James Blake - I Mind Lyrics

I mind, I mind
I mind

I mind, I mind
I mind, I mind

I mind, I mind
I mind

I mind, I mind
I mind, I mind

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James Blake I Mind Comments
  1. Itscool2beU

    1.25 speed king🔥

  2. happy mood2

    wow...Zen...meditate mode :) Good

  3. RadicalTadpoles1000

    how the fuck does this only have this many views this song is on another level

  4. Animal Farm

    Fuck he's a genius... it has modern hip hop / trap drum sounds and rhythms mixed with a psychedelic sound and a wonderful voice. I think that his sound is unique and new and he deserves a lot more for me

  5. Brierra Walton

    He looks like Shane Dawson @1:55

    Tom H

    Eugh, I see what you mean.

  6. lessie les

    I need clarification.... Is this song saying pussy???? Lmao


    Now that's all I hear. Thanks a lot lol


    I think it's something like "We'll see"...

  7. MyLight ShinesBright

    THIS SONGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Abvluv Prod


  8. Abvluv Prod


  9. Kayin Bowlin


  10. Crystal Odom

    I really like this. This is a different and unique sound. I really like. I am just shocked that i am just hearing about the artist. 3 years later. wow