James Blake - Measurements Lyrics

Please fall down
Testing sounds for the death of the forest cold
Trees in clouds testing doubt trying not to be too old
Please you're pride, telling lies, that you're not on your own
Watching them, faith in prayers, will make you see your bones

Please fall down
Testing sounds for the sound of the death and the sound of the forest cold
Trees in clouds testing doubt trying not to be too old
Please your pride, telling lies that you're not on your own
Watching them, faith in prayers, will make you see your bones

Please fall down testing sounds for the death
And the fall of the forest cold
Trees in clouds testing doubts trying not to be too old
Please your pride, telling lies that you're not own your own
Watching them, faith in prayers, won;t make you see your bones

Please fall down testing sounds, for the death and the forest cold
Trees in clouds testing doubts trying not to be too old
Please your pride, telling lies that you're on your own
Watching them, faith in prayers will make you see your bones

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James Blake Measurements Comments
  1. Carlaa C

    Thanks skam nl

  2. nico

    When smoking, it's heard.

  3. happy mood2

    Cute tune :)

  4. sidiq Huballa

    I flipped this song into beat, Hope you like it

  5. Suh Bangtan

    Namjoon brought me here. The music is very curious, I don't think I've ever heard anything like it. Very cool Wow Thank you namjoon, you know what music is

  6. Ceasaro Grant

    This song makes U cry n smile @ the same time 💔❤️

  7. Coutinhokeila2013 Coutinhokeila2013


  8. Samantha Sager

    Jesus at 3:59 that little run is so perfect

  9. Gary Moore

    I didn't appreciate this song until I heard it on a good sound system. Bliss..

  10. Rahma Aishandra

    this is one of rap monster songs recommendation!!!!

  11. Kennyis Dead

    i love this song!!

  12. ts ge

    Thank you, Sung Jun! 😍😍

  13. Xavier Leeds

    He reminds me of D'Angelo. This dude is niceeeeee. Especially like 1:37 on

    Mauricio Björk

    +Xavier Leeds D'Angelo + James Blake

  14. Rikke Bøtker

    he is a GENIUS!

  15. Leslie Harlan

    Still a DOPE song

  16. 이새보름

    His voice is like depressed angel

  17. noahkma

    what's the source of the picture?

    bza gza

    +Pentellium its in deptford, south east ldn

  18. Nandi Mayaba

    your voice is so heavenly

  19. P Inge

    This is ultimately beautiful along with the rest of his glorious songs. I mean, James Blake is definitely my favorite artist no doubtably. I just wished I'd found out about his music earlier that the past few months. These songs definitely mean a lot to me, as If everyone was specifically made for me- though they probably wouldn't have then.

  20. joe smo


  21. is my name my name

    James Blake's song just make me feel warm and a kind of safety?(wtf i dunno)
    I cant tell,when i listen to his songs,i just feel great.

    Glade Runner

    You are so sweet! And right.


    I get you completely, Frank Ocean and James Blake make me feel so warm.

  22. Alyssa Baksh

    this was amazing at govball2014

  23. TheZackw419

    very gospel-y


    TheZackw419 i was in his concert and this was playing subconsciously I shouted out hallelujah .. the live version oh gosh it was beautiful .. like the melody of angels

  24. Zac Massey

    Reminiscent of Bon Iver

  25. Emma Gerson

    4:10 listen for that low note tho!

  26. reallyrox

    Ok this pic reminds me of Nick Drake!

  27. Tom Wagstaff

    deptford represent

  28. Jazmin Mcneil

    Beautiful voice, just heard this on skins uk

  29. aalexcamirandd

    This was amazing last night at Kool Haus, you're fantastic man

  30. MrKillianDude

    I just saw the man, live in Paris, that was absolutely fantastic, he closed the show with this one.

  31. Simba Levo

    That picture was taken round the corner from where i live.

  32. pursuitofmusic

    Hi James, your performance last night in Denmark was beautiful. Thank you for a very touching evening. Much love.

  33. Monica

    James Blake, my favorite today

  34. Georgia A

    last night !!!!!

  35. Camila Vidal

    fucking jesus christ lets praise the lord i'd make sweet love to this song

  36. Lukas Pihl

    That might just be one of the most pathetic comments I have seen on Youtube ever, and that says A LOT!

    8/10 if troll


    which one was it

  37. omgkpyouresocool

    Words? To describe this? None.

  38. Prod. WIL PHIL

    Beautiful all of his work is wonderful to listen to :) great inspiration

  39. spikeyfish

    Simple?! Not in the slightest!

  40. loBariChe


  41. Skip Pierce

    Love these harmonies.
    Straight out of the work fields.

  42. FrederikMeyer

    One of the best Lullabies i know.

  43. Alaiik

    There aren't enough words to express how much I love this.

  44. TheGurgina

    I just love James Blake so much it hurts ♥

  45. lmostbeck

    this is beautiful

  46. Tori Monique

    was that an insult? i was just speaking truth bro..

  47. Tori Monique

    Why cant we just love how beautiful it's simplicity is.

  48. Valtari

    Not all songs need a drop.. dickheeeeead. This is SOUL music baby

  49. Tori Monique

    or not.

  50. nothing wrong

    where is the drop?

  51. rob M.

    well said, a sense of creative wisdom just comes up thru this piece, even tho it's got bits of young, mod, techno sounds from the unique keyboards;-)

  52. qd22vcc

    something about him..unique and soulful and beautful. Like me, hes an old soul for real

  53. mrfreshmouth

    this one of the best

  54. imogen terry


  55. lucifersam99

    a spiritual for the non-theistic by the sound of it.

  56. Te4RHyP3

    i think you're still high

  57. lookwotisaid

    Can someone plain and simply explain the meaning of this fabulous song please?

  58. lucifersam99

    ultimately- i've no idea cause I didn't make the song.

    i wouldn't doubt if the effect were intentional though.

    the guy's sound design is quite on point, and some producers i know look at music as a science of sorts.

  59. Inrxz

    Crease your pride, telling lies, that you're not on your own. Watching their, faith in prayer, makes you see your bones

  60. OhMann

    Was für ein starkes Gefühl hier rüberkommt!

  61. Jack.Naughton

    so you think that's more likely him choosing to do that knowing how it would sound or just recording 4 or 5 layering vocal tracks and not getting everything spot on?

    Julian Newland

    Jack.Naughton I would say any of the slight imperfections were accidental, but the rest was endlessly laid out and planned.

  62. bluntobjct

    this is my favorite song, reminds me of negro spirituals and work songs.

  63. Eikichi Miyazawa


  64. DJ Yung Hoxha

    i know you probably meant this to be a joke, but this statement is actually very true

  65. Sean Linderman

    I want to see James Blake do show with a gospel choir.

  66. Jaque Taylor

    Love this!

  67. 1234 abcd

    woah man drugs man woah

  68. befz88

    dont think to deep or you might not be able to get back out

  69. Lee Luke

    Just like church A.men..

  70. Denis MacEoin

    A pity he can't write better lyrics.

  71. rhymeswithgabriel

    you can hear the metronome at points. i think that's awesome. shows how raw this is

  72. setlasmon

    see. him. live.

  73. Boisey

    Nice metronome chillin in the background haha


    no one creates music in such a mechanical way. It's just creativity and your own ear that cause that.

  75. David Tomlinson

    Acid is cool. Headphones work too!

  76. Alissa papupi

    Mindblowing music ..fantastic Job James

  77. Orl Cal

    Just fucking good.

  78. Lethabo Tloubatla

    Crease your pride telling lies
    That you're not on your own
    Watching their faith in prayers
    Will make you see your bones...
    ahhhhh JAMES BLAKE!!!

  79. spikeyfish

    James Blake - Amazing

  80. Pie Are Squared

    I'm remixing this song, I think I might kill myself before I'm done with it. Hits right where it hurts, a work of timeless beauty

  81. samsaraarmada

    'about how we need help to help others through suffering.

  82. Giullian

    the keys at 3:56 are fantastic

  83. Yestirday is Gone.

    amazing music

  84. Marvin Rocks

    this song breaks me into pieces

  85. Jaay1000s

    this is truth

  86. lionel berger

    Blake est une valeur sure, la synthèse entre le passé et sa (trans)forme numérisé.

  87. Raymond Hearne

    yeah it's all about subtleties
    like when you can hear the click track spill....

  88. Ellie Knight

    ^ best definition ever!

  89. summer

    That's true music

  90. toughbail456

    ...Umm..he's looping his voice over and over.

  91. flurbaflurbs

    "Crease your pride telling lies that you're not on your own. Watching their faith in prayers will make you see your bones." An atheist spiritual; how appeasing.

  92. grime88888888

    his gospel/soul influences are so evident in this one i love it

  93. Wambura Mitaru

    the silence is beautiful!!!!

  94. tehjargonz0r

    cool pic

  95. Jerome Dehaney