James Blunt - Make Me Better Lyrics

You made me breakfast every morning
You made me sleep all through the night
You made me worry without any warning
Let me just lie here, drown in your eyes, dear

You made me sorry but this wasn't always
You made me hungry for your body, babe
You made me run down hospital hallways
You gave me life, dear, and he's got your eyes

I waited so long
Baby, I did you wrong
Let's make up for the time we've wasted
You would wait by the phone
Every time I was gone
But all along

You are everything
I have never been
I want you to make me better
And I've been wondering
Why you let me in
I want you to make me better

You made me stop and savor the moment
You made me laugh out loud, you do
You give me memories like time is frozen
You gave me a child and he's got your smile

And I sang a song
Every night I was gone
About all the dreams I'm chasing
And I have been wrong
With the things that I've done
'Cause all along

You are everything
I have never been
I want you to make me better
And I've been wondering
Why you let me in
I want you to make me better

Although that I've never read your mind
I figured it out on my own
I am so glad that I've caught you in time
Before I am left all alone, alone

You are everything
I have never been
I want you to make me better
So please, my darling
Take this wedding ring
I want you to make me better
And I've been wondering
Why you ever let me in
I want you to make me better
I want you to make me better
I want you to make me better

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James Blunt Make Me Better Comments
  1. Luciana de Souza Souza

    Linda de mais

  2. Luccas Bernardo

    James Blunt - The Truth - LIVE

  3. Donna

    ❤ call me a doctor

  4. Justyna Emilly Meus

    So nice song... Oh how romantic.

  5. Karen Oconnor

    James blunt is my hero he is a gentleman and I love him so much, Karen from Ireland xxxx

  6. Justyna Emilly Meus

    😢Ow... I miss you So much... And I still love you..why does love hurts?

  7. Sophie Huchet

    Merci !!!❤

  8. Lucimar Pádua

    Love you James Blunt<3

  9. Justyna Emilly Meus

    Oo my... This is awsome 😍what a pitty that its is only a song I want you back my Sweet Dear 💕

  10. Moran Shima

    Wa thinking..this is so ED...now I know why:)

  11. Fabienne Menart

    J’adore .....

  12. Kat Jones

    A beautiful collaboration with two amazing artists...James and Ed💕

  13. Luccas Bernardo

    James Blunt - Cold Live BBC

  14. É Ō

    Everything Ed writes sounds exactly the same. It’s all the most predictable garbage and the fact that you allowed yourself to be drenched in his shit just makes you desperate for any fame you can get. This literally sounds like Ed. So by “co-wrote” you mean “wrote for me”

    Yasmine sma

    To be honest, i too, don't like his newest songs. They all sound unspecific to me while before he used to have this special thing about him. This song too wasn't the best but i'd prefer him to do better and not just do more like i feel is doing right now.

  15. Connie's Taylor

    Just not a guy unnamed another . Named Tristin James

  16. Connie's Taylor

    Pic makes me feel safe

  17. Penny Kershaw

    This song touched my heart ❤😪

  18. Raman Preet

    I love you!!❤️💕❤️💞🌈✨

  19. claudia lucia carvajal luquerna

    ❤️ you are every ...i want you to make me better

  20. Biak Singson

    Ka star thar riau che😆

  21. Jade Cook

    Beautiful and emotive, I can fully relate to the lyrics right now

  22. Chris van Jaarsveld

    I love James Blunt and Ed Sheeran but this song is not one of my favorites. Not going to add it to my Playlist.

  23. Pounds247 Media

    This is awesome😍😘😘❤💖💕💓💝💞💑

  24. Lisa Fowler

    So shit.. his not done it for ages his shit now

  25. Bo Granath

    Ok. Contact. Fine. Send me more

  26. Catherine Byrne

    Beautifully song

  27. Chris G

    Thisssss. IS. everything!!! ❤💖💗💓

  28. wendy javier

    I see James Blunt and Ed Sheeran on the title, I click it and like it

  29. Angie C

    We might come a long way since You're Beautiful, but it's always back to love <3

  30. LyS K MUsIC

    The only artist singing true romantic Love...

  31. Vladimír Petija

    You can tell that Ed Sheeran wrote this and sold it to James Blunt :D

  32. Dak Dak

    Awww... it really touches my heart.. and I am so moved that I felt like I wanted to wait for the one who truly make me better.. I’ve almost given up

  33. พรภานา มะโนคํา


  34. Joel D Costa

    I'll definitely sing this song at the wedding to my girl <3

  35. Kanya

    Now we need Ed's version.

  36. Dark Angel

    This song are so underrated.. it deserved more view

  37. Machael Allen

    I was fortunate to see Ed Sheeran on his Divide tour. These two Brits have my whole ❤. They both have all the passion when they sing and write. Love both of them. I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic.😥 But two of the best and my two favorites ❤.

  38. krystle marshe

    Amazing love his voice bout time he came backkkkk

  39. Laura K

    The melody Sounds so mutch like passengers- words 🧐

  40. Maxi

    sad that his voice doesn't work without autotune anymore

  41. Fᴀɴɴʏ's Cᴀʙʟᴇs

    Am I dreaming?
    This is Ed Sheeran and James Blunt making song together? 😱😍
    Both of my favorite acoustic singer in the same song! *JUST WOW!* 💕💞

    Sivar van der Vegt

    This song is like 2 years old..

    Fᴀɴɴʏ's Cᴀʙʟᴇs

    I just heard this song and I have no idea that this song existed 😅

    Simon Lyngbo

    Ain´t listening a lot to new music are ya?

  42. Julia Beglova

    Как всегда красиво!

  43. Bagira wright

    Perfect ❤️

  44. Clarina Mascarenhas

    How romantic would it be if someone proposed by playing this song on the guitar

  45. Leslie Young


  46. Michel Ris

    WOW.....purely beautiful Thank you/Merci/Hvala Miodrag/Michel Serbian/France ;)👍🙏☀️❤very good.

  47. Rage rex


  48. J D

    You guys realize this is like a 2 year old song, right?

    dihe maverick

    Not really

  49. jodie odonnell

    You know when you see hour long versions of certain songs and wonder WHY?
    Well I could listen to this all night!

  50. Akosimalakas

    I wanted to fall inlove again. My heart. 😭

  51. ravencassidy

    Love James Blunt

  52. ThaLumbaJack

    Listening to this is going to mess around and make me get married.

  53. Josh Bieler

    Top pageant prize to swine... nothing as beautiful as a heart ♥️, Terrible peace pacified by sympathy... I want you to make me better... like a glow worm meaningful... like its cocoon strong... like life... beautiful...

  54. sara ab

    i heard ed with in seconds of the song, beautiful <3

  55. just a feeling

    You are the only exception, you are the only exception

  56. tony amadi

    Thanks James Blunt, what a great song. Just looking at my love makes me wanna do better always . I want her always

  57. Made in Michigan 67



    please subscribe to my channel

  59. Yvonne Adcock

    Oh James. Magnifique. You never disappoint. Beautiful. Another number one hit for sure!!!

  60. Noro Ralijaona


  61. LadyAnne

    Wow. This beautiful love song! 💞💞💜.. I love the lyrics. You were always better....you didn't see it. I just showed you.....💖💞💗😘


    Love from South Africa

  63. Noureddine Brahmia

    Always, you make me better, great james

  64. Mary0112

    Wonderful song 💕

  65. Barbara Hand

    Emeka and Betty. Always

  66. ForeZt Music

    Great song... Damn I cant stop replying that

  67. Zubeda Njeri

    I love this

  68. Bob Fox


  69. S in the Star


  70. Godly Love

    How am I just hearing about this song just now. Wow ❤️

  71. donna br0wn

    This man’s style is one all alone.He puts that music out to touch each heart 💜 that is listening to his music.A voice that reaches deep SOUL to SOUL.😇


    Did you get the same experience with the song lyrics?

    donna br0wn

    Yes☺️🦋He is singing so sweetly about LOVE and what he loves about his personal sweetness.🌹❤️


    @donna br0wn How i wish everyone could be like that. :)

  72. musixpression

    Sure James, I make my girl also sorry, and better, she and i have real love.

  73. lella mimi

    Jaime ❤

  74. Nejc

    this made me want to write my own love song to my crush :X

  75. Susan Merriman

    Wow what he’s a song to have written for you, beautiful 👏🏻👏🏻💖👏🏻❤️👏🏻💖

  76. Karlea Barnes


  77. Maninha Flora

    Beautiful ❤❤

  78. consolata wangui

    Woooow! This is absolutely everything.

  79. Puza Rizal

    Gosh this song made me to fall in love again. Being in love and being loved is a beautiful feeling 🥰😍

  80. Dee C

    The collab we never knew we needed 🖤 my sheerio heart is happy 🖤


    i bet you been fan girling. Girl

  81. Zribi Rahma

    Finally ❤️

  82. Sam liam

    Such amazing and beautiful song hi y’all I’m Sam from Algeria


    hi to you Sam from Algeria

    Sam liam

    Nelliug hi so glad to meet you ur welcome to visiting me in Algeria if you like


    Someday I will Sam.

    Sam liam

    Nelliug alright let’s hope so and you’re always welcome to Algeria

  83. Александра Шохина

    Такои клип паносныи .😥😥

  84. mimo1455

    gejammere und gejaule, schrecklich!

  85. Derrick Sheets

    well, thanks for making me cry like a bitch.

  86. Roswitha Rossi

    Wow, wunder-, wunderschöööön!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. geresom felix

    Molly moons if only you were here ,I would be better, celebrating this song with u

  88. Rinny Kim

    You made me cry 😢 09-2019

    jodie odonnell

    Me too. How beautiful is this? Xx

  89. Honey Lindsay

    Thank you Ed Sheeran for existing. James Blunt, you are special too. Let's all cherish this moment in time when we have these 2 guys making music. So so beautiful.........🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Sivar van der Vegt

    This song is like 2 years old...

  90. Sweet Tea

    Powerful song

  91. anima malvagia

    Very touchful..maybe one will gonna have someone to dedicate it..

  92. Emanuel Lallawmkima

    'Co written with Ed Sheeran ' brings me here... Anyone elsee ????

  93. Raagam Taalam Pallavi Natyam


  94. Peter Arce

    Ed Sheeran making the good music never die 😎👍🏼 Amazing like always james blunt

  95. Abhisek Ray

    I'm commenting it on the very first day of release. I wanna show this as a proof to my future child. Hit like!

  96. Min Thu Wai

    nice song

  97. Coral Reef Sounds

    "Make Me Better" by James Blunt. Buy this on iTunes to support him.
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    Connie's Taylor

    I still waiting

    Connie's Taylor

    I'm going to go dancing to White House and try and figure my life out

    Connie's Taylor


    Pat Ehrenfeld

    This song has so much meaning that it almost cannot be expressed in words. It tells of the place where true love begins. Running down a hospital hallway to touch a cradle by a bedside and look into the eyes of a newborn that you were priveleged to give birth to and forever call it your own. It is something to be treasured past the cradle, past the schoolyard, past the alumni, and carry with you into the beyond. That is how precious life is. So let us lay down our guns and begin homage at the cradle. Thank you James Blunt and Ed Sheeran for giving voice, melody and soul to something beyond ordinary men💗