James Blunt - Cry Lyrics

I have seen peace. I have seen pain
Resting on the shoulders of your name
Do you see the truth through all their lies?
Do you see the world through troubled eyes?
And if you want to talk about it anymore
Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder
I'm a friend

I have seen birth. I have seen death
Lived to see a lover's final breath
Do you see my guilt? Should I feel fright?
Is the fire of hesitation burning bright?
And if you want to talk about it once again
On you I depend. I'll cry on your shoulder
You're a friend

You and I have lived through many things
I'll hold on to your heart
I wouldn't cry for anything
But don't go tearing your life apart

I have seen fear. I have seen faith
Seen the look of anger on your face
And if you want to talk about what will be
Come and sit with me, and cry on my shoulder
I'm a friend
And if you want to talk about it anymore
Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder
Once again
Cry on my shoulder
I'm a friend

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James Blunt Cry Comments
  1. ROUGEMONT jean-luc

    the very best j'adore james blunt ....

  2. j b


  3. Diego Penna

    2019 - STILL HERE!

  4. Amanda Coleman

    Good music medicates a sad sole n a broken heart

  5. Wajdi Mannai

    oh this song so good 🧡💛

  6. marielos c. gladden

    RIP my husband and my beautiful daughter.Claude and Noeli Gladden LOVE ❤️ ❤️🇺🇸🇨🇷

  7. Eileen Kehoe

    Absolutely no crying here, DONE.

  8. Christiane Nane

    "Cry"mes émotions se troublent...ouf!!!

  9. burnsidethe2nd __Robert Odams

    Never get over a partners suicide but this mr Blunt helps a little xx

  10. anthrópina cheria


  11. Okram Navrep

    Power of song 2019❤

  12. Haseeb Khan

    Until we meet again..

  13. Yajaira Ho

    Canciones hermosas

  14. Tryphine Ndlovu

    I lost my aunt today ...this is the song i thought of ....i regret not keeping in touch in a while

  15. Leudinha Freitas

    Algéum em
    2019 ouvindo

  16. nelike lara

    Linda, linda e viver.

  17. Conner Etchells

    When you lose your best friend 😪😪😪

  18. Franck Mwaduma

    welcome TANZANIA

  19. nhlanhla mkulisi


  20. Martinho Guilherme

    that song will last forever...

  21. Solange Martins


  22. Aparecida Castro

    Linda. Dá vontade de amar. .amar. e amar.

  23. Davids Nkhoma

    I like the way he sings, very nice very touching song.

  24. Umberto Alezia

    Bellissima canzone

  25. Deborah Dills

    My mom and I fought all throughout my young life, ran away, married and didn't speak to her until I found out she had developed Alzheimer's. Breaks my heart we weren't friends, she never met her grandkids either- and I recently found out I had been adopted and not told. I cannot stop crying now and wish she was here with me now, as friends.

  26. edward william

    james , ur music is soul healing, haters gonna hate , who cares ,,,

  27. Zezão Ribeiro linda música

    Muito bom ouvir essas músicas

  28. sandra alves


  29. Junior Batista

    Amo jemes blunt

  30. rachelle russell

    I love this

  31. JFK5* Kennedy

    Rip my lady hopefully a better place now

  32. Gloria Smith

    I love your music. This made me cry. I lost my son to suicide and sometimes I just need to cry on someone’s shoulder. Don’t stop making this beautiful music.

    James Wilson

    Gloria - I'm so sorry. You didn't lose him forever - he's still there - just in a different place.

    marielos c. gladden

    Gloria Smith I lost my daughter too 🌹❤️made me cry 😢

  33. Maria Barreiras

    Is amazing song..

  34. W R

    I think it stems from his time in the service, what's he done and seen and he's telling his story thru his song. Whatever the reason I love the music.

  35. Elizabeth Joslin

    Beautiful and a best friend can be the start of something greater. Take that chance and see.

  36. Monica Lotti

    Who woulden't  want a friend like that on the song ? :)

  37. Marie Larroque


  38. W R

    Beautiful message

  39. Elite Tec

    Tem fósforo?

  40. Gabriela Rodriguez

    Conoci la musica de James Blunt gracias a mi dentista ,que la ponia en su consultorio...de ahi lo amo y me parecen maravillosas.

  41. Raul Menezes

    tem alg do brasiz

  42. Josephine Warren

    Hey James ..when will you do a concert in Charlotte NC???

  43. Josephine Warren

    Love this artist to the moon and back.

  44. BOSSMAN JT Styles


    Marian Van IJzendoorn

    BOSSMAN JT Styles /geen commentaar alleen maar een sorry dat ik dit woord gebruik [geile] bek, zie foto, kun je nergens anders aan denken, de meeste van ons huilen, en jij kunt alleen maar aan SEX denken bezoek dan een pornosite zou ik zeggen, want je hoort hier niet thuis. Marian

  45. MG !!#

    Gänsehaut pur...😍 I Love you and your Songs James blunt!💗❤️💙❤️😍

  46. harris aulia nisa

    2018 ????

  47. Jerome Salinger

    its the song of my childhood 😓 i will cry now!!!

  48. Brianna Cocuzzo

    The things War does to us. Can we all just love each other the way this man loves. #makepeace

    Marian Van IJzendoorn


  49. walid Unknown

    this song taking me to an other world with a lot of nice filings

  50. makey ray

    Don't hold it on Inside i cry too

  51. Fa Shiroma

    Uau demais eu amooo

  52. Yaya Rougeo Coulibaly

    You are the best

  53. Ranjan Gajmair

    I miss her every moment of my life after she is gone. 😓😓 i just i could hold her just for a last time😟😟

    Vale P' Figueroa

    Ranjan Gajmair 😐

  54. Iris Nguyen

    I have seen peace ,I have seen pain.

  55. Rigaud Joseph

    magical voice. James Haiti loves you

  56. alissa161

    oh memories memories memories..


    alissa161 same here

  57. Travis Gameplay

    Hey guys

  58. Christine Kauffman

    good song

  59. Katarzyna Andrzejewska

    najlepszy wokalista śpiewa całym sobą

  60. The strongest

    keep on like that

  61. Lejenka Marchenko

    The best!

  62. Vusay Kimsesiz

    Efsane efsane...

  63. Hαииøνeя

    Very good, a of best's singers

  64. Xx YoungDark

    quem esta ouvindo essa musica em 2017 de um like

    Maria Izabel

    Gabriel Alves 2018

  65. Sam Mensous

    It reminds me all the sad happyness I spent with privileged people

  66. Chi' Gregg

    Beautiful Song

  67. Barb Welter

    I just adore you & your music. It holds a very special place in my heart. I lost my partner to prostate cancer 10 years ago. Yet your songs "cry" & 'Tears & Rain' & '

    Barb Welter

    Good Bye My lover' have been forever I printed in my brain

    Barb Welter

    Good Bye My Lover' he had a long struggling death.....thank you for your music

  68. Bob Fox

    "Sit With Me Cry On My Shoulder...I'm More then Just a Friend".....Love is what the World is Really All About......Fox

  69. Ruben Leon

    Esa cancion m encanta

  70. Vera Cavalcante

    linda música

  71. Tiia lähed lähde


  72. Brian Baptist

    yes i do

  73. Vivi Saryanti

    aku tak pernah berharap tuhan membalas apa yang kau lakukan pada ku akan kau rasakan juga
    tapi aku hanya berdoa tuhan hapus lah rasa indah ini perlahan lahan...
    biar ku nikmati sakit ini secara perlahan juga😢

  74. Neusa Sousa


  75. Jessica Reilly

    Amazing! The musicality and how he hits each note. Just, amazing! :)

  76. bianca reitter

    I love James Blunt, I think he is a very good singer , and I love most of his lyrics.

  77. Nana Sarah Araujo

    I remember some time apart ..

  78. Seddiki Hichem

    your beutiful


    Brazil i love! ♥

  80. henrik.45 Brasil.

    umas das melhores.

  81. Aimee Taylor

    I haven't listened to James blunt in a few years because my mum loved his music an listened to it alot when I was living with her an she passed away nearly 2yrs ago an I still haven't come to terms wiv it an accepted she's gone. an wen I listen to music she liked it brings bk memories of her an then reality sinks in agen. miss u mum love you R.I.P


    Sorry too.

    Karen Fraser

    @Wilkson Vitor How very well put and how very true. Your words have lifted my soul. I lost my 39 yr old son Dec 2016 from an accidental drug overdose (he had been clean for 8 years) and relapsed and died on one hit. He was my rock and I felt so much painful sadness, and still do, but also happiness that he he is no longer suffering. My husband of 40 yrs was diagnosed with cancer just 2 months before my son died. We make the best of our lives on a daily basis and have no fear of death. We all die and we all meet again. Each day of my life (I am 62) is another day closer to seeing my son and mum again..

    Wilkson Vitor

    @Karen Fraser Believe they are better than us in a place where their sorrow become understanding and knowledge and the life cant be just the atoms.... lift up your head and think you have a mission on earth yet.... I hope God comfort you and clean all hard pain of your heart

    Karen Fraser

    @Wilkson Vitor Thank you for your touch of kindness and understanding .... you are a good person with great spirituality. Love and Light to you

    Karen Fraser

    @Wilkson Vitor I played Enigma "Amen" at his funeral. It is an amazing track.

  82. Richardst91


  83. E Ful

    Płakać?... po co , fajnie śpiewasz James .. ..

  84. Yennyfer Perozo

    Love this song!!! <3

  85. Evandro Lima Nascimento

    Concerteza muito mais que uma música,me faz sentir em outro mundo eu amo músicas dele

  86. Sayah Tarek

    Thank you "Las Vegas" :)

    Coretta OSSEBI

    Saison 4 episode 5!!!!!!

  87. Tye Ellis

    This make me cry 😭😭💗

  88. Margaret Slade

    Great artist

  89. aydın özen

    the arrivals part 33

  90. ewa filipiak

    james blunt jesteś cudowny

  91. ewa filipiak

    james blunt jesteś cudowny

  92. Robert Alves