

  40. davide baio

    il solo e unico ciao james sei il piu' grande!!!!!!!!

    zagor tenay

    E' vero....e' stato unico.....spaziale.....musica.....stratosferica......



  42. Richard Greene

    You thumbs down turds get out of here I'm sure Mc no talent or Mc Cuss alot or Mc self hating racist misogynist can hook yah up and don't come back!

  43. SubRosa33

    hes one of a kind the best soulgiver

  44. Leffebelly

    Funkiest song ever - maybe!

    Robert Ginsburg

    @Leffebelly Also, from James, listen "I'm Satisfied", "Smokin and Drinkin" .. many others full of Funkivity.

  45. B. Rod Clark


  46. CVAnimation

    Too funky in here!
    Give me some ass!



  47. sheriff5119

    Exactly how I feel after I've blazed the room out! Classic groove! :)

  48. Tone

    Talking about a bathroom after y'all number two'd 😷😷

    C.A. Morton

    Tone "Which one of y'all gentlefolk, hung a number two in my commode?" - Get On Up Movie


    You ain't lyin' about that

    Errol Thomas

    Lord have mercy!!! Now that's some real funk that's even strong enough to kill Superman.

  49. RON HUSTLEMAN Harris


  50. Zag Nut

    Who on EARTH would give this a thumbs down????


    Zag Nut Those who don't know what real music is

    deacon theseer

    Zag Nut sir nose devoid of Funk

    Av Prasad

    Zag Nut Dumb Asses.

  51. TheKiruNias

    Happy birthday, man.

    May your Soul be funky forever.

  52. TheRenard10

    Use this song for a Lysol commercial. 📺


    TheRenard10 Damn right

    Lovie Bryant

    rofl 😃😄

    Errol Thomas

    You ain't lyin' about that

  53. Michael Wilson

    The man who wrote this song for James Brown was my father's good friend.

    RIP George Jackson.

    Avery Pack

    @Daniel Daniel No kin to the Jackson 5 and he wrote One Bad Apple for the Osmonds and had a couple of hits himself with Mackin On Ya and Aretha, Sing One FOr Me.

    Funk Land

    👍👍👍👍 bassline is Great!


    But he died in 1971 though, Im not saying he didnt but the song was recorded 8 years later.

    Avery Pack

    @Lightbringer George Jackson died in 2013, not 1971 and he wrote and recorded many songs since then.

    therealbonnie05 Clyde

    Lightbringer my Grandaddy died in 2013 baby u don’t know what you’re talking about

  54. caddyjoint96

    This funk is too delicious. You can not listen to this sitting down, unless you're tied to the chair.

  55. Christopher Ray

    This track is too damn funky! Holy moly😀😀

  56. Douglas Lewis

    Can't Breathe.
    Put it out.
    Remove this Stank.

  57. Ryan 9000

    Fat ass bassline :D Too much Funk!

  58. rickw1100

    My oh my.....so good... thanks James.

  59. ilovehouse888

    4 people have no soul

  60. dequadim

    I want this song at my own funeral.

    Artie Fischel

    Hah! I was just thinking the same thing.

    I Iz

    dequadim : I'LL BE THERE BROTHER!!!

    Brady Muhammad



    Daniel Daniel

    I hear you.....

  61. nizam jawhari

    Dam that Bass is Hypnotic!!!

    Roj Agogo

    Sure is ... !!!

    Muhammet Ali Selimi

    WORD !!!!! i notice it as the first thing that ive listen to this song first time

    Philipp Dawo

    I rehearsed it for a couple of years and I didn't manage, now I've seen it's made with two basses, one is playing normal, the other is slapping. There is a video showing how you can combine both phrases...

    Дрон Адрон

    @Philipp Dawo can you send link pls? =)


    If Elvis is the king of rock and Michael Jackson is the king of pop then James Brown is the king of funk!!


    Then god is the god of god

    miles Lunt

    Also, he used to smoke PCP in the 70's, which ultimately produced his trademark dance moves.

    Vaughn Miller

    Hey koolaid, J. B. is godfather of soul and grandfather of funk.


    @Son of Sound lol..you sound like a mindless bigot...and a deaf one at that..so STFU.

    Kevin Ortiz

    Charlie Daniels King of country and BG's the oligarchy of Disco

  63. Ken Lee

    My goodness, this song is fire!

    C.A. Morton

    Ken Lee No, it's Funky lol

  64. The Scatman

    This is considered his 'bum shit', and even this is FUNKY!

    Brent Williams

    Funky even when he was supposedly "slipping"!!!!!

    Lovie Bryant

    wtf do they want?😒😡😠

  65. YGG Upior

    great bass job

  66. Peter K

    "Tooo Funky.....Funky in Here..........Give Me Some Air",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Tooo Funky......Funky in Here......Open Up the Door.....Y'allll"!!.................................I'm Back........."My Name is Brown"!!

  67. N atzke

    open a window

    djROLi Xtraordinair

    Right???... Stinkin' up in here!!!!!! lol.

    C.A. Morton

    Need some Air Freshener

  68. Geraldo Jesus



    Very very FUNK

    zagor tenay

    Maremma maiala!!!!!

  70. Cody Readinger

    Goddamn. Goddamn. I have found the funkiest song out there!

  71. Sheeva Matimbas

    Listen to the God of Funk

  72. Florangelys Torres

    her greats funk