James Blunt - No Bravery Lyrics

There are children standing here
Arms outstretched into the sky
Tears drying on their face
He has been here
Brothers lie in shallow graves
Fathers lost without a trace
A nation blind to their disgrace
Since he's been here

And I see no bravery
No bravery in your eyes anymore
Only sadness
And I see no bravery
No bravery in your eyes anymore
Only sadness
Only sadness

Houses burnt beyond repair
The smell of death is in the air
A woman weeping in despair says
He has been here
Tracer lighting up the sky
It's another families' turn to die
A child afraid to even cry out says
He has been here

And I see no bravery
No bravery in your eyes anymore
Only sadness
And I see no bravery
No bravery in your eyes anymore
Only sadness

There are children standing here
Arms outstretched into the sky
But no one asks the question why
He has been here
Old men kneel to accept their fate
Wives and daughters cut and raped
A generation drenched in hate
Says, he has been here

And I see no bravery
No bravery in your eyes anymore
Only sadness
And I see no bravery
No bravery in your eyes anymore

And I see no bravery
No bravery in your eyes anymore
Only sadness
And I see no bravery
No bravery in your eyes anymore
Only sadness
Only sadness

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James Blunt No Bravery Comments
  1. Françoise Colombo Sarrabayrouse

    It's the best and greatest song I have heard in my life. Thank you.


    Welcome to the intro to WW3 ladies and gentleman 😰😰

  3. ShaiikoIsBack

    Special dedicace aux 3eme de St Jo. Et dedicace au roi Arouf pour les 3 btrds de leur mort qui m ont tombés dessus

  4. RatSchool MC

    Elle est énorme , et son regard qui parle autant que ses mots , magnifique chanson . 2020 et toujours aussi poignante

  5. Robert Stallard

    Bosnia 1999.
    I know you'll probably never read this, but thank you for this song, James.

  6. stephen mcdonnell

    One of the best anti war songs ever written

    Stunning and heartbreaking

    And song with such heartfelt emotion 😔

  7. drag star

    Thank you for this James!

  8. nasredinhodja

    Captain Blunt memories' from Balkan war in mid 90's could become western european's one in mid 2020. I hope I'm wrong writting this

  9. Beza Tsige

    Knowing that James was a soldier,,,just fascinates me even more and just says a lot about how much of an amazing man he is

  10. MsVerite Justice

    Je pleure ....

  11. yure Pimentel

    I met a woman whose his husband was born in Syria end then she had talk that him have much bad feelings about war end i recommend that song and she note for not forget.

  12. Katumu Rogers

    This song should be played at every political rallies around the world- it speaks volume. Alas! The politicians are not brave. Thanks James.

  13. Giuseppe Parabita

    I served in Bosnia (Sfor) is in Kosovo (Kfor) in the Arma dei Carabinieri italian iHow much pain I saw, how much sadness in people's eyes. the barefoot children in the snow chasing our vehicles to get something to eat .. the makeshift tombs, the homeless houses, the mass graves .. James this song reminds me of many things. You are great !! You are a brother in arms !!

  14. Gerrit van Faassen

    Very good music, I did two terms in Bosnia and i see what happens there. I have a view comrades who served in Kosovo, 😓

  15. Florian R

    God bless NATO and god bless the West

  16. srdd nrsmn

    K O S O V O
    J E
    S R B I J A

  17. Nb Nemo

    Real Men Do Cry 🎼♥️🎼

  18. Bananito

    Mais pk pas

  19. BoboQueen

    Can someone tell me why he was recording Serbian soldiers at 2:49 when they were his enemies?

    Bati gol

    The Serbian army, police forces and paramilitary groups had to withdraw back to Serbia. The NATO troops were in Kosovo when that happend.

  20. Niko Ntm

    Kosovo is Serbia.

  21. DiceXxJaceFallenxX

    Damn, this hits deep. I cry every time

  22. Natalie Leck

    Always return to this video every Rememberance Sunday.

  23. KS HG

    Ah shkijet e nones

  24. veenom vEE

    why are my eyes sweating

  25. O Fenómeno

    Kosovo je Srbija

  26. ErikAlanWest

    Sounds like America under the Trump administration.

  27. Kosova Republik

    🇦🇱Thank you for your Help.🇬🇧

  28. Enigma

    He (Devil) has been here.

  29. Joanne Williams

    Needs to be played all around the world 2019😢💯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  30. Motherfucking Ghosty

    My dad served in the regiment one across to his in bosnia... We have to do a essay on a song so I’ve picked this as it’s got a lot deeper meaning to me than to most.

  31. Tanner Mathis

    I was man 21 into Kosovo, was stationed at F.O.B Camp wedge 3 miles from the border during the air war. I laid eyes on every one of those children. Also the graves... NMCB3 proud to help still heartbroken.....

    Muamer Malic

    I am from Sarajevo suffered similar as child

    Tanner Mathis

    Muamer Malic everybody hates American boys right until we show up to do the right thing. God or Ala bless you!

  32. Johansen Yoyanovich

    If only the US could report something besides Trump...So much else going on in the world and they don't care. I hate the Mass Media with a passion! A tool that could get the word out about all that is going on in the world and nothing but lies.

  33. Augusto Barbosa

    I remembered about this song one of these days and realized i had forgotten how strong it is!

  34. Katty Loco

    This song is beautiful and sad at the same time

  35. Felipe Ramos Coutinho

    Linda essa música.🙂



  37. Tony Biller

    Ancien bct 2 et 5 c réel

  38. Susanne Nouweland

    I always looked to try and understand the hurt in your eyes when singing this song. Just cannot . And thankfully I have never had to see what you saw. So sorry

  39. Altin Demaj

    I’m from kosovo justice

  40. Leslie Zeoli

    This sing is so heartfelt adds even more meaning when he keeps saying "he was been here" he is referring to one of the four horseman of the apocalypse.... the horseman of war

  41. sv vs

    No bravery only sadness… WAR

  42. nubia bueno

    Voz de anjo que Deus te abençoe cada vez mais e mais 😘😘😘😘😘😇😇😇😍😍😍

  43. geneva blaklin

    U are so right laura williams i think the same for years so thank u!

  44. Era Jaha

    The song attributed to Kosovo peoples, god blease you James Blunt.

  45. Paul O'neill

    Huge James Blunt fan but this is the best. Such imagery and emotions the lyrics conjure up


    I was there with James. Feels like yesterday. Great song. Brings back alot of memories

  47. albania thugzzz

    Thanks you!

  48. RED Firewink

    this song diserve so much more likes. powerful émotions. thinks from France.

  49. mada faka

    Best song ever!!!!❤👑

  50. haha 1

    kosovo is albaniaa

  51. B B

    Thank You James Blunt, all Respekt from Republik of Kosovo, Good save you and British Peopel for Helping us🤗

  52. Arlind Sylejmani


  53. lee mavis

    This is what the U.S did to the world : ( Also I think it is this song that make JB a noble man rather than his royal family.

    Dardan Gashi

    U.S. stopped this. This is what Serbia did in Kosovo, which made U.S. and Nato to intervene. England, Germany and France were the first nations to agree with U.S.
    Maybe they've done many bad decisions in the middle east, but this one were very necessary. Kosovo had no power to protect their self, and yet they were about to be assimilated

    lee mavis

    @Dardan Gashi Middle east is what I'm sayin, bro.

    Dardan Gashi

    @lee mavis for that I cannot say a thing. Bad things are happening everywhere and it's hard to recognize which action is good and which one is bad. Power is talking and that's bad bro, power and greed made 1M people to run from Kosovo, killed more than 12,000 non military troops, and destroyed an old country legacy.

    lee mavis

    @Dardan Gashi Thousands of people died and you are saying“bad things r happening everywhere” LOL... Let's end up this conversation.

    Dardan Gashi

    @lee mavis millions are dying, and I really meant it when I said "bad things r happening everywhere". Did you misunderstood this sentence?

  54. سجاد محمد

    I Didn't Know That James Blunt is Makin DEEP SONGS.

  55. Mystery Science Gaming 3000

    best james blunt song and also one of the best songs

  56. Fabio moscadelli

    Look at him at 2:30 he can barely hold his anger and sadness

  57. cibetka76

    The guy is idiot and things he sings about happened only on CNN and BBC. Reality was totally opposite and he was part of brutal aggression on european country with goal to crush its independence and opposition to american domination and NWO, to rob, plunder and colonize. The Albanians who NATo supported were terrorists, murderers, drug and organ traffickers, and president, prime minister and all other dignitaries of this NATO created state are pre war mafia and people who killed serbian and albanian civilians with their own hands. One of them killed 19 witnesses in his International war crimes tribunal trial and amazingly found innocent. This illegal state supported by USA harbors islamic extremism, they completely ethnically cleansed Serbian population from Kosovo and ruined hundreds of christian churches and monasteries. The whole rpetext for war was fabricated lie, CIA armed and financed this war, their media and diplomats worked hard to stage incidents to justify the dirty job, and its sad morons like this guy and audience who watch this song were manipulated in this way.

    Bülent Emre Yasal

    maybe you should actually watch the video before commenting. He made the song based on his own experience while serving in the British military there (as part of the NATO forces), not based on news reports from CNN and BBC!


    @Bülent Emre Yasal There was no NATO soldiers in Kosovo when all this was ''happening'' so he had no first hand experience about any ''massacres'', ''refugees'' and all that crap. Only on BBC and CNN, and their disgusting propaganda. Only thing he could see as NATO soldier in Kosovo is pogrom and ethnic cleansing of entire Serbian population of Kosovo, because that is only pogrom and massacre that happened after NATO was there.

    Heike Rohmann

    cibetka76 This song is also about you – your fanatism, your hate, your blindness. ☹ „A generation trenched in hate …“

    Dardan Gashi

    Oh man, you have no idea!


    @cibetka76 ok let me tell the story then I was just a child back then and albanian civilians were getting killed left n right,women raped ,more that 1200 children under the age of 2 killed and you're here talking some propagandistic shit, pls stfu you don't know shit what we've gone through

  58. Bishopdadon UK stand tall

    Tune 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  59. Hannes Grote

    We watch this Song Video in our englisch lesson and analysed it 😂👍 nice Song

  60. Exploration L

    Wow that’s the most haunting song and video I’ve ever seen.....truly captures what that man has seen

  61. Marc HERPIN

    Je pense toujours à toi qui est revenu avec ces images atroce, toi qui n'a pas su y résister et surtout moi qui t'es laissé partir, ton départ m'a laissé comme un goût amer, le goût de la défaite...

  62. Matthias DUFAY

    Me too, the french I am It’s incredible that james did it’s couragous

  63. Poupoko

    Remembered me of what's Guy de Maupassant wrote about war in a response to an army General who said that war was a "school for life"...

  64. Corey Bond

    Kosovo 1999. James Blount. The talent to write such a song during his service adds so much more to this songs meaning.
    To spread word of knowledge from first hand experience, we as people need to open up to the words of many today.
    Dont just tap along for 3 minutes, listen to your songs meaning.
    Decipher and divulge.

  65. loop music

    Anyone here in 2019

  66. Arze

    Im a 90's Kid from KOSOVO ... I am thankful to God and all the People who stuck with us from that time till now ... Thanks a million times to all those people and their Countries. Peace!

  67. Jack Jordan

    He didn’t just sing this song he felt it watch his face

  68. Drita L

    A hero,,, great words from a great man.

  69. Drita L

    Thanks again.

  70. Suzanne Kilgannon

    People laugh at his voice but he is giving off a message everyone needs to hear

  71. Missy Moo

    This song gives me goosebumps so sad

  72. albania thugzzz

    Kosovo is albania

  73. Adrian Krasniqi

    the love that we have for you James 🌸

  74. SiMi- KS31

    Kosovo 🇽🇰

  75. Pady

    Very sad.. what is a mankind capable of..

  76. Izzy Tal van Kekem

    Many soldiers continue life as victims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLadFjWOJBc&list=PL-ArCThbhQJVdrUTdpSSYVjvRz3uikLNg&index=18

  77. tang roro

    Fuck you James Blunt for supporting Article 13, without people posting your music on YouTube or musicians making cover of your songs, *NO ONE* will remember you, so enjoy being forgotten in a few years

  78. Lelemud Palamudić

    He singing like drama queen girl ...probably he is gay


    my country has suffered alot

  80. I told my therapist about you

    Kosovo 💙💛💙💛💙💛

  81. Richard H

    Leonora from Gjilane, when i look at every moon i think of you and your brother, its been 20 years and i hope your ok and healed. You had such an impact on my life. I miss you, thank you for the rose tea. I hope to see you one day> much love

  82. Florina Ymeri

    Thank you James for this masterpice 😢 i was 6 that time 😓 thanks god now we are free 🕊

  83. Ислам Калиев

    very sad,very great composition! James Blunt created the great dedication!

  84. Kiel Kryptonite

    Still sad this dude remained a One Hit Wonder

  85. Je Ko

    Fuck Da Serbs

  86. Christopher MacMurray

    While I have been a fan of yours for a long time and have listen to this song many times i have never commented before. As a Army veteran who served in the Balkans this song and the footage in your video hits home and brings back memories. Some bad and some good. Its amazing to think in the 24 hour news world that we live in today that most people have no clue of the true devastation of the Bosnia/Kosovo wars. It simply didnt get the coverage like it would today. Its amazing to see someone else who served in country bring light to it. Thank you.

  87. ilonika werner

    James Blunt is a wonderfull sanger and a good man for the Life . Thank you!My Life is so wonderfull and so full fire ! I thank you !

  88. Veggie Lord

    He sings about war the way only a soldier can.

  89. Steve and Will's BIG adventure McCullough

    EVERYBODY!!! please buy Grammarly so they stop running ads Please!

  90. Hans Strouf

    I fought with the Serbs and I'm proud of them

    Je Ko

    Hans Strouf fuck da serps you Slavic fuck

  91. Karen XD

    Who’s still watching this in 2019 ? I am

    drag star

    Me also. Now and for ever coz I was there years after but you could still see the pain.

    Tho Nguyen

    Me too 2020

  92. ilir AL

    This video is an 2019 documentary about Kosovo war stories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WiL7axqSXY again thank you for this song i always cry when i hear it, as well as when i hear the song "Children of Kosovo"

  93. Tony Pirrotta

    Ive been listening to this song since i was very young ... my mom introduced me to it. It is to this day, one of the most beautiful and powerful songs ive ever heard. This performance has always been my favourite. It's just incredible.

    I can feel the impact it made on you through your vocal dynamics alone. It really makes you think seriously about war.

  94. Anisa Shabani

    Serbs Had treated us like shit😢
    Some of. My family died on this war

  95. Nesta Eroms

    There's no bravery #Emma is gone

  96. Amel Amel

    The century