James Brown - Doing It To Death Lyrics

Hit it! How you feelin' brother? (Feelin' good!)
You're feelin' good
You play so much bone, brother
How you feelin', man? (I feel all right!)
I won't call your name
I don't want no people to know you're in here
How you feelin', fellas? (All right!)
Now jam! Sure gettin' down

We're gonna have a funk good time...
We gotta take you higher
Huh! All right!
We gotta take you higher, huh!
Brothers! Now I want everybody to blow
About two choruses
And then I'm gonna wave you in
I wanna get the fella
With the little horn over there
Fred's gonna take us higher, take us higher
Fred, Fred, Fred!
You know what, when I hear a groove
Like this groove, oh!
I say, I got to get higher
Yeah baby, yeah, yeah
Look a'here
When someone's got a groove like this
You know, you know, no!
I need to grit, gotta grit
Gonna eat, gotta eat
Need to grit, gotta grit, no breath
You know, brothers
I'm gettin' ready to wave y'all in
You know what
I feel so down, I need to get down
In order for me to get down
I got to get in D.
In order for me to get down, I got to get in D.
Need to get in D., dog for D.
Down D., funky D., shakin' D., down D.
Oh! Huh! Ha ha!
Get on down!
Look a'here, look at that
What we gotta do
Gotta have a funk good time...
Oh, yeah
I didn't know you were singin', Fred
Don't moan so much
Buddy, don't moan so much
We gotta take you higher
Wait a minute!
Know who you say that was over there
(Man, you're lookin' better)
(I know I've seen him somewhere)
Is that Maceo?

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James Brown Doing It To Death Comments
  1. zuri towns

    Classic shit

  2. reknowvator11

    James literally broke into the middle of the song to talk about how he doesnt eat chitlins

  3. Lawrence Bartholomew

    2020 do it to death.

  4. Miranda Mazyck

    Brother Maceo aint no stage joke either no slouches in that crew

  5. Miranda Mazyck

    Im 52 and this has been my jam scince i was 7 the horns blow my mind and makes me just show my natural black behind !!!!!!

  6. Sunshine96818

    2020 and I am STILL jammin out to this!

  7. leroy bridges

    The originator of the funk...took from the 3 and put it on the 1 and everybody else followed

  8. M Aaron Taylor

    Best scene and song of "When We Were Kings"

  9. Veroneka Staton

    Wish I lived in this generation of music ❤️

  10. Milwaukee Mike


  11. Nuri Majeed

    If dis ain't laid n da cut..I don't know what is....

  12. Vickie OGLESBY

    Awesome..I had this album when I was seventeen

  13. Carla Clemmons


  14. George Banger

    Move sumtin !

  15. Andrew Nelson

    Born in 65, and sooo thankful for a well-integrated youth. I came up as one funky white boy. Passing it on down the line. James is a true OG...

  16. Alex Vanroth

    The best grove of all time.

  17. Brian Oliver


  18. Kurt Adams

    RIP soul brother #1

  19. Kurt Adams

    The GENIUS of James Brown

  20. Kurt Adams

    Too damn FUNKY. Smdh

  21. Allen Avents

    James Brown the other must and best god farther of ever

  22. Sir Falcone

    This is one of the best songs by the JB's and James Brown, classic horns, great rhythm ....1:51 of this song is the best TROMBONE solo ever, Fred aint no joke! Makes me want to pick up the trombone again and play it....Every music program in school should be showing this song to the children, on that note, where are the programs for music? I guess cell phones have ruined the brain? To the 1,300+ Haters who gave this song a "thumbs down", you can take that thumb and shove it up your 4SSES!

  23. kevc21

    is it who? maceo, like you know, 'Maceo won't you blow'... OOOH! YEAH! MACEO! GO AHEAD, BROTHA! 5:20

  24. Timmy Tene

    You're listening to DJ Timmy T and WBLS 107*5 in Stereo in NYC 🎧

  25. Roberta McRoy

    Love this song brings back great memories!

  26. alex brown

    ffs me and ma wee pal jojo bounced about like a couple of fannies to this but its still awsome

  27. Linda Gonzalez


  28. Eddie Bills

    real dancehall music, SENSATIONAL!

  29. michael lewis

    The one about James was that his band was always tight. James and Prince always had tight band's. Two of the GOATS of all time.

  30. Henry Hawkins

    And.....everything is on the one. Thanks Mr James Brown for getting me interested in music through your songs. My high school band played all of these hits, and as always on the one.

  31. Michael Boone

    This song is so funky I had to spray air freshener in my living room an the stereo I Bluetooth the song through is all funked up

  32. Kelly Jackson

    When I was a kid, my uncle would come over drunk, and play this song about ten times. I know all the lyrics and ad libs!

  33. Not Me But You

    That change at 4:11 OOOOWEEEE!!!

  34. Happy Lady

    That ol' school funk 💞💞💞😎

  35. Vincent Thomas

    Catfish Collins on the guitar. You know who's on the bass

  36. Robert Cuffee

    I Love your old school mixes I'm a huge fan of James Brown and can listen to him go for hours

    Robert Cuffee

    and with you guys I can do just that thanks and keep up the good work 1LUVLUV1 EPAPLR #1CHIEFROCKA $ CHIEFROCKA#1

  37. Haley Warner

    In case of emergency, do resuscitate with this.

  38. Marquesha Martin

    If you were to look up the definition of Funky James Brown photo would be next to that definition

  39. Mary Larkins

    Back then i had a lot of funky good times. Yeah

  40. stillatit 50

    When James calls on FRED, it's funkier than 10 lbs of rotted CHITLINS, between the crack of a 500lb man's azz, standing in the noonday heat that's been waiting for a bus for two hours.......funky

  41. Bob Plumlee

    Hell Yeah !

  42. Ron Battle


  43. Ann Wells

    My favorite group. James Brown & Fred Wesley & The JB's. Wow what a classic song. We're gonna have a funky good time. We got to take you higher. Alright.

  44. sibkiss2009

    Ohhhh yeahhhhhh

  45. Joseph Young

    Soul brother #1 classic.funk

  46. David Jones

    You only have 1 chance. Just do it, make it reality

  47. David Jones

    No excuses, cross that bridge. EXCELLENCE NOTHING LESS

  48. Erik Davis


  49. Miranda Mazyck

    I hope all jb fans went to see get on up , the sound tract to his career.

  50. Miranda Mazyck

    Dig how he sed yeah bruh i aint gonna say ya name in case you dont want everybody to know you up in here tonight! Im thinking i know thats rite.....

  51. Miranda Mazyck

    I am 52 and how in this great big world ,is this my favorite song of all times???still lol

  52. Rosemary Garcia


  53. may berry

    Play this at a Trump rally.😂😂😂😂

  54. Diahann Stevens

    Awwwhhh ! 🎸🎵🎼🎶🎼🎵☀️

  55. Howard Gaston

    In order for me to get down I gotta get in D! (Get down then!!!)

  56. mattratt512

    This is so funky, i feel like opening a window but i won't.

  57. Gregory Hertzog

    That yammering and hammer hardware rocker and finger guitar hero boogie groovy man Edwards World greatest band and group most high creator soulful and groove songs and cultural heritage foundation for the people's j.b's instruments and voice and blessing favorite hits after hits
    Mr.james God father Mr soulful warrior science blessing and prayer today groove 1960-1970style and 1980-1990style 2000-201
    Remembe9styles Mr .James j.b's brilliantly brother's remember great fearlessness leadership respect yourself gospels soulful Brown. 😶😑😐🤔😍😎😋😊😉😆😅


    Maceo is the shit!

  59. Timmy Tene

    You're listening to DJ Timmy T and WBLS 107*5 in Stereo in NYC 🎧

  60. The Real Mr. Sixx

    One of the greatest bandz

  61. Elizabeth Williams


  62. Elizabeth Williams

    James....and the JB'S ....."IN THE ZONE"

  63. Kenneth Anderson

    My hometown Augusta Ga. I knew Sinclair Pickney. He played the saxophone for James Brown. He was one of my neighbors. I grew up with his two sons.

  64. Bee Dett Free

    my booty is shaking and I didn't even realize it!!

  65. Chip Northup

    My favorite song by Jimmy! Fred swings that horn!
    In order for me to get down, I gotta get in D
    (Go and get down, yeah)
    In order for me to get down, I gotta get in D
    Need to get in D
    Dog the D, down D
    Funky D, stankin' D
    Down D!

    [Band changes key from F to D]

  66. Gimme A Break

    1.2k people Never had a funky good time 😄😣

  67. Angel Sanchez

    "How you feeling brother!!" Love it!!!!

  68. Melvin Stackhouse


  69. Doris Romey

    This is THEJAM. THANK YOU.

  70. Noni Way

    Bad title we was doing it to death...dancing to JB 👣 tracks haha

  71. delphin bringsby

    Shit is lethal.


    Somebody give me a pack of Kool's, a glass of Boone's Farm and a fried fish plate. Damn, I miss those days!


    He got me wanting to get down into funky D!


    All the musicians were great but those guitar licks are the s**t! They make the song!

  75. Frank Ford

    its wonderful to hear such dancing music.

  76. Melvin Bridgewater

    BLOW FRED !!!!!

  77. Whiskey Drinker

    My drum instructor introduce me to this today..what a groove...if this does not get you tapping your feet you simply have no musical soul.

  78. Danny Bellinger

    Without any doubt? Naw man. "Without No Doubt, these are the JB's".

  79. Tom Burton

    I've listened to this track maybe 400 times and I still get goosebumps when it goes to "D"

  80. Derek DeMarco

    Funk Before Parliament 😎

  81. robert nunn


  82. Rockers From Hell

    Sound of San Fran over the top towards the end

  83. Saleem Muhammad

    Da funk of da funkiest-get up off that thang and shake it you'll feel better. Man we need more of this so bring "ack da Funky Black"!!!!!!

  84. Glenn Borden

    Need to be deep down in it.The Funkest,styling,and profiling there will ever be.Or,untell they get here.

  85. Wade Allen

    The "Godfather" enuff said!

  86. Nicolas Perkins

    Funkiest track evar

  87. Sean E Cash

    Hey Frankie there’s no “doing it to death” by Justin Bieber!...

  88. Kannan Rajalingam

    I finally get this as i like to think i am a musician lol yep that is debatable but when one man dedicates his whole life to a music called funk...its a lifetimes dedication to that one drum beat right on the one...man it amazes me always xxx the man dedicated his whole life to funk...sometimes if we could go back in time i'ld like to ask him man did you ever play classical music like bach or mozart at least once lol blessings xxx

  89. Bryan Pinto

    Frankie Edgar sent me herr

  90. Ray Burton

    Anyone remember when this came out in 1973? I was just a 12 year old kid who always loved James Brown and was too young to understand his ever changing band but when I heard this and saw the grown folks jamming, I knew JB had a winner on this one!

  91. Nelson Diaz

    TIGHT AND RIGHT!!!!!!!😎

  92. Department of Afro-American Research Arts Culture

    Fred! FRED!!! Fred!! (in come the horns)

  93. Paigetherocker13

    This song is perfect in every way!! I’m only 19 but it makes me think of my childhood so much. Thank you Dad

  94. michael williams

    in 1973 a record came out called"doing it to death"by the JB's,prior to that in 1972 they had a album called"food for thought" containing the hits"gimmie some more"and "pass the peas".Both of these albums i purchased in a famous brooklyn record store on Nostrand ave and Fulton street called"Birdells record",Now if you old heads know that record store,you know they had a ton of old school records and the price for a album was only $7.99,the 45's were around $1.25,,the store is no longer there but what memories,,,


    Dem breaks is deep.

  96. James Boyd

    Grits and gravy,neckbones and collard greens

  97. Darrell Harper

    Blow them horns Fred u the greatest

  98. bdub714

    Down to D

  99. Danny Reyes