James Blunt - Someone Singing Along Lyrics

Somebody's gonna wave a flag
Somebody's going to attack
Someone will tell you to take a side
Tell you their version of wrong or right
Somebody's gonna let you in
Judged on the color of your skin
Slam a door in the face of your friend
Simply because you don't look like him

And then you gotta find a way that you're walkin'
Everybody's walkin'
You gotta find the words to say when you're talkin'
Everybody's talkin'

So I built the words into a song
I'm hopin' someone's singing along
And even if some notes are wrong
I'm hopin' someone's singing along

'Cause just one voice is not enough
I need to hear from everyone
And even when I'm dead and gone
I'm hopin' someone's singing along

Somebody's gonna build a wall
Then smash it with a cannon ball
Someone who somehow has got a gun
Will tell you who you can't and you can love
Some people keeping all the cash
They're gonna get away with that
Just 'cause some people don't think like me
Does that really make them the enemy?

And then you gotta find a way that you're walkin'
Everybody's walkin'
You gotta find the words to say when you're talkin'
Everybody's talkin'

So I built the words into a song
I'm hopin' someone's singing along
And even if some notes are wrong
I'm hopin' someone's singing along

'Cause just one voice is not enough
I need to hear from everyone
And even when I'm dead and gone
I'm hopin' someone's singing along

Make a noise
I can hear you now
Won't you raise your voice
Just a little louder
Make a noise
I can hear you now
Won't you raise your voice
Just a little louder

So I built the words into a song
I'm hopin' someone's singing along
And even if some notes are wrong
I'm hopin' someone's singing along

'Cause just one voice is not enough
I need to hear from everyone
And even when I'm dead and gone
I'm hopin' someone's singing along

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James Blunt Someone Singing Along Comments
  1. maria scavello

    Yes I'm singing along ✋

  2. Yankee Hutt

    Hope everyone here knows this is a pro-Trump song.

  3. Yankee Hutt

    It is a nice song. Had to Google listen to find out who it is :)

  4. day light


  5. Leen Suliman


  6. Sue Me

    My beloved broken Syria ❤

  7. Anne Phair


  8. Ram Attri

    RIP Kobe

  9. Happy sad

    seriously why yummy by Justin Bieber is given more views than this song which has incredibly deep and amazing lyrics

  10. Ming Mine Fang


  11. Christine Lee

    Just can't stop crying.Thid new song is so beautiful. Thank you James

  12. Yensyn Temblador

    2020 iran vs USA?

  13. Carolina Pirez


  14. Sara Oliveira

    Eu ainda estou completamente apaixonada por esta música!

  15. Đức Võ

    so many people , children lost their families.....

  16. İsa Zengin

    Omg girl this is soo coooollllll

  17. Sami ullah

    Being Kashmiri, I can feel equally as my syrian, Palestinians, we have the audacity to bear more n more brutality, the almighty is there always....

  18. Israel Donnelly

    Love it!! Keep the bangers coming!!🔥

  19. Carolina Pirez


  20. Mirodil Bohodirov

    Thanks you James Blunt


    My school used this song in the concert

  22. Yaraa YouTube

    I'm from syria too, and I like your song James Blunt it is fabulous, thank you for singing this song.

  23. Acton Jackson

    Thank you🌈🌻

  24. Doctrine Ridge

    should have be titled Anti-Trump

  25. Alla Derzhavina

    Could you please consider posting karaoke version for all these beautiful songs which sometimes have less attention but so meaningful? That would be a great tradition to post the karaoke versions not by the different karaoke channels, but by artists themselves... on their channels. At least for those who write their song by themselves... Why not?

  26. Horse girl 1-2-3

    This is soo sad i,m thinking now how lucky i am and i want to help those peolpe they have soo Bad 😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  27. Tracey Lee sam

    Donald trump needs to listen to this.

    rek tel

    This is the reason why we supported Donald Trump, he helped ending the war in Syria. What about you get your facts right?

  28. Crosh Perry

    Legend says, James Blunt may not have fans like other artists but the little he has are the ones that have true feelings and a beautiful soul💙.

  29. Asadul Hossain

    Love from Bangladesh 😭🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  30. Hemant Sahu

    How gorgeous is this song♥️♥️

  31. bali meg

    i love it

  32. Super Al

    2019 but so sad that this song doesn't get more attention...what's wrong with this world

  33. Jen D

    If the news showed footage like this, I would hope people would understand better. All we see is a few seconds showing the bombing of ruins. This shows what those ruins are. They're homes and there's thousands of them in pieces. The people who live there are in pieces too or seeking sanctuary in other countries. My thoughts, prayers and love are with all Syrians who want their homes, families, communities and nation back. x

  34. Sheekha Beerta

    I, m sorry Syria people always i will be pry 🇸🇾🙏😔😔

  35. Reem Abbas


  36. Angelika Ma

    James, you are so great! My english is to bad to write what i mean, but you have a light heart! I hear your music since 14 or 15 years, und I love it! Your music touch my Heart!! Thank you for everything!

  37. Mewz k mero

    High pich voice sound like james and adam levine voice sound similiar

  38. Viktória Koncz

    Good old James Blunt. Its like bonus track from Back to Bedlam album.

  39. rek tel

    I am singing along James! Love you!

  40. Ahmad Agha

    How tf i missed this masterpiece

  41. thuraya karem


  42. thuraya karem

    I love you James ♥️

  43. Mirian Rocha

    Precisamos levantar a voz e pedir; Mais Amor, Paz, Respeito, Solidariedade, Compaixão. Belíssima música, com sentimento e sensibilidade!! Sucesso Jemes Blut. 🙏👏👏👏👏💖 vou cantar junto sempre...

  44. Dhaka Dough

    Lyrical masterpiece, most probably that's why it was never a massive hit but these words will stay and someone will sing it along - even after many decades!

  45. N Iron

    Why am I listening to this only now?!?🧐 this song deserves much attention

  46. Christian Baum

    His best one yet.

  47. Phil

    Best song off the album in my opinion. Have track five on repeat 😬

  48. Souzan Abboud


  49. Kellitha Adáia da Silva Siqueira

    Amo suas músicas 😍, só que mais do que eu tem meu filho de sete anos fala que vc é o cantor dele kkk .

  50. Bennie Brunink

    But still .. Beautiful song James .. Thank you once again ..

  51. Bennie Brunink

    I can' t understand why this video is still up .. ;) .. Goverment sleeping ?! ..

  52. Shameem Sheuli

    At least you are singing...raised your voice..Love you!

  53. Adam Adam

    Gdy to słucham chce mi się płakać

  54. danielle Hammill

    loving it

  55. Veronica Obiglio

    Yankees go home

  56. Veronica Obiglio

    Free palestine
    Middle east

  57. IZRAEL

    Jatuh hukum jadi ikhwan nabawi dengan adik ADMiral..

    Kesalahan atas pekara yang sama juga berlaku dahulu dan kembali semula tapi pakai hati....

    Syuaib Bin Soleh

    Buah pisang boleh makan
    Daun pula buat nasi lemak
    Batangnya untuk bersunat
    Hatinya semakin besar atau semakin kecil..

  58. Linkalot

    I am singing along james

  59. ceeRcvaa ootoo

    tqven shig xom ar gaqvt ra aris amdeni reklamebi ra tvini motyanit martla da martlaa gaabandzet yvelaferi musikas ver mousmen ragac yle reklamebi rom ar gaiichitos da verc films uyureb magis garesheee dzvel dros aburnebt mase televizorshic uuyurebs xalxi tqven mogityan mona dedebi administracia ! tqve yleeeboo

  60. Wai Wai

    James i recently subscribe ur channel bcz of dis song ♥️

  61. Miss Mimikey


  62. Go block

    I could singing along with you all the time dear all,would anybody join me singing along?

  63. Karine Amaral

    Que triste

  64. Malo Siro

    I luv dis song

  65. complex lifestyle

    Ohhh snap this Ish catchy

  66. Amany Harfoush

    We still here dear James... Iam a Syrian girl and yeah that's a really touchable song...

  67. javito 64

    This commemt is in spanish because my inglish is not perfect, ok? No entiendo cómo un ser humano puede soportar tanta carga como para llegar a matar a gente inocente, esta guerra le está costando la vida a miles de soldados y civiles, desde España espero que se pase pronto y que Siria vuelva a ser como antes 😍😥

  68. Alejandro Eder

    A song that impacts in the depths of my emotions.

    "Life is very dangerous, not for people who do evil,
    But for those who sit down to see what happens. "
    Albert Einstein

    "I'm going to tell God everything"
    To the memory of the little Syrian boy Mushtad ",
    His innocent life was quenched by a war.
    I invoke his last words ...
    To the memory also of all children.
    Who have been victims of this atrocity.

    On the other side of these turbid rivers

    On the other side of these turbid rivers where the stars are camped.
    where the awakening of hope turns into magic
    In a place where the sentinel colors do not paint dividing lines.
    Where storms become a breeze, they calm down.
    in a place where I can hold my enemy strongly
    Where dreams are built without sunsets or somber suns.
    On the other side of these muddy rivers, where the trenches do not exist
    Where there is no sound that terrifies and deafen my ears.
    On the other side of these murky rivers, where the soldier becomes a missionary.
    Where there are no blue lips or gray sunsets.
    Where there are no bloody fields or cold or eternal nights.
    On the other side of these muddy rivers where hunger and misery are silenced
    where the fear dies and the skin does not feel cold,
    where a gesture of anger does not become a challenge and the enemy is not shot,
    where the shadow of a gun does not cling to the innocence of a child.
    In a place where the rags do not taste like steel or lament ...
    On the other side of these murky rivers ...
    where the soul is torn when hearing the cry of the open wound of the earth ...
    You, who look at the sins of the world.
    You, who look at the sins of the world.
    You who nailed your body on the cross.
    have mercy, have mercy
    You, who look at the sins of the world,
    Give us peace, give us peace.

    Te respice in vobis peccata mundi
    Affixus cruci qui corpus
    Miserere, miserere.
    Te respice in vobis peccata mundi
    dona nobis pacem, dona nobis pacem.

  69. peter sharma

    blunt understand war cuz he was in army
    he stopped world war 3

    he wrote you are beautiful and he became legend and one.of my one of the best fav singers

    and bonus he is savage on twitter

  70. Livin' The Dream

    This needs more attention!

  71. Yongyut Chooon

    I love james blunt , I'm Thailand people , I love all song of james blunt.

  72. Lora Omar

    When you love a singer for years and he sings a song about your country, the one nobody care about or give attention for ..
    James blunt..
    i hear this song since it was published alot.
    I hear it often.
    I hear it everyday.
    And i cry everyday.
    All the love to your heart and love and healing to all those who still suffer from war and loss..

  73. Master Bates

    Absolutely terrible meaning, but a catchy tune. That makes the song even worse.



  75. Jafar Badour

    This music video gave me goosebumps ...
    This is real art

  76. Miro201010

    Anyone repeating the video and singing along ? :)

  77. Miro201010

    Extraordinary.... thank you for the depth... u sung out our pain so beautifully... god bless you. Love ur music

  78. Doreen Roeske


  79. Matteo Sariani

    Great James Blunt👍👏👏👏

  80. Rain Billy

    from Syria... we love you

  81. Alys 3344

    i am a 13 year old girl and i am proud to say i love you

    also you have changed my life so much and you have saved it many times so thank you.

  82. SNT CxLHx

    How Is it only now I’m seeing this

  83. MrMagicmanali

    This is so powerful!

  84. oh amed

    This is what america did in arab country ..God with u syria

  85. Romana Strasheim

    😢War is crazy!
    War is evil!

  86. Alina Munir

    I am singing along, so would my future kids❤️

  87. Evie's Gacha Life

    We sang this at school two days ago and that's how I found this song. I love this. Its the melody I love

  88. Christian Baum

    Promote this!

  89. montu asrani

    Sooo much love in the comments😍😄😭😭

  90. Walka o Wolność

    God Bless All this Souls...

  91. derick fortner

    Cried for ever when i herd this,just watched the the video I'm crying all over again

  92. Phúc Nguyễn

    freedom from America .

  93. Luciana Aparecida Silva

    A paz pertence aos homens de coração valente. ( Brasil )🏳

  94. freedom konnect

    I am singing along with you James Blunt!! ❤❤❤

  95. Salah Sakhri

    Truth reminder ♥ God bless you Mr James