James Blake - My Willing Heart Lyrics

The first time your name was used
It was beauty and I knew
Sat in a violet room with some people I saw through
Gathered 'round the television's fire
Watching for the people I admired
Outside my world, we're frozen in the mouth
I couldn't let them out

When I see my willing heart
How will I know?
How will I walk slow?
How will I know?
How will I walk slow?

It's a strange spell that we lust for
Every now and then
Every now and then
Every now and then
Every now and then

When I see my willing heart
How will I know?
How will I walk slow?

It's a strange spell that we watch for
And one I swear I never saw
Every now and then
Every now and then
Every now and then

You're still on my screen
Every now and then
You're still on my screen
Every now and then
There's a glare from the sun looking safe on you
Every now and then

When I see my willing heart
How will I know?
How will I walk slow?
How will I know?
How will I walk slow?

It's a strange spell that we watch for
Every now and then
You're still on my screen
Every now and then
They must have heard my scream
Every now and then
There's a glare from the sun looking safe on you
Every now and then

When I see my willing heart
How will I know?
How will I walk slow?

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James Blake My Willing Heart Comments
  1. Vagabond Akira

    Every now and then

  2. Mikeos

    Here on Marc Rebillet’s recommendation. Wow.

  3. April Stine

    This man is an angel, I just know it.

  4. Mark Mendoza

    Marc Rebillet brought me here.

  5. Joel Cullers

    This song simultaneously broke my heart then healed it… A little late to the party but thank you so much for the song James Blake🤘🏻🤟🏻

  6. Cascade Sequence

    This tune exists in an unfamiliar space. Quite unsettling, in a nice way

  7. jordane tumarinson composer

    ilsten often , very good music !

  8. Shawne Lee

    Deep within me his sadness overwhelms a certain yearnings of love that ended without a closure

  9. David Bell

    Every now and then......

  10. Tiffani Monroe

    Makes me think about how deeply in love with my Bestfriend/Significant Other . 💕💚. I love you Brandon Leroy Harris .

  11. thetacooooos

    idk how i got here but thank you computer jesus

  12. Samuel Weiss

    At 30+ yrs of age, this song is the first to appear in a dream of mine.

  13. Naledi K

    I wish i could befriend all of you in the comment section

  14. Luis Angel May

    James Blake: a great genius.

  15. Ramona Charles

    My boss just left for lunch. Me: turns up James Blake- My Willing Heart, lays on my office floor, sings so loud, and enjoys this moment. ….I just... lived.

  16. Kris C

    Listen to Frank Ocean paradise not sure if it is his song but it's the title of it


    How can He make sadness so Blissful ?!

  18. Garblah Nimley

    *Song plays
    All I here

  19. Elle Deeyen

    Even when I don't wanna listen to this, I do anyway. We are addicted cuz Frank Ocean wrote on this. 😤😤😤😩😍😍😍🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 #issaspell

  20. Ty Morton

    James Blake is the start of a new race

  21. SANA Smirnoff

    ...............pure Magic........................ <3.....................

  22. Gold Smith

    written by frank ocean

  23. NoToTheYayo

    This guy's bringing trip-hop back in the most unusual and beautiful way, from garage bangers to this... So diverse.

  24. Jú Barbosa

    what did I do to deserve this

  25. Nicolle Withtwoels

    so...this image is moving right?

  26. 077 Di

    He is very depressing sad because the song is so great

  27. Noga Nabaty

    I'm here because Frank Ocean.hope to hear his original virsion someday

  28. CL Young

    Another reason why AMERICAN radio sucks, that this isn't in CONSTANT rotation.. Crazy!!!

  29. dyor

    진짜 개좋다🎶🤤👍🏼

  30. A.W.


  31. Sean The Bastard

    This man's music makes me desire to have sex quietly, with guppies...

  32. Leenonu Shimhopileni

    what is this? it's majestic...its a soul

  33. Ilona Senti

    ...so beautiful...

  34. Marc Hill

    This is deeper than a pool of water

    Veniz 1OO

    Marc Hill I guess like an ocean or even deeper

  35. Jordan Lindsey

    This entire album is getting me through a tough heartbreak. God bless you James Blake.


    It did the same for me. It's gets better girl.

    Telemikia L Jackson-Jones

    Jordan Lindsey I second that! Amazing how much I somehow apply this to my healing process without even knowing I am or even how. Maybe the money I pay my therapist should go to him!! 😊

  36. ProducedByFieri

    this guy...

  37. vicky r

    i cant hear james all the fucking day omeg i love him .

  38. Shug Avery

    I'm obsessed with this song.


    Shug Avery and I'm obsessed with you

    Shug Avery

    +AwesomeBeatBoy ... I don't know how to respond to that, so, thank you..


    Shug Avery lol ty will suffice

  39. OtakuDORA

    its like this perfectly captures rainy day melancholy

  40. Tyra Williams

    this is the best song ive ever heard in my entire life


    The acoustic version of latch by sam smith is amazing as well, beautfiul singers

  41. Cassie M

    His music is like a spiritual experience. If I could sing with him even for a minute of all my time alive I would want nothing more of this world.

  42. gnarmarv2

    I literally just cried. God-bless this man.

    Jordan Lindsey

    same tbh

    SSK Music Beats

    Yo this made me real cry, and i'm not even sad it's like it felt the right thing to do

  43. TheSeeingArchitect

    When he starts singing, I died and then came back to life in the same second

  44. Krzysztof Dylong

    Whaaaat a song !!!

  45. nottpaid

    I can hear here some theme from classic music but i cannot recognize it - any help please?


    adagio for strings ?

  46. Jason Keenan

    I want to take this song and ball it up tightly, stick it in to my chest and have it with me forever.

  47. zurisadai Ramos jordán

    Eminemm-nemmmm- eminemmmm--nemmm

  48. Eduardo Núñez

    Great song, soulful and smooth

  49. Anastasia Plahotniuc

    this kind of song is music for your soul , for your heart , for your inner existence <3

  50. UnbrokenHobo

    Am I the only one who hears Adagio in G minor in James' part?

  51. Tru BLUE

    SOOO BEAUTIFUL I need this album

  52. Skateboard P

    this is so sexy

  53. jonb5150

    What an awesome song. Gotta listen to several times to take it all in.

  54. Brian Griffin

    3:20 starts the best part of the song....

  55. rustyspo0ns

    I love you James. <3
    Your voice heals me :)

  56. Alexander Dunlop

    James Blake is the reason i am trying to become better with music production and the reason i started. I am still awful but James Blake gives me something to aspire towards https://soundcloud.com/lxed, would love some advice.

  57. Clockwork

    not sure if frank can make this song sound as good as blake did..

  58. luceatluxvestra1

    James, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....<3

  59. SelfReferencingName

    OH MY goodness that chorus. Ahhhh

  60. Neelam Waseem

    cant cope.

  61. drxvms

    damn I came here thinking Frank Ocean was featured, guess he was only a ghostwriter

  62. mimamon86

    granite and thong

  63. Bel H

    WOW. You're like a fine wine on a rainy day Mr Blake

  64. Adrián Blanco

    Frankie was here.

  65. Ngozi Jackson

    Every single time I hear his songs I have to move slowly like I'm in a music video

    Skateboard P

    😂😂😂 made my day

    Anastasia Plahotniuc


  66. Lorna Doell

    Slap my arm to bring up the vein and push play. I am completely addicted to this artist. The first few times its lovely, intriguing , layered, then the feelings and emotions start to rise and mix and it is the most fascinating musical trip I have ever taken. So slap the vein and push play again.

  67. theoldbuccaneer

    I'm in love with the artwork for this album

  68. cosetilo5

    Love this willing heart. So talented James Blake is.

  69. Dr. Merlot

    I just found this video 2 hours ago. I keep repeating this song until now. Blake has the best voice I have ever heard.

  70. alejandro

    This song is pure sex

  71. Rebecca


  72. Cameon Bailey

    I love it. Whoever sings in the beginning has the female version of his voice✨🔥

  73. Robert Harper

    JB, the master. Way to complement Beyonce and Drake, blake. this guy is goin places

  74. Tom Robertson

    Anyone else find the 'its a strange spell that we lust for' line hugely familiar?

  75. murdock wormwood

    Dude, tired of hearing about beyonce's boring ass album - radiohead and james blake just surprise dropped some shit.

  76. Josh Traill

    one of the best on the record

  77. Owen Pierson

    Every now and then

  78. 1995___mads

    isnt frank ocean singing on this too? or is james that sounds like him??

    Daniel Gimberg

    +figaro figaro frank co-wrote, but he isn't singing. This is James

  79. Archita Trisal

    How how how is this song so ridiculously gorgeous.

  80. The Pulse Worldwide

    Love the album, this has to be the pick of the bunch!

  81. Ntsika Sindane

    I can't believe how many times I've listened to this song in a day

  82. Camellia Sarmadi

    so beautiful, so melodic. my soul feels so happy listening to this.

  83. MmmHmm

    James Blake and Frank Ocean is a match made in heaven


    this song is written by frank.......

  84. Florence Rose

    sounds very Anohni (formerly Antony and the Johnsons)

    Jeffrey KRUPA

    Don't it just tho?

    Lars Brown

    Thank you

  85. Chris Miller

    kanye would have been epic on the track Timeless


    +Chris Miller Such a good shout!

  86. Chris Miller

    frank ocean wrote this

    Quentin McBullwinkle

    +Chris Miller no he didn't. Frank co-wrote 'Always'

    Chris Miller

    +Quentin McBullwinkle nah he co wrote 2 tracks

    Quentin McBullwinkle

    why's he not credited on MWH?

    Chris Miller

    +Quentin McBullwinkle he co wrote the song...google it or Twitter search it. Theopholis London: Frank Ocean's writing capability on "my willing heart" and "always" is the most beautiful thing ived heard in years. <3

  87. bozbontins

    england is god's land....radiohead and James Blake

  88. [NQZATR]

    You can't be in your feelings and listen to this song, lol.

  89. Christopher Clark

    Beautiful song and James voice is like Nutella to the soul. :P


    Spot on analogy, lol.

    Christopher Clark

    +[Ephemeral_Nostalgia] I thought he was a brotha when i first heard him. I never learnt to share is my fave song of his. :)

  90. Aisha

    my heart. is. purified by the voice of james blake.

  91. Sham Bolic

    A new James Blake and Radiohead album in the same week. I can't.

    Tynan Media

    +Sham Bolic I was just thinking that.


    +Sham Bolic
    RIGHT!? Both albums just get better with each listen...

  92. bnk57


  93. Pettanko

    This is so smooth oh my god....

  94. Twisty

    this one is written with the help of Frank Ocean! I hope he releases a new album before I die




    Seeing this after Blonde and Endless came out is funny to read

  95. ARQ GDS

    Surreal, everynow and then, sweet and breathtaking... like looking at a person you truly love but you are too old to fall so deeply

  96. Zackary Jones

    masterpiece is the only word that describe he's whole album in a world full of trash music james blake can bring back the colour in anything