James Bay - Break My Heart Right Lyrics

Tail lights and runways
We put on a brave face
We write down the details to make us feel safe
Cold on the mattress
Sad and alone
I think it's ten thousand minutes 'til I get home
Someday we're gonna get to do all the things that we wanted to

Never wanna say goodbye
You always see through my disguise
You're the one who breaks my heart right
You tear me up and wreck my dreams
I hold your hand when I'm asleep
I don't mind falling for a lifetime
'Cause you break my heart right

Be tender and honest
And sometimes say words that hurt
I hold all your troubles
Even if you won't
And someday we're gonna get to do all the things that we wanted to, yeah

Never gonna say goodbye
You always see through my disguise
You're the one who makes my heart right
You tear me up and wreck my dreams
I hold your hand when I'm asleep
I don't mind falling for a lifetime
'Cause you break my heart right

Don't say you're sorry
Stay in my head
Don't protect me, show me real love, not pretend

Never wanna say goodbye
You always see through my disguise
You're the one who breaks my heart right
You tear me up and wreck my dreams
I hold your hand when I'm asleep
I don't mind falling for a lifetime
'Cause you break my heart right

I don't mind falling for a lifetime
'Cause you break my heart right

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James Bay Break My Heart Right Comments
  1. Khairunnisa

    I like your voice❤ Thank u for this song😭😭

  2. Rabit

    This song still my fav song since it out 🌧

  3. Moumita Debnath

    Really like your EP - Oh My Messy mind. I think it sounds melancholic, beautiful and soothing. :)

  4. Clemira Baby

    James my bae 💋

  5. Marianne V.

    This song means so much to me. Your amazing voice, James, the lyrics and the piano. It touches me deeply.

  6. wolfturtle shazam

    i give up.

    im now giving you up.
    im just going to wait,
    until you come back.

    even if unsure,
    even if uncertain,
    even if not romantically,
    i need you in my life.

    for now,
    ill wait.

    (p.s. you're also one of the best things that ever happened to me)

  7. Jason Keng

    what a beautiful song!

  8. Jessie Jane

    Beautiful ❤️

  9. Harlong Engti

    Lonely and heartbroken, listening to this song.. And reading the comments passing by of every story.

  10. Janis Naglis

    This song mekes me think of my wife. We have been married for 10 years now. And the lyrics reminds me why i love her... I'm holding back tears... <3 Thank you so much James!

  11. Carlos Rivera García

    where do I find his jacket <3?

  12. Ankitha Reddy

    Love this song :D

  13. Karol Jandová

    This is just beautiful!

  14. Carlos García

    I love that jacket and that song👌

  15. IAMFREDY 111

    People sleep on this song so bad. It's our little secret

  16. nat morgan

    Love his voice and lyrics

  17. John Guy

    Hope this song is next video James will make!!!

  18. Georgiana Negula

    Wonderfull artist!

  19. DJ_Dell

    베이목소리는 이런음악에 최적화 되어있는듯..진짜 좋아..

  20. flavia romano

    You're the one breaks my heart ... cause you' break my heart right ... stay in my hand ...

  21. Emanuela Di Lenardo

    Meraviglioso questo artista! Mi fa morire il suo timbro....🙌🏻👄👄👄

  22. Philip Zilfo

    0:34 when you realize 10,000 mins is about 7 days...

  23. flavia romano

    Bellissima ! Bravissimo James Bay ! Viva !

  24. Janoo KA

    This song is so underrated

  25. M I

    I hold your hand when I'm asleep, don't protect me, show me real love not pretend 💔
    I always see through "your" disguise

  26. Siwar Bou3bena

    that's so sad

  27. Hammier 1.0

    I’m going through a weird crush phase ( and he doesn’t know me 😕) ik don’t be upset over him then but he’s in my dreams my mind and he’s slowly driving me crazy idk why... and this song just hits right because of the lyric about dreams and staying in my mind

  28. Ace Spades

    All I ask of you, is to break my heart right. That's all I ask.

  29. lucas henrique

    Mais alguem veio pelo anuncio ? llkkk

  30. Clare Edge

    Every song, every time, just blows me away, we all need James Bay in our lives. Please never stop doing what you do, you're amazing, my everyday therapy xxx

  31. Laura Nechita

    Great voice!

  32. Catherine Rouquine

    Really good !!! Bravo James !

  33. Sabrina Pan

    his voice sounds so much better live thn on a record ☝🏻

  34. Alessandra KovaVaz

    the tenderness of this melody is fascinating

  35. mamasita

    I think this is one of his "very best" songs......

  36. Christ Evert

    Maybe i had a bad day... but listening to this one makes... everything happen for a reason.

  37. Crystal Goodman

    This song speaks my soul.

  38. Elizabeth Lara Najera

    I Love, I Love You😻😍😍

  39. sushisunshine100

    This is a Masterpiece. I'm blown away and have no words, it's so honest, so damn beautiful. I love everything about that song.😢❤️

  40. FlyingSleeping S.

    I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Fatemeh Faghih


  42. Sabriye Bek

    I love his voice so much😍

  43. Carmen

    In love with his voice

  44. flavia romano

    BEllissima canzone che mi ha emozionato molto ! Thank you James Bay !

  45. Lina

    The chorus is so beautiful

  46. Romulo ribeiro

    Very good!!🙌👋

  47. francesco corona

    Love of my liiiife, you hurt me, broken my hea.......... Ok, I'm a bit confused ahahahahahah

  48. Graceli Lopez


  49. Andrea Hatfield

    A great song!

  50. 1 Minute Kitchen

    I Love You James
    This song breaks my heart. Oh gosh. Goosebump. You are a legend
    This song should have a music video.

  51. Sailyn Lopez

    Sweet voice😍

  52. yas 98

    My dream came true on the 24th may 2019 in France <3

  53. luvmyg

    I love this song love you James from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  54. Nastase Carmen Nastase

    I love you James Bay!
    Greetings from Pisa Italy!😍💖

  55. Natiane Herrera

    I love you song 🇧🇷 ❣️

  56. virginia boudreau

    Thank you James for the music that was definitely needed to save a life ...


    I love you James! from México! You're the best!

  58. menna lewaa

    James never disappoints

  59. menna lewaa

    This song melts my heart ☹️❤️

  60. mrsjulie33

    thank you for your performance yesterday night in Bordeaux, it was great to hear new songs. You really have an amazing voice and an incredible guitars' collection !

  61. fks b

    oh so you ARE the love of my life huh

  62. Therese Rasmussen

    This is one of my new favorite songs. Thank you for making this.

  63. Ayrton Jimenez

    James Bay is my hero and my inspiration in making music, I hope one day to release music like him! I just released two singles and I would love if someone could hear them! https://youtu.be/m--AlhgHNiw
    Subscribe if you like them, new releases soon!

  64. red star

    is he white boy of the month?

  65. Maggie Young

    I don't Mind Falling For A Lifetime "Cause You Break My Heart Right."💝

  66. jonathan wahyudi

    Nice song and nice sound too

  67. W.C. Kuo

    This song reminds me a man who loved me before and asked me to do myself😢

  68. beciakowaa

    Dammit this song reminds me about old James and it hurts

  69. Ishakun Subba

    wheres your hat bay ?

  70. Ronafe Cyrille Fabula

    I love you james❤

  71. Lupe Alaniz

    Love from the United states 🇺🇸

  72. Paulina Czarnomska

    OMG! This is so amazing! I can't believe my eyes and ears! This song is magnificent1 It made that I'm still crying!

  73. Evgeniya Bessolitsyna

    Wow this is so Jeff Buckley and I LOVE it!

  74. obsession byEXØ

    Love me right [rest]

    Break my heart right [open]

  75. obsession byEXØ

    Thank you so much for this, i’m just taking it slow and feeling this. 💛

  76. Ari P

    This sounds like it would be on a Toy Story movie soundtrack

  77. Marcela Oliveira


  78. Edelia Permata

    I love you, James! You're the treasure I just found. ❤

  79. tania mudra

    Oooohhhhhh new album, it's Christmas time in summer 😍🎄🎅🎅

  80. Stephanie Loving37kindness


  81. Andrea De los Ríos

    i missed you, James. Thanks for this <3

  82. Ellyzha Tiffany

    So beautiful

  83. Lasni Hettiarachchi

    this song is so beautiful!

  84. Tessa Langdon

    I love your voice so much😊💜

  85. Sheila Barfield

    Beautiful. Beautiful.

  86. Nima Sarrafzadeh


  87. thommi168

    I listened to this song for the first time on a rainy Sunday afternoon. And the world just turned silent at once.

  88. Liliana Cuciuc

    If i could only listen to your sings without crying
    Really makes it easier to get over people. I love you

  89. Bagus Laksono

    so deep.....so sad......

  90. ADI


  91. luvmyg

    Love your song💞

  92. luvmyg

    Wah I love you💓

  93. Tammy Havlik

    <3 the keys clicking... real. real love, not pretend.

  94. Sofie Wastesson

    Love it

  95. Leo Achterkamp

    Super good

  96. Psyche Vasquez

    i wish you're here with me, listening to this song. i miss you, i'm sorry i cant be there tonight.