James Bay - Rescue Lyrics

I found you all alone
I came to warm your bones
There were twenty million tears in your hands
You found me in the dark
You came to heal my scars
I was slipping, sinking through the sand

They say the more you love the harder you fall
But I would rather hurt than nothing at all
Through the good, through the bad
Through the lonely
I always rescue you
You always rescue me

We never draw the line
But only 'cause you're mine
Only 'cause you promise me I'm yours
You made me fall apart
My song to get to her
Is there though when you're walking through the door
You know you keep me alive, oh

They say the more you love the harder you fall
But I would rather hurt than nothing at all
Through the good, through the bad
Through the lonely
I always rescue you
You always rescue me

I rescue you
And you rescue me

I shelter you, you guide me
I lose myself, you find me
I shelter you, you guide me
I shelter you

They say the more you love the harder you fall
But I would rather hurt than nothing at all
Through the good, through the bad
Through the lonely
I always rescue you
You always rescue me

I always rescue you
I rescue you
You always rescue me
You rescue me
I always rescue you
I rescue you
Oh, I always rescue you
You always rescue me

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James Bay Rescue Comments
  1. Camelia Poenar

    I listening to this song 7.916.785.529 times and I failed to figure out how James managed to count twenty million tears?!..and I will listen to it from now on...wonderful voice,wonderful artist!

  2. Camelia Poenar

    My favorite song forever.

  3. briteam

    believe me or not, i'm listening to this song every single day. Like literally everyday

  4. DHK TV


  5. Andrea Silva Riederer

    I absolutely love this song <3 I wish James came to Chile some day :c

  6. Cosmus Music Official

    I remixed James Bay's Latest song! "Bad" By !! go check it out in my channel I hope you like it! also make sure to check out my recent release also available on spotify!.

  7. MyTubeClone

    I love Rescue but whatever he sing, I love to listen, always. 💗💖💖💖💖

  8. Junobeach

    this is my new favourite song, can't stop playing it in my head during work!

  9. Alessandra KovaVaz

    once in your life you fall in love hz

  10. Ale :3

    Underrated singer

  11. Dhmhtra Xeysanthopulu

    Come to Greece🙌🙌😍

  12. Mayra Sales

    I loved!!!!

  13. The Azexion

    Charlotte Flair brought me here WOOOO

  14. BrightyAlbo

    this artist deserves respect

  15. mihika shetty

    his songs speak such specific thoughts. and i relate to them so bad.
    eventhough i know how pointless relationships are, as they always end but i still want to love and be loved. thanks james. i don't feel alone.

  16. Lilian Lima


  17. Lilian Lima


    Júlia Moreira

    Lilian Lima sonho kkkkk

    Lilian Lima


  18. Carmen

    Loved this song as soon as I heard the first verse! 😍

  19. Graceli Lopez


  20. marlina robles

    Love 💗

  21. Gabriella Gabriotti

    Te amo gostoso

  22. enrique iglesias heartbeat


  23. Edivaldo Webdesigner

    Brasil 2019

  24. Fati joseph Joseph

    Me gustops😀

  25. Thomas Jansen

    Demmm... this nummer got me good.

  26. Jubileu UU


  27. Klaudia Wawełczyk

    Oh god how good is this!!!

  28. Yazmin gerbasi

    In the song of Dean Lewis, he say "they say the bigger the love more hard the fall" and James says "they said the more you loved the hard you fall". Srry for my english, i'm bad with that. I hope you understand me

    Yazmin gerbasi

    Exactly, i don't know what it means but i hope that it means something jajajaja

    Jessie Hendriks

    Maybe they are just both great artists with good texts ☺️

    Yazmin gerbasi

    @Jessie Hendriks it could be, but i like more the idea of they having affair okno i got to far jajajaja

    Jessie Hendriks

    If they would collab it would be awesome though! 😍😍

    Yazmin gerbasi

    @Jessie Hendriks yeeees, it would be amazing!

  29. Xhin Estrebillo

    James Bay's music is always my comfort zone..❤ melts my heart always.

  30. Meredith Phoebe

    @david anderson

  31. Andreza Letícia

    Eu só amo, amo, amo, muito! tá muito foda essas músicas! As letras sensacionais😍
    James bay 🇧🇷♥️

  32. Luiza Carvalho

    who hurted you, michael?

  33. Fab Minahil

    My next best favorite song!!

  34. Tsendi Aier


  35. Line Petersen

    I love this great work, james

  36. Tung Nguyen

    this deserves much more attention

  37. Einstein Rrio

    awal sama reff pertamany kereen tp pas masuk ke i resque you udh g enak .

  38. Brodric DeLeon

    Who is the woman you are singing about in this song? She sounds bomb as fuck!

  39. AJUDE

    Oh. I just found him. I love his music!!!

  40. melanie

    The verse sounds like something that would be in the greatest showman

  41. مريم العابده


  42. Ida Silitonga

    I love you james

  43. Sharon Kennelly

    Love this song


    Bay is Bae

  45. Barbara Szax

    I send you my love from Hungary😊❤🇭🇺

  46. Maria 022899

    I love your voice James Bay! 💙😊

  47. Annie Lumen

    Love this one! ❤️
    I just posted a cover of Bad! If anyone wants to check it out, I’d be so grateful! ❤️🌹

  48. Sharon Abraham

    :') SO F GOOD

  49. Mariana Zuniga

    You rescue me with your music dear James Bay!

  50. Urfaello

    Damn James, you are getting better every year. <3

  51. Helen Conley

    He makes music that means so much to me. He songs have seen me through times good and bad. carpool karaoke with James Bay and Pannic then Im happy for life. xx

  52. Yael Eldar

    I can’t take it anymore. His voice is too good to be true.

  53. Katherine


  54. Oung Pyay Soe

    if you could change a little bit of the heavy production in the chorus, this song will be just perfect.

  55. Kyle Lewis

    In my opinion this is the best song off the new EP

  56. Agnello Cornelia

    ❤❤❤❤❤LOVE YOUR SONGS❤❤❤❤❤ THANK YOU....😘😘😘😘😘

  57. headfonic

    Great looking video content. Presume you did a great deal of your very own video coding.

  58. Probna Thapa

    I shelter you, you guide me💗💗💗💗

  59. Lorin Gail

    I'll never get over the soft rock vibes! Love you

  60. 张雨薇

    2:00 speechless

  61. Priscilla Reyes

    👏👏 another hit 💖

  62. Miriam A.

    New music from James is one of the things that makes life so much better.....

  63. Emma Wanders

    This is everything I need right now <3

  64. Fernando Mejía

    James Bay rescuing the music again!!

  65. Carter Watson

    I love that he went back to the sorta older style of music his voice continues to blow me away. I love this one so much a little bit of attitude in this one maybe that’s just me.

  66. Sadyra L

    Come to Brazil 🇧🇷, James! We need a good song player like u!

  67. Virginia Elizondo


  68. Fatima Martins

    Amei! ❤

  69. Faith in magic

    Why is he so talented ???

  70. Amanda Malone

    I can’t stop listening to this song on repeat! Smashed it James! Gah! So good!! 🔥🔥🔥

  71. Priscila oliveira

    I wanna marry this song

  72. Black Brownie

    You never cease to Amaze me, Bay.

  73. Ed Win

    Added to my fav song list😍

  74. Valarie Janessa Ho

    Rescue Rangers

  75. Agnieszka Żukowska

    this song is so good
    I just can't

  76. Mariola Zdrzałek

    I like it ✌️😘

  77. Indy Keningar

    Don't get me wrong. This is a great, raw, piece from Mr. Bay as always but the chorus have the same opening tune from Africa by Toto and I kinda..... * snorts *

  78. AngsheetaMusic

    Very sad, only because, you deserve more attention. ❤️💕

  79. State of mind

    💗 you're soul is just incredible.. 🔥

  80. megamusicmessenger

    I loved chaos and the calm , hated electric light , so I very curious about his new stuff ! .
    This is pretty good .

  81. Brenda Guimarães

    Lindo perfeito sem defeitoooos anjooooo, come to Brazil please 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 i Love youuuu

  82. Vanesa Alejandra Niño Duitama


  83. Incha Restafanti


  84. ndorm21

    he just keeps getting better and better

  85. Carol Doocy

    1:59-- I love it when his voice climbs up the notes.

  86. Jackson Landscapes

    Superb 👌

  87. Well.

    James Bay is probably one of the only few artists these days that helps keep me sane with their art.

  88. Roselyn Galvan

    please come to Philippines🇵🇭❤

  89. Luisa Sato


  90. Sean Greene

    This is honestly a thing of beauty

  91. The happy Girlll

    I’m still wondering how could your voice be that good

  92. The Bessie Nessie

    James is backkk :)

  93. Jadene Johns

    Who the fuck disliked this 😐