James Blunt - Always Hate Me Lyrics

Oh God it hurt, the moment that I saw you
With someone else, the one that you belonged to
I never thought I'd drown in my shallow heart
I'd like to say the things I never used to
But come today they won't ever be useful
I never learnt to use my shallow heart

I I I, I never meant to hurt you
It's just something I do
I guess it's not a good excuse

And she will always hate me, no matter what I say
And there is no mistaking, the love is gone
Yeah she will always hate me, she said "you've lost me, baby"
No matter what I say, the love is gone.

Looking back I guess I'm holding on to
The good we had but I know that it's wrong too
'Cause in the end she's never gonna hold my heart
And now she knows, she doesn't wanna know me
I'm not supposed to be the one who's lonely
I never thought that she could have a cold cold heart

I I I, I never meant to hurt you
It's just something I do
I guess it's not a good excuse

And she will always hate me, no matter what I say
And there is no mistaking, the love is gone
Yeah she will always hate me, she said "you've lost me, baby"
No matter what I say, the love is gone

I I I, I never meant to hurt you
It's just something I do
I guess it's not a good excuse

And she will always hate me, no matter what I say
And there is no mistaking, the love is gone
Yeah she will always hate me, she said "you've lost me, baby"
No matter what I say, the love is gone

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James Blunt Always Hate Me Comments
  1. Morticia's Daughter

    2013??? Damn. I thought this was a new song. I was like "James Blunt is making a comeback. That's awesome!"

  2. raen knight

    bro. i just- cant relate. but this hits hard like a rock.

    edit: we need to realize celebrities dont have PERFECT lives. lots of their sad songs are based off of real events. your calling them dramatic, but what if these things happened to you? wouldnt be fun. people need to stop thinking of their selves and finally notice people have it bad too. you're not the only one having a nervous breakdown over a test, a breakup or a death. everybody has it bad in one way or another. even celebrities who are rich and seem to have a perfect life. SOMETHING IS GOING ON THEY CANT HANDLE. and people hating on them doesnt help it. just because your not a huge fan you dont have to bring people down for liking justin bieber or something. it needs to be addressed.

  3. Marie Jose Afif

    When I first listened to this song I thought this was Adam Levin

  4. R3D X

    Try listening at it at 0.75 speed, it's even sadder...

    Raj Khan

    You are right😢

  5. abe sudargo

    Relatable..... 😭

  6. Charlotte

    it's weird that it reminds me of.......

    Draco and Hermione...


    Raj Khan

    Me too😢

  7. Zzozosanniz Touhami


  8. Feeling Good

    My brain : its just a song don't cry
    my tears : ur not the boss of me

  9. Feeling Good

    i never did hurt anyone but u feel like im the one who is hurt .

  10. Yellow Devil

    Love ya James Blunt🤘

  11. nik bro

    me also what a great song first time i heard it tonight

  12. Lil Cute

    “Only know you love her when you let her go” is the second part for this song

  13. Leisa Montgomery

    Love your songs year 2020 god bless you James

  14. Tilly The Creepy Girl

    2020 I love this

  15. Gloria Regali

    Hm, it's quite interesting to be the side who is "she will always hate me".

  16. A Blue Tulip

    wow what a beautiful song that it's sad , i discovered this song in 2020 XD

  17. Lady Aggie

    "She will always hate me, no matter what i say"- this perfectly describes my relationship witch geography teacher.

    Deanna Hayward

    😂😂 ) unless to you its not funny then I'm sorry

  18. Abbie Payne

    I have listened to this song about 20 times this week
    Help me!😍

  19. Chaelys M. Brito Acevedo

    Who else low key listening to this 2020

  20. Jeff Idell

    I love his voice and song

  21. {insert creative name}

    Am I the only one who knows what a song is about but kinda interprets in a way that I can relate to. I of course still respect the meaning of the song but I make a double meaning for me to understand.

    For instance, in this song ik the meaning of it but I change it to suit my situation with my ex-best friend. We got into a fight and I listen to this song when I think about him. I miss him and hope he is happier without me being toxic. I hope one day we can make up but for now I leave him be. Sorry for my sob story but I needed to rant. Again sorry

  22. A cookie

    I only just discovered this song in 2020
    Like wow 😶

    Playful Visionary

    Same dude, same


    at least you discovered it

    Anandhi Rajasankar

    Yep we're on the same line ... Too late tho ...

  23. PunkSkater Pizza

    Anyone here because of Octavia and Clarke?

  24. Jalyn Jackson

    Am I the only one here when it’s about to be 2020 😭😂🤣


    This song brings back painful memories...

  26. alexandra

    I feel conflicted because I really love the melody, his voice, but I truly disagree with the lyrics

    Emilia Petersen

    Same here

  27. Michelle Muro

    kind of sad how i relate to this song..

  28. Αντζελα Ζιλι

    This reminds me of hardin scott 4rth book chapter 30 🥺

  29. Sabrina Pires

    Muito boa a música mano tô apaixonada por elaaa

  30. Dakota Quinn

    If i am ever in a relationship and it doesn't work out i hope it is both our doing not just his or mine

    but i will be alone forever so i wont have to worry

  31. claira fronczak

    When it says "she will always hate me " it hits hard

  32. Tanu Gupta

    No matter what I say the love is gone that line damn strikes me hard

  33. Chitwan Bhola

    I feel like this song was made for me...

  34. Grey Bryant

    That moment in life when your going through something and you randomly find a song describing it perfectly

  35. Ellen Tani

    If peoples angry why always sa-ing bad words
    Answer -just because kind people are not doing bad thing so simple.

  36. Tanis Mirza

    Well, the lyrics are damn good., But why am
    I thinking, " he will always hate me. No matter what I say" yupp.

  37. elysian

    This song teaches you a life lesson. I finally understand, people who are with you through thick and thin will never come back if you lose them.

    I personally experienced something like this, I was naive. I had three best friends, we’ve been together for 9 years, through thick and thin, and I nearly betrayed them because someone tricked me. They got super mad and sad, I was tearing up, now crying. I apologized a few weeks later because I’m a coward. It took a lot of effort. I managed to become friends with them again. However from the beginning of our friendship, I’ve been feeling left out, they would just ignore me. I then hung out with some other friends for a day, which they then blamed me for betraying them. They then kicked me out of the group.

    A few weeks later, we were just normal friends, I’m close to them again, but they treat me like trash. I’ve now learned my lesson, appreciate people before they’re gone. I’ve never gotten a chance to tell them “*I love you guys, thank you for helping me and sorry I was a disappointment.*”

    Thank you for reading my story about losing friends.

  38. Skylar K

    I don’t know why but this song reminds me so much of Snape and Lily.

    Emi :3

    OMG yes 😭


    Skylar K I ship jily but i agree

  39. it's me

    "never meant to hurt you, its just something what i do" so me right now...

  40. Empire Saara

    No matter what i say😢

  41. Kassandra Sabean

    Cop out and you know it.

  42. Ellen Tani

    Love is gone

  43. Jade'sReproach Hollket.

    I really am sorry, you know who you are.

  44. Leaksmy Monkey

    I really miss my boyfriend when I listen to James Blunt’s song cuz my boyfriend loves his voice so much. I know James Blunt and James Blunt is becoming my idol because of my boyfriend . Anyway I don’t know where my boyfriend is 😔. That’s why I try to comment on James Blunt’s video, just hope he will see my comment one day. I love you so much, R.


    Baek kyung eun dan oh 😭😭

  46. Lotta Rajala

    I saw this song in someone's my story and came to listen it. I forgot this song and I love it again

  47. Billy Hargrove Deserved So Much Better

    Gives me Brenden Brady vibes.

  48. Rovin Dhanraj

    At least the Youtube recommendations are working great today 👌👌

  49. Maria Toma

    Zayn Malik undercover while he was in 1D

  50. vizveebee

    If October 2013 is the actual date of recording this song, I'm feeling better knowing that he was near to the time he proposed to his wife

  51. SkeletonQueen189

    this reminds me of Rumplestiltskin's and belles relationship a little

    Billy Hargrove Deserved So Much Better

    Good one! Agreed!

  52. Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong

    extraordinary you, baek Kyung 😭😭

  53. Hailey Yang

    People say when you are fat you need to lose weight
    People also say when you are skinny you need to gain weight
    In the end you are not perfect and you never will
    Just accept it, accept yourself

  54. Heaven & Earth

    "You are forgiven" God bless u my child...

  55. manuel alvarez

    I just discovered this song and I'm falling in love with. James is always surprising me. I'm a fan of him and he's one of my favorite singers ever. I love u. Thx for ur music and all what u do James. Listening to ur songs makes me feel alive.

  56. taleta nasi



  57. taleta nasi

    Mari kita ulas lagi kronologisnya ..kmrn jam 2 siang aku liat ana.
    Td jam 3 sore jelang ashar aku liat ana,
    Artinya keributan ini disebabkan tuan agung dendi sep. Bukan saya. Jadi bbrp tahun kedepan bila di ulas. Alasan keributan jelas,

    Jangan sampe lupa lagi

  58. taleta nasi

    Krn gw sayang ama manteman lu gw. Mau komunikasi. Sebagian manteman mu orang alim soalnya

  59. taleta nasi

    Bener kan?? Ada ana ? Kontak lu,,

  60. Demetria G

    But I would never hate him

  61. Rasool Hasan

    Nice song

  62. S o y F r e a k

    My mom will always hate me.

  63. Leo

    In so so so sorry!😭

  64. Thanh Kuro

    Everytime i listen to this song it hurt so bad

  65. J. Cerase

    Hate to hate but 2011 /23/11 was all hate she could express

  66. yvythegreat

    One day he will come back to me, no doubt about it. But then, it will already be too late. Too late for sorry, too late for love. How I wish... he would love me now...

  67. Dragon_Frost

    Who’s here from Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir? I think it was Ari’s AMV

  68. astrology khan

    frst unake me fool about general 2nd u break my heart 3rd i m not ur wife.4th wht do u want.5th who r u ?THESE R MY UNIVERSAL QTS

  69. Francisca Mititelu

    I will always hate him ! 😥

  70. Natalie P

    Your voice good in this base music

  71. hidden vampire

    I understand the lyrics 😔 especially the always hated me 😢

  72. Just a human

    „She will always hate me, no matter what i say“
    That hit me hard

  73. hyunami choi

    the fact that, it struck to me that this song makes me realize the "relation" i have with my crush. He loves someone else and i'm not moving on from him in about.... 2 years and 6 months.

  74. Mia De Los Angeles

    ¡I never meant to hurt you!

  75. Priscila Alcontin

    its amazing when you'll fall in love...its the very wonderful feeling i've ever felt!

  76. Jose Cervera

    I never meant to hurt you💔💓😢

  77. Amelia Bucior

    I love this song

  78. sab rine

    This song is directly to narcisstes.... Who agree ?

  79. Sandra Rudey

    Love your voice and music...

  80. kylie king

    Idk what hurts worse... This song or the fact that the words arent directly in the middle..

  81. The Big Fat 5

    2019 anyone ??

  82. Deelilah Urdiales

    Aww I love this song

  83. hion gamer

    Pretty sad, the woman that I used to love now hate's me. I didn't cheat on her, And never said something about his "Friends" that only wanted to kiss her. I only wanted to stop her drinking all the time. Literally all the time...

  84. J P

    James blunt has a really special and beautiful the voice ❤❤❤

  85. vain 788

    You made me cold. . .

  86. vain 788

    Everyone does when they are straight. So I don't care anymore.

  87. AssiPalmTV

    She will always hate me no matter what I said... that’s true... I lie to her... but I loved her so much... A I love you... till I die...

  88. Krissy Jackson

    Your correct! You knew better! An yes you had every intent to hurt me for your benefits! You are a poor pathetic excuse of a shallow monster! Maybe you should hold one ounce of recalling, remembering, and understanding higher then your dollar amount!

  89. R32 Gaming

    I found this in 2019.
    And it relates to me.
    I love this this song.

  90. Augustine Lorna


  91. Sky Line


  92. Moon Eclipse

    In love with this song

  93. Dnchcnrbc Fhxucbfb

    I hope NO ONE relates to this song.

  94. Janet Hoong

    I’m feeling better now

  95. redclazz 26

    For some reason this song always makes me cry

  96. Karim Berranen


  97. Sima Zoe

    2019 and I needed it so bad