Jake Miller - Homeless Lyrics

Here I stand in the cold
I tried to knock
'Cause you changed the locks
Now I'm all alone
Where am I supposed to go?
If you are where my home is
I guess that makes me homeless

So what now? I got no idea where I'm goin
I'm lost with no direction like my GPS is broken
I'm walkin round the streets thinkin bout you every night
I'm feelin homeless now
Lookin like the man from I'm alright
See I just wanna come back home, can't do this on my own
You were the only thing I knew for sure, guess that I was wrong
See I've tried to walk away but I just end up at your doorstep
Waiting for my phone to ring but nope, you haven't called yet
So I'm wandering, aimlesley
Wish that you stayed with me
Thought that we were meant to be
Felt that you were there for me
But I guess not 'cus in case you failed to notice
You used to be my home until you left me homeless

Here I stand in the cold
I tried to knock
'Cause you changed the locks
Now I'm all alone
Where am I supposed to go?
If you are where my home is
I guess that makes me homeless

So what now? It used to be just you and me
But you kicked me out, locked the doors and tossed away the keys
From the outside lookin in,
You would think that I'm just fine
But I'm a bigger wreck than the Titanic inside
I'm sleeping on sidewalks, I'm following street signs
I need some help, I'm feelin stranded, losin my damn mind
I'm blindfolded by you, girl you took everything that I own
I keep callin your phone but all I get is the tone
So I'm lookin up at the stars, these street lights they got me
I never planned on living life without you here right beside me
But guess I was wrong, 'cus in case you failed to notice
You used to be my home until you left me homeless

Here I stand in the cold
I tried to knock
'Cause you changed the locks
Now I'm all alone
Where am I supposed to go?
If you are where my home is
I guess that makes me homeless

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Jake Miller Homeless Comments
  1. Sad Rain

    I love the hidden meaning in this song

    Tbh I just wanted to point this out
    Do you know that saying "home is when ever I'm with you"
    Well he uses homeless like if he were in a break up
    homeless as in she/he and jake don't talk anymore

    Therefore leaving him homeless

  2. aeto peko

    Yooo sup. Lol nice song

  3. YouDummy

    George Alexander Yarid is homeless

  4. Sad girl dreaming #HORROR

    Here i stand, in the cold. I tried to knock, as u changed the locks, now im all alone.......

  5. Princess-of-the-Pen

    "Looking like the man from "I'm Alright"" Omfg! That line makes me smile but at the same the homeless man from I'm Alright was happy with his life because one of the things he had was love

  6. vinny 195

    “I’m sleeping on side of rocks”😂it’s I’m sleeping on sidewalks

  7. damian chappelle

    Jake Miller Is Like One Of My Top 10 Singers Of All Time

  8. little undertale fan10000

    I am crying

  9. Sarah Hemingway

    Let's hope he doesn't go to a FEMA camp!

  10. Nathan Coyle

    Jake Miller is fantastic And his music is great

  11. The LassKicker

    I love Jake Miller

  12. Chilling Devries


  13. jvoutsas1101

    Wandering aimlessly, not wandering homelessly.

    Just fyi. :)

  14. Cute But Creepy

    I love Jakes songs. they are so deep

  15. Sohail 786

    I love this guy came to my school and inspired us from doing wrong stuff and gave 50 pound away

  16. cheyenne jenkins

    You get me
    since I lost my dad I been alone I feel like no one understands me like u do I cut myself
    I tried overdosing
    But when I listen to your music im not alone
    I take prozac

    Alexis Himes

    your story is EXACTLY like mine

  17. Alyana Mahilum

    This breaks my heart

  18. Xandria Jackson

    "If you are where my home is, I guess that makes me homeless"
    I was left homeless many times...but luckily I have a home now and he's the sweetest thing ever. This song is amazing and it's helped me through a lot. Thank you Jake Miller!

  19. starlett bridges

    and me and you

  20. starlett bridges

    i love Jake Miller homeless and good buy and couch and heaven

  21. Thomas Dundon

    everyone who sees my comment feel free to add your thoughts against me i welcome it! but going through the times now, at the age of 19 ive been around the block more times than i care to count ill admit. it hasnt been easy nor was it always hard.  what matters though is the fact that jake miller, hes young like me,like alot of us.  but he isnt impressionable by all the glamour that comes from the stardom hes stepping into. the fact that his music is what rap is about Rhythm and poetry. its like he says, music without a message is just sound. i hate to see such a beautiful genre of music be trashed by those who want to talk about sex, drugs, money, partying etc etc. rap is an outlet, its happy and its sad.  if rap was to regain the popularity it deserves to get the name back that it once owned, id be proud to see jake miller help make that possible.

  22. Tom Sargent

    are number 1 man. God bless you

  23. 567321puppylover

    ...Jesus his songs are deep, WHAT kind of childhood did he have?!

    Super Lazy 0uo

    I heard he had a sad childhood.


    @Amy Yang wow...Well...That explains the songs.

  24. Ashley Horch

    This reminds me of my soon to be ex husband because he left me homeless

  25. Tiffany Chambliss

    this kinda describes me right now,.. I recently did some stupid things I regret and I was living with my best friends family. they were practically my own... but because of my stupid mistake they kicked me out... :'(

  26. wonna mei

    Wish I founs him earlier than this year :( He's just amazing.

  27. Diogo Olivera

    Jake miller the one that doesnt talk about sex,drugs in your songs! yeah he is amazing.

    Breanna Sanchez

    @Breanna Sanchezand thats a super good thing i love him so much

    Amy Collins

    @Diogo Olivera i'm kinda upset because now he is doing songs like that, but always love him!

    Breanna Sanchez

    @elle hendenaschmilow
    well hes not really doing songs like tht i think tht hes just expressing his feelings u know

    Diogo Olivera

    @elle hendenaschmilow i've seen  new his song  and you are right , i hope he back doing motivational songs

    Murica Hawk


  28. dlucio19 Lucio

    Jake miller. Raps about real stuff. I love him and his music

    Michelle Stencel

    I totally agree. His songs are wonderful :-)

    dlucio19 Lucio

    Ikr @Michelle Stencel​

    Camrin Catt

    dlucio19 Lucio yeah
    But what about
    My couch

    Camrin catt

    Camrin Catt that was me 4 days ago
    But it just shows how much we love our phones and PCs

  29. Alexis Martin

    Great song, I feel like this a lot, I am so glad I have this song

  30. cass.

    really nice song

  31. Cheyenna Flynn

    Omg. I just noticed the reference to Alright. 3

  32. cecelia t

    Isn't it supposed to say "I tried to knock" not "I tried a knock"?

    Chuckie mcauley

    He only knocked once

    omg watson

    yeah whoever did the lyrics has a lot to edit "side of rocks" how about "sidewalks" and you're right it is "tried to knock" there's a few mistakes but that doesn't effect the song itself

    omg watson

    there's also "aimlessly" not "homelessly"

  33. karina

    In 1:04 it says doorspep.. mistake

  34. jake trinex

    i hope he gets super duper famous

    Nathan Lewis

    he is famous in one of his interview he got told hes getting compare to jb and am 

    Cynthiaa Miller

    3 years later he's worldwide known (:

  35. Majestic Beginnings

    omfg this song omfg JAKE DESERVES MORE...

  36. Katysteff Kageyama

    He such an inspiration

  37. taylor green

    Love the I'm alright quote

  38. Jigsaw / Jiggie | Gamer

    did he really just relate to his old song? FUCKING INSANE

    Jada Reed

    Yea he did that in number ome rule too i think that's amazing hes an inspiration fr

  39. Barbara x

    love u jake

  40. Oscar Mendez

    A lot of these lyrics are wrong. Good song though.

  41. Aftermath Nihil

    All his songs are so meaningful he is amazing

    Camrin catt

    so true

  42. Dominic Greer

    lookin like the man off im alright'

  43. Jason Meiczinger

    His songs are about life

  44. fulfillings

    Keep up the good song lyrics

  45. Lucas Springfield

    Jake Miller raps about real shit.

    Jada Reed

    Ikr i love him

    Jada Reed

    @Ayman Elbachiri no jes not

    Yareli Ramos

    True 👍👍👍👍

    Yareli Ramos

    True 👍👍👍

    Lucas Springfield

    i was kidding stop liking this comment

  46. aryana rivera

    omg I love JAKE MILLER hes the  best and hes beautiful... I have been his fan from day one and I always will be... I LOVE YOU JAKE MILLER!!!!

  47. Safaa Khan

    Not one song I hate bye jake miller

  48. Liqez

    if you are where my home is, i quess that makes me homeless. JakeMillerLyricalMaster

  49. ILoveDirectioners18

    I Love this song & all of his other ones i finally bought it.Cause there wasn't anymore at the store when i went.

  50. Lyns Rimmel

    121211 :/

  51. JoshChasen

    Hey everyone, can you please view my channel.  I just uploaded my first video of a song that I wrote.  I hope to turn out like Jake Miller someday.

    Camrin Catt

    Thanks (:

  52. Rymsyk

    I used to hate on this dude... but he spits some real shit

    Jayden Armstrong

    mhm he sings about good stuff not stupid stuff rap is such a good genre but gets ruined by sex and drugs and stuff like that there are rappers like jake who rap about the real stuff

  53. Octoberfist YT

    1:10 its aimlessly just fyi :)


    i was going to write it but i didn't

  54. Lobo Visuals

    Best song of the whole new album.

  55. Bozento

    Thanks for taking your time for this song :)

    little undertale fan10000

    Well done on first comment