Jakob Dylan - Valley Of The Low Sun Lyrics

We'd feel much better if we sunk this treasure and we laid our armor down
Now these precious metals, these captain's letters are no use to us now
In the day we struggle with fatigue much greater than any offer was
We bow down and worship these bandits and cowboys unable to hold their own guns
Now I know that soldiers are not paid to think but something is making us sick
Onward and steady
Able and young
In the valley of the low low sun

In the shade we wander along a highway's shoulder out into the back of beyond
Burning the daylight into a pastime that's too wise to come more than once
Oh it's boom boom thunder, ain't no sleep coming out mining a slippery world
Of snow covered beaches, junkyards of diesel and bombers named after girls
On bridges of black ice not built for the rush
There's a new kind of beast getting up
Stranger than fiction
Speaking in tongue
In the valley of the low low sun

Hold on for the slow turning
Smoke if you've got 'em boys
This is bottom hiding out
Down under the stairs
Tomorrow has come like it's drunk on the blood
Of men who have dared to be there

The earth's still climbing as it keeps on grinding it's way up around the sun
As cool water crashes down to the masses bootlegged and bottled like rum
My dreams are humble, lean as arrows and streetwise ready and fair
As we bum rush the ages tied to the rails
On high seas not fit to be sailed
Whatever we've taken does feel like heaven
But baby we just look like hell
Now act like you mean it where paradise was
In the valley of the low low sun
Act like you mean it where paradise was
In the valley of low low sun

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Jakob Dylan Valley Of The Low Sun Comments
  1. Ana Silva

    Cuánto talento este hombre,digno hijo del gran Bob Dylan 🎶🎶👏👏👏👏👏😍💗

  2. Island Roena

    Jakob Dylan is painfully beautiful

  3. the official channel

    hey folks , fantastic is the word for this song and its singer , in the valley of the low low sun

  4. Ilona Kadic


  5. Joyce Shusta

    It's amazing how Jakob puts so many eras and personalities together with in on melody frame. It makes my mind flash ; past , present and future.

  6. Joe Bob

    Bettin I know who helped him with the lyrics 🙀

  7. Susan Colson Morson

    my car was not blue. toycar a mini. Concordia mo

  8. Stephen Shaw

    "Tomorrow has come like it's drunk on the blood
    Of the men who have dared to be there"

  9. Susan Colson Morson

    Op ed.

  10. Susan Colson Morson

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  11. Susan Colson Morson

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  12. Susan Colson Morson

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    Susan Colson Morson

    Something making me sick

    Susan Colson Morson

    @Bruno Bertagnoli​

  13. Susan Colson Morson

    @Train my car still not fixed either. I'm tired of living for hydrocodone to treat my pain

  14. Susan Colson Morson

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  16. Maria Noélia Francisco


  17. Tim Harrison

    shut up bitch

  18. bottomfeeder73

    In my opinion, he is a deeper, gentler person than his daddy. A good soul with great songs.Love his music!!

  19. nikkiejanee1972

    what a perfect picture

  20. Kathy

    Sunday cocktail song on a Wednesday afternoon...

  21. scottay69

    @viperbjd i actually was referring to their first album, i think it is brilliant and much more honest than the 2nd album.

  22. scottay69

    @thetruerock to be the son of the most prolific songwriter in history of modern music, i guess you wouldn't think he would go into music and follow his Dad into a very similar genre. Glad he did.

  23. Brian

    @scottay69 I completely agree...although I think you mean the Wallflowers second album, Bringing Down the Horse. The first album, The Wallflowers, very few people even know exists, but that is also a great album and everyone should atleast listen to it once.

  24. Andrea Dixon

    Love this whole album, and Jakob, my teenage heart-throb 15 years ago :) It's been fantastic growing up with his music.

  25. Marco Dellorusso

    What a great song.

  26. jonmorr777

    @heartachers this is the best song i've heard in years!!!

  27. Jumbofreddy

    A great song is the meeting between, a strong text, an exciting music and an moving voice! Perhaps the text is superb, but the music is poor, and the voice is not very particular! i am sorry, but even so, i made an effort to love him! But so much the better if many people are enthusiastic! he has the merit and the courage to sing, after his father,!

  28. dparsons4

    this song is amazing :)

  29. Dune Boussard

    Dire que s'il n'était pas le fils de Bob Dylan, il serait une star mondiale... j'en suis sûre :) Son père lui fait peut être de l'ombre, mais c'est aussi lui qui lui a frayé un passage sur le chemin de la musique...
    Peu importe qui est son père, cette chanson reste fabuleuse!

  30. Ken Roberts

    he's a Dylan, he's born with the musical talent

  31. Adrian James

    he is very unique... if i was going to compare him to anyone it would be bruce springsteen or david bowie, but not his father... i like it!

  32. scottay69

    @thetruerock just that he would continually get the comparisons, never be as good as his Dad, knowing that even if you write a good song it most likely wouldn't measure up to most of your Dad's songs.

  33. The Purple Field

    amazing amazing beautiful song. jakob' s like his dad now as he goes solo, so raw and talented!!!

  34. MikeNC2371

    A very excellent performer irregardless of heritage!!!

  35. Gordon Wade

    Well you never really have to do the the EXACT tabs, almost all of the Dylan's songs are combos of the G, C, and D chords. Just mic it up along with the tune and kinda come of with them yerself.

  36. Kevin Watson

    @Rj1439 . gona be hard to be origional when ya dad is bob dylan!! always gona be carrying a dead weight. n wot is gud about bein origional when he does being unorigional so well.

  37. Jenna Wilken

    i want to play this on my guitar but i cant find the tabs online. anyone help me out?

  38. GreenNight209

    You won't find the chords... I've looked everywhere. But I started from a Bob Dylan routine... the song is obviously in the key of eye, but the root structure is a C... Try capo-ing the fourth fret and starting from a C chord... it goes to an Amin, then to a G and F... that should be a good enough start...

  39. OffTheRecord2008

    very true. No one can take anything away from Bob, who was possibly the greatest singer/songwriter who ever lived in the twentieth century. But you're right this song IS beautiful. I try to listen to it once a day to chill myself out! Godbless who ever posted this song!

  40. maia74mia

    so beautiful !

  41. NeonlightRebel

    I like this song (great lyrics), I like Jakob Dylan but anyway, I prefer his father's music and voice... Jakob Dylan is one of the best musicians, but Bob is MORE THAN A MUSICIAN!

  42. A. McCulloch

    James Morrison's pretty recognised :). Jakob Dylan should be tho :( this song is awesome.

  43. Joshua Jones

    That's a matter of opinion, friend. I wouldn't say he's horrible, the guy writes some pretty prolific songs, but we're not exactly jumping out of our chairs for the next Sean Lennon record, are we...

    So rather than acuse him of selling X amount of albums as a result of being the son of a legendary songwriter. we attribute his success to the demand for his music. which is directly influenced by content. That's not to say album sales are any indication of good music. Avril Lavigne for example..

  44. petedylancash912

    um excuse me but sean lennon's music is far from sub par...

  45. Joshua Jones

    Wallflower's1996 album Bringing Down the Horse sold over six million copies worldwide, three times as many as his father's album Blood on the Tracks sold in over 20 years. (Source - Wikepedia)

    The thing is... That was their sophmore album. The debut tanked. So i'd say that even being Bob's son didn't attribute to his success. I'm sure it was a resourceful way to get off his feet, but if the music is sub-par, the albums don't sell. John Lennon's son (Sean) is a good example.

  46. Mdbaby

    i cant say i agree with either oh the 2 previous remarks but would say being dylans son is a cross he'll have to bear. if he has his fathers blood he'll do it

  47. diffdrum1

    I think his voice is more reminiscent of Elvis Costello.

  48. Rob Byron

    Not only just a picture but doesnt even get titke of song right

  49. leqesai

    You have to understand that, with Bob Dylan, it was much more than JUST the music. He was iconic for a number of reasons that reflected on his music career. Jakob has very little mainstream exposure outside of the music. To be honest, I think Jakob has equal songwriting ability to his father but the genre is different. It's hard to compare the two, musically, outside of their family connection.

  50. scottay69

    great lyrics, still amazed JD had the balls to go into music being the "son of Bob", his first album with The Wallflowers is a classic - get it.

  51. OffTheRecord2008

    No offense, but when you have a song and no video, as I do on my channel, then it's nice to have a really good picture to accompany the music. It's more about the music than anything. I understand where you're coming from, though. It's kind of boring, but still it's no reason to call people names. I've got the same deal with my own original songs on youtube, only with mine it's the cover of our album.

  52. OffTheRecord2008

    Yeah, I gotta say Bob had a much stronger impact on music, and it seems Bob just gets better with age. But Jacob is cool, too. I enjoy a good Jacob tune every now and again.

  53. Abel Pau

    Great song!!! great great!


  54. Cliffy4479

    lol, you can c this song with a video when you want, I just made ones with the movie "Ned Kelly" please show it and comment, thanks!

  55. Cliffy4479

    I made A video with this song and the movie Ned Kelly, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your comment.....;-))

  56. Cliffy4479

    finde ich auch sollte nur mal ein schönes video dazu gehören, will mal sehen was da zu machen ist.......

  57. Cliffy4479

    This is my favorit song from him......I love it!

  58. callumkendrick

    excellent song but bob dylan i think is still alot better. just my oppinion

  59. Gerd Prengel

    How beautiful! I know only Bruce Springsteen in nowadays times, who can move me so deeply with such plain means! Thank you!