James Blunt - Monsters Lyrics

Oh, before they turn off all the lights
I won't read you your wrongs or your rights
The time has gone

I'll tell you goodnight, close the door
Tell you I love you once more
The time has gone
So here it is

I'm not your son, you're not my father
We're just two grown men saying goodbye
No need to forgive, no need to forget
I know your mistakes and you know mine

And while you're sleeping I'll try to make you proud
So, Daddy, won't you just close your eyes?
Don't be afraid, it's my turn
To chase the monsters away

Oh, well I'll read a story to you
Only difference is this one is true
The time has gone

I folded your clothes on the chair
I hope you sleep well, don't be scared
The time has gone
So here it is

I'm not your son, you're not my father
We're just two grown men saying goodbye
No need to forgive, no need to forget
I know your mistakes and you know mine

And while you're sleeping I'll try to make you proud
So, Daddy, won't you just close your eyes?
Don't be afraid, it's my turn
To chase the monsters away

Sleep a lifetime
Yes, and breathe a last word
You can feel my hand on your own
I will be the last one
So I'll leave a light on
Let there be no darkness in your heart

But I'm not your son, you're not my father
We're just two grown men saying goodbye
No need to forgive, no need to forget
I know your mistakes and you know mine

And while you're sleeping I'll try to make you proud
So, Daddy, won't you just close your eyes?
Don't be afraid, it's my turn
To chase the monsters away

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James Blunt Monsters Comments
  1. Artur Jorge Cecilia Capitao

    Twelve years ago when I was fifteen and my older sister was nineteen our mom passed away after more than two months sick, laying on her bed. She literally passed away on our hands. We used that time together to talk many issues. The most Strong words about life my mom delivered to me on that painfull moment. She prepared us on just two months how to continue living without her. We took care on her, I used to dress her when my sister wasnt there, that was our turns to chase monsters away... She made me a man on just that two months more than previous 15 years.

    I regreat not being such good boy previsiolly, and the most important I still miss my mother.

  2. Rob De Jacque

    A great song, and so sad as it does reminds me of of dad so much, missed him so much

  3. Amy Washington

    one of my teachers said last week if we are gonna do brook green got talent before xmas and if we wanna make all the teachers cry then we should sing this song x

  4. Elżbieta Łydzińska

    Geniusz !💕♥️💔

  5. jessica humphries

    This song gave me one of those cries where you couldn't hold the tears back and you get a massive head ache afterward. Good job buddy

  6. princenist

    2020 anyone ✅👍?

  7. Sam Jeans

    Powerful song. Makes me reconnect to memories of my dad, painful but important.

  8. Vince Bayliss

    What a song. Everything comes from the heart. Big hugs for anyone going through sadness and stress, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. paramita wulandari

    This is so sad and sorrow. But I still adore you James Blunt. 😘😘👍👍✌✌👏👏👌👌


    😭Ohhhh my Gosh

  11. DeepThought

    My dad died 2 years ago and I thought I'd got over it. Then I listened to this and the tears are streaming down my face and I'm remembering all the things I wish I had told him before the end.
    Thank you James for a wonderful song.

  12. Lynsi Smith

    I lost my brother on the 23/12/19 heard this and thought of him straight away the relationship with my brother and dad isn't good. This song is amazing really touched my heart xxxx

  13. Anne Siigojeff

    i have never met my real father. i have been waiting him almost 15 years.
    if i will never know the truth about him i will be half always. i´m like a puzzle that is missing only one part.
    one part is that one word that would make me full again.
    and that one word is his name.
    my daddys name

  14. Dylan Leroux

    its so painful how underated James is and he is an amazing artist

  15. Mustafa Ibraheem

    To my dad....
    I will allways try to make you proud

  16. callum hudson

    So his dad's dying and he wants to find a donation for a liver but the only one on the list is him and they fell out for years and they started talking again

  17. Christhorpe Junction

    I was the one to tell my Dad it was ok to go to the light now. Hardest thing you will do.

  18. Simon Price

    I lost my dad three weeks ago after a long battle with illness. I held his hand until he went cold, he was my hero. This song speaks to me in volumes, we're just two grown men saying goodbye ♥️

  19. Antgamer_ YT

    My aunt died 2 years ago this song always hits me😢

  20. noble green

    I cried when I heard this song, and my dad said he wants this played at his funeral

  21. speedfreakz16

    How people choked to this one

  22. I am the one who knocks

    I'm not crying... there's something in my eye

  23. tina steve

    OMG I am BAWLING 😭😭😭 myself & my siblings lost our parents a few years apart a few years ago & WoW this really pokes the "Feels"

  24. Alessandro Manera

    Pure poetry

  25. Bruce The Dachshund

    Such a good singer especially as he dousent use auto tune

  26. Breece Pancake

    Until I heard this song it was always 'The Living Years' by Mike and the Mechanics which got me thinking about my late dad. Two great songs. One great dad.

  27. Breece Pancake

    Blunt is still Sharp.

  28. Esther Russell

    This song is beating in my soul as I'm watching my father, and my hero my best friend fading in front of me, it skips a beat in pain at the thought of him been called home above 😢

  29. Ellie K


  30. James Calderwood

    Very deep but Brilliant James. I lost dad a week before my birthday in September 2013 from smell cell lung cancer. I miss him like hell our pub crawls real bonding time. Thanks James for sharing something so personal. 🙏

  31. tgyuri2003

    close your eyes and imagine James singing this song with Rod Steward...

  32. Glyn Jones


  33. Lee Cheetham

    lost my Dad in February this song describes everything

  34. Susan Twining

    to my dad

    i will always love you to my little brother I love you too

  35. TheDanielKobale

    This song is so lovely! It’s been a year since my dad died and I miss him so very much. He was not just my father, he was my friend and work colleague as well. We were so close. I love him so much, it breaks my heart! I’m finding it hard to accept he’s no longer here even though it’s been year November just gone.

  36. Babatunde Okafor

    Nineteenth Christmas with out you dad,it’s cold out here the hearts of men colder than winter.But memories of you keep us warm.Forever loved.Rest on dad.

  37. Steven Pryce

    Heard him sing this live today on Ken Bruce's show,had to pull over,crying my eyes out 😢

    Dan Fennessey

    Also listened on Ken's show. Touched me deeply.

  38. tonygold1971

    I’m not the greatest James Blunt fan to be honest but oh hell this is an incredible track !!

  39. happyngroovynallthat

    Heard this for the first time today on Radio 2. Made me cry.



  40. Michelle Denny

    This is superb and deeply moving .Who could fail to be moved by the honesty and love in this .?

  41. johndtyas

    I’m just welling up after listening to this. Well written James and thank you.

  42. Eduardo Queiroz

    anybody else cried while listening this song?

  43. Cheri Evans

    playing this song at my dads service


    They will be always some mysterious feelings whenever listen to you James blunt!!! The most underrated artist

  45. Steve Slaughter

    This cuts deep.

    My father had strokes, dementia (in-and-out of reality) and finally aspiration pneumonia while at the hospital. Met with the doctors to discuss how we should handle his final care and agreed that with his struggling to breathe and the agony of suctioning his lungs that morphine would be the most gentle way we could let him go. A couple days later, the hospital called to say it was time. I knew his mistakes, he knew mine; we were two grown men saying goodbye. 2 decades later "Monsters" resonates within me.

  46. adrian garcia

    My dad is just fine, but listening to this song breaks me from my inside, I literally feel as if this was my actual situation, Great artist, Amazing song

  47. The King of the Interweb!

    This song hits in unimaginable ways!

  48. bodoor Amr

    James I'm in love with your songs 😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜

  49. Izzy Donn

    Love it! Love all your raw songs! Keep them coming, please 😁

  50. Katumu Rogers

    Thanks James for this long awaited album (the bestest) for me and love all the songs.

  51. John Smith

    Some gay men all over the world could listen to this and feel something a bit different from straight men who are or will be fathers. Would appreciate you, James.


    I am straight.Why discriminate?My father died two years ago.We were not close. The one who chased my monsters away was my ragged eared cat.He was there for me when nobody else could reach me. He slept in my arms at Easter this year and slipped away into the dreamless sleep.This will be my first December in 18 years without his living presence. I love him then and now.

  52. Alekasndra Suszek

    Jaka życiowa i prawdziwa jest ta piosenka 😭 ❤❤❤❤

  53. Malike Uzun

    You anormal you monster

  54. Atonic gaming

    My grandad died when I was 2 I'm 10 now and this really hurts my dad

  55. The Khan of Hangu

    My uncle died a week back. He was a leading figure for me. Miss him more than ever. I dedicate this song to him😭

  56. Pietro Raiola

    Less than 1mln views?
    How is it possible?

  57. Esther Russell

    Just found out tonight my fathers time is near to close his eyes and I've been playing this the last two weeks 😥

  58. Rodrigo S A

    The best James Blunt album ever! Can't stop hearing it! The best album of the year and 'monsters' is its best song! Please come to Brazil's capitol (Brasília) for a concert!!

  59. Raven_Wonder Vocals

    Phenomenal track, very touching. I haven't lost anyone yet but it still hits me so hard 😭

  60. Patricia Isabel Pintado López

    Me parece increíble que ésta canción no tenga ni el millón de visitas... Con lo preciosa que es...

  61. Roy Rycroft

    Just lost my father heard this song broke down sobbing my heart out i stroked my fathers arm and kissed him goodbye before i left the room he took his final breath i will never forget my hero

  62. Walker 077


  63. Rimpy Bhatia

    I heard his song today on radio & it reminded me of the time my father was dying of dementia & other illnesses. I used to put him to sleep like a child at times. God bless you James Blunt as I can relate to every emotion in yr words. I hope yr father gets better soon.

  64. Ashwas Baruah

    This song deserves a billion likes.

  65. heather quigley

    Great album ,songs are lovely

  66. Ian Williams

    Just beautiful.

  67. Leaksmy Monkey

    I miss my boyfriend so much when I listen ur song. He loves ur song. Now you are my idol because my bf. But I don’t know where is he now. So I try to comment on your video cuz I hope that he’ll see my comment one day.

  68. Mina De Luca


  69. Leon Zhang

    I have been missing my father since he passed away last Jan. I am not a good son.Hope he could be a happy man in another world.

  70. misshoopsghirl1888

    Describes dementia perfectly 😔 .... fly free mum ⚘🌸🐦

  71. Wanna Dance

    Please help Me whoever sees this get views for this video of a Woman in an UNBELIEVABLY tragic situation.
    She is agoraphobic and gets spasms in Her spine whenever experiencing stress, currently bedbound and disabled She has been through a hell of a time, She has been through one of the worst parental alienation situations, She has very bad PTSD because of having been threatened by a psychopath, and is actually at risk from this dangerous Person currently. It is truly TRAGIC.

    I could go on and on, She has had a miscarriage because of these things, She needs a doctor but the agoraphobia makes that impossible, this is not simply mild fear this is dangerous levels of stress She is experiencing. Please show love and prevent Her from ending up on the streets, She would not survive if that is what happens, please help Me, please please get this comment seen. Give a thumbs up to bring attention to this video, hopefully on the community page. it could save a life, and People can donate so She can serve this world and care for Her children

    This is Her video, I know if You can donate You should and if You cannot please share atleast and thumbs up so that the algorithm can get this video out with the motive She has to be saved


  72. Destroyer 666

    This played during the Remembrance Parade in England, not a dry eye in the square 🇬🇧

  73. Val AC

    That’s beautiful 😭😭😭😭

  74. Daily M6

    188 people who are completely lost.... how can you dislike this you're heartless

  75. Trista Ross

    This song, these lyrics. 😢
    There are other songs for functional families that are beautiful too.
    But this song; I relate to.
    My dad died April 15th. Grieving the loss of the only man I ever called dad even though he was my adoptive father and largely no good at fathering by any stretch of the imagination has been the roller coaster ride of my life.
    Thank you for this.

  76. Luccas Bernardo

    James Blunt - Cold - Live at Billboard

  77. Luccas Bernardo

    James Blunt - Monsters- Live at Billboard

  78. Domain Damount

    I dont really remember my father cause he die when I was 4. This music will bring the missing memories.
    I hate those Monster............they murdered my dad.

  79. phil hignett

    well that put a bit of dust in the air :/

  80. Jordan Wilson

    every word related

  81. Neira Smile

    Dear James, thank you for creating such a beautiful song, I just lost my Dad three months ago due to his kidney failure.
    I didn't want to say Goodbye, no need to forgive or forget, I just want to send my love to my Dad

  82. Lesia Sloan

    My teacher loves this song so dose my class this is a heart warming song...my uncle died and this song reminds me of him

    Engineer Iengineer.

    Lesia Sloan oh that’s sad am sorry about your uncle so does my dad and this song is so heartwarming

  83. Dean

    My brother had been locked up and I miss him. This song hurts. I love you James, your back to bedlam’s album and all the lost souls x

  84. kelvin james


  85. Nicola Peace

    Just beautiful xx

  86. Maid Marion

    Love.Love.Love.what a voice .and so true in every word he has written for this song .. :) :) :) :)

  87. john howe

    James blunt just keeps getting better and better. I love every album he's ever put out. This one is tops.

  88. The Squad

    This should be the song that plays as pewdiepie leaves Sven everything in his will and sacrifices himself to end suffering and give eternal peace

  89. ManualSpace 9139


  90. Triple Seven

    This geezer is a fucking genious

  91. Louise Swart

    My mom took her own life when I was 16. We had such a fight the night before.....I never had time to apologise. It's been 26 years later and the heartache is even more....

  92. Grant Petersen

    My word absolutely outstanding x

  93. Luccas Bernardo

    James Blunt - The Truth - LIVE

  94. Vicky Parker

    Omg what a song no song make me cry but this did wow