James Blunt - So Far Gone Lyrics

Tell me the wars you're fighting
Behind a smile you're hiding
All the things I know you want to say

We tried our best to find us
But there are no lights to guide us
I can't sleep beside a stranger now

Piece by piece we fall apart
With every beat slows down my heart

So I'll just say what you won't say
And I'll take the blame if it is for your sake
No turning back on what you can't save

So far gone
Yeah, we're so far gone

I've tried hard to remember
This prison cell used to be a shelter
Now we're just looking for the best way out
I can't fight you anymore
You're already one foot out the door

So I'll just say what you won't say
And I'll take the blame if it is for your sake
No turning back on what you can't save

So far gone
Yeah we're so far gone

And this is the face of letting go
And these are things we already know

So I'll just say what you won't say
And I'll take the blame if it is for your sake
No turning back on what you can't save

So far gone
We're so far gone

So I'll just say what you won't say
And I'll take the blame if it is for your sake
No turning back on what you can't save

So far gone
Yea we're so far gone
Yea we're so far gone
So I'll just say what you won't say

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  1. Claudia Bandeira

    BRAZIL 💚💛

  2. Javier Tutillo

    Gaby Borja ❤

  3. Leon Celevoy

    Thats the best song of James Blunt 🤷‍♂️

  4. Flyboy _Maverick

    Damn ur songs makes me wanna fall in love again but it's scary being in love nowadays

  5. Drita Leni

    Going out soon, I will listen to you later..

  6. Sagnik William Mondal

    The music lyrics and video of the song gives me a nostalgic feeling

  7. Sakil Hasan


  8. Divan Strauss

    Still here 0ctober 2019

  9. Boris Borlenghi

    What's the building at 1:01?

  10. Ken & Shan

    I come to James every time my boyfriend is verbally abusive.... I visit alot. And on the worst nights, I send James a message on IG, just to talk and tell him my dreams. Is that pathetic?

  11. Ken & Shan

    I'm here listening and must be addicted to breaking my own ❤ 💔

  12. Mara Tânia

    Que tudo! Canta com a alma e coração. Lindas canções
    Bjs do Brasil
    Estamos te esperando aqui no Brasil

  13. Giulia Petroni

    James Blant è sempre un grande con le sue canzoni dolcissime.....

  14. The carlosmaxfido!!

    I'm the only one who thinks that this song should have more views.

  15. Peppe S

    Siamo andati così lontano

  16. Artemiza Radasanu

    Gosh, you are so sweet and innocent in this video, simply adorable :)

  17. Kevin Hughes

    Truly I love this song. You cannot make up how incredibly talented this man is

  18. Jorge Hernandez

    Sounds similar to Won`t Be Broken by Keane

  19. Drita L

    I am so far gone, how far gone are you? Haha

  20. 007SterlingArcher

    Another divorce, and I'm listening this song again

  21. Eva Todorovic

    who is here in 2019??💚💙

  22. Drita L

    What's up with you J, what are you doing this friday night? I hope you can stay sober in this crazy world. Good night man

  23. magnitude xd

    Türk yok mu cidden

  24. Drita L

    Good night dear James, going to bed soon, sleeping is one of my favorite things to do lately.... Talk tomorrow

  25. Roui J.

    2019, anyone?

  26. Drita L

    Yeah, are we far gone?

  27. سجاد محمد

    This Song Looks Older Than 2010.
    Amazing Song Deserves More Views.

  28. zilda zaid

    james blunt is part of my childhood and adolescent. Thank you james

  29. Gloria Santos

    Uma das suas melhores musicas. Amo de paixão!

  30. Eufemia Buono

    Another amazing artist 💖💖 all of his songs have been a success just superb

  31. The Joker

    Any 1 listening in April 2019? I still luv this song & it's in my playlist.. 😍😍😍

  32. Koлымана Кугданова


  33. God: The MISSiah!!!

    My ❤ I would NEVER leave w/o My beautiful James... My new 🌎 made for us TOGETHER FOREVER... If u want :) i love u my sacred immortal 💞💏👉🌋🌚🌠⚡soon we r outta here. Please b patient My soul ✨ 🌹God💋... Ur Grace

  34. Vicente René

    Neil Breen

  35. garytt9431

    Listening at this very moment, with my heart so broken 💔

    Joinner Gallego Rios

    Why is your heart broken?

  36. sanchit vaidya

    James blunt is a legend singer in whole universe

  37. Nikkipiki White

    James Blunt is brilliant. I feel as if he has read my mind. I'm scared and have nothing to fall back on. How can I say it without hurting us, especially our boys? I mean, it hurts. 20 yrs together. I'm a bird with her wings clipped. I just want to be free and wish there was a way to do it and be civil.

  38. อวิส สาแม

    2019 still love this song 😁😊

  39. Giampiero Tipo

    2019 and it doesn't get old...🔥

  40. Rosa Maria

    Love you james blunt💕💕❤❤😍

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  42. Koлымана Кугданова


  43. Mochamad Dietrich

    YEAH!!!!!!!! *to every JamesBlunt's song I've heard*

  44. Phatt

    Yes we are so far gone, yep we are gone


    What a song!!!

  46. ลักขณา หอมจันทร์

    Along .... you

  47. Serien Guy


  48. Sophia Bhangu

    to the singing first,my ears listen to only gud music. James blunt fall in that category. look wise I am a tough straight woman who won't easily raise an eyebrow to the looks of man and iappreciate him for showing no vulgarity in his videos.he seems to be a gentleman.

  49. Henna Roivainen

    Thanks James. Say.

  50. Margie L.

    James you are the best singer ever

  51. Lena Jones

    Oh my god... i first heard this song on TV when i was little and i've been so obsessed just by the first seconds of this song. It's really a beautiful song. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    July 2018 😍😍😍😍.

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  54. Angelica Mihovilovich

    Es mi idea o la joven del video es la misma que aparece en Bartender?...ademas la imagen del puente también reaparece en Bartender. qué opinan uds.?

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    გიორგი მაკარაძე

    khatia kveladze სად გიპოვე 😍😂

    khatia kveladze

    Giorgi Makaradze ჰაიი 😁💕

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    Much love and respect from the Bahamas James!

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    This song is so amazing and beautiful!!! I love you James blunt❣💞💙❤️✨

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    ♥♥♥♥♥♥love uuuu

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    This is one of those tracks that grow on you and before you know it, youre singing it out loud in the car 😎

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    Me encanta como el canta 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    2018 ❤

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    2018 love you James Blunt 😍😘

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    He is beautiful in this video.

  66. cari Mulvihill

    ive heard everysong of james and I have never heard this one

  67. Kettiki Joseph

    He is the man, he is the best love you James blunt

  68. Kroko Fant

    Thats great ... powerful ...keep going James ... all the way ...

  69. Kroko Fant

    Powerful. Keep going James ... all the way ...

  70. ZaxVevo

    November 2017 !!
    if u wanna guys listen to a really cool song, check out my channell

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    in 15-11-2017

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    one of the greatest singers in the world. James congratulations

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    linda música não so essa como as outras músicas

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    Hasta los cojones de que utilicen esta cancion como sirena en el instituto

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    can i like this twice?

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    This prison cell used to be a shelter. Ooh that's deep

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    Max & Chloe's perfect song! Chloe Price 4 ever.

  85. Allan Essien

    ....i'l take the blame if its for your sake.

    These words.

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    Perfection <3

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