James Brown - Gravity Lyrics

In the twenty-first century, you can dance
Get your feet off the ground, get the dummy
And if you believe then you can fly
If a man can read, then he can reply
Hit it, gravity
Yeah, wait a minute, look here

Gravity, the big G
G R A V I T Y, gravity
Say it, gotten a hold on me

For the third verse, the sun
I've been trying to get the funky job done
Pull myself up and work that funk
Don't listen to the wrong honky tonk

You got no sense, you dance too fast
You burn all night, you'll never last
If every man can dream he can defy

G R A V I T Y, gravity, wow, big G
G R A V I T Y, gravity
G R A V I T Y, wait a minute

Slow it down, big city
There's a fat cat there sitting pretty
Watch me break out in a cold sweat
Jump back in, you ain't seen nothing yet

You shake it up, you dance too fast
Make it real, make it last
If every man can dream then he can defy

G R A V I T Y, gravity, the big G
Gravity, G R A V I T Y, say it
Gravity, gotten a hold on me

Let me say that if you can dream
Then you can fly

If you can love, then you can defy
G R A V I T Y, G R A V I T Y
Good god

Gravity, the big G
G R A V I T Y, gravity, the big G
Gravity, the big G, G R A V I T Y, say it

Gravity, good god
Got a hold on me
G R A V I T Y, gravity

Big G, G R A V I T Y
Gravity, gravity, G R A V I T Y, say it
Gravity, big G, gravity

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James Brown Gravity Comments
  1. Sofocles Mefisto

    Bass is FIRE !!!

  2. Sean Sherrod

    Go ahead on with your funky bad self Dan Hartman!

  3. MaxMauser

    Yamaha Broad Bass 2000....funkmaster....

  4. Michael Gary Dupuis

    Some people get this confused with Living in America

  5. Va1

    I was trying to decide if I should buy this album today. I'm now convinced

  6. Jay Trace

    This song keeps me grounded...

  7. volpe rossa

    Mitico james addi' poo sei funamboli-o e Magic split!!!!!

  8. Denis Damian

    La primera vez que escuché este temazo fue en el mejor programa que hizo Roberto Pettinato Duro de acostar!!!


    Me paso lo mismo!!! muy buen programa en los 90s!! Estaba La Groovisima también

    sergio fernandes

    con esa bicicleta amarilla y él también todo de amarillo

  9. Michael Walker

    The Big G 😂😂😂😂

    volpe rossa

    Fantastica Song roba da pulenda a palle!!!!!

  10. TuriFier

    The best time of music, years 80

  11. rrrrdavid1

    This would kick the &^%$ out of any modern act....Not even close.....

  12. yay nay

    The rhythm section on this album is just unreal...

  13. Veronica Moore

    Oh my God! I so missed the 80s!!!!

  14. Mr Blue

    Best of the 80s

  15. Максим Бобылев

    funky nigass )))

  16. Christopher Ray

    I'm dancing in my chair at the library😂😂😂

    Kevin Murphy

    HAHAHAHA!..and for good reason..LOL

  17. Sean Wilson

    SOMEBODY.. .... make an Eye of the tiger music video with this song. C'MON NOW!!! 😁😁

  18. ojideagu

    Feelin............so Good today.........................Van Damme

  19. Brent Chapman

    Dan Hartman and James Brown...both gone too soon. Full bodied funk.

    Blue Diamond

    Brent Chapman James lived his life, Dan Hartman really died young, 25 years ago.

  20. Michael Miller

    1986 was the year and the God Father Soul Brother 1 was still rocking JAMES BROWN RIP LOVE YOUR MUSIC AND MISS YOUR SHOWS

    Sean Wilson

    Michael Miller what'd he die of? heart attack, cancer?