Jahmiel - Struggles Lyrics

Me girlfriend pack up and gone, and
She a say, "Nothing nah gwaan", and
Me done know how life set
If she no know hard times she a no wife yet
Bills dem pack up and tall, and
Me no have nobody fi call 'pon
Me alone against the world
No money, no girl

But all these struggles in my life makes me stronger
When everybody gone, my journey goes on and on
But all these struggles in my life makes me stronger
When everybody gone, my journey goes on and on

Me still a try mek it every day, and
The system still treat we like slave, and
You see the tax weh you take from
The little weh me get, send me back a square one
So me try me luck inna cash pot
Still no win, Notnice me that salt
Fi get a work, but the boss man a find fault
So weh me live a crime spot

But all these struggles in my life makes me stronger
When everybody gone, my journey goes on and on
But all these struggles in my life makes me stronger
When everybody gone, my journey goes on and on

Jah knows what's best and my faith is in You
And I've seen so many obstacles trying to break me down
But I'm on the move
Day by day
I pray
And I know, I'm gonna make it through

But all these struggles in my life makes me stronger
When everybody gone, my journey goes on and on
But all these struggles in my life makes me stronger
When everybody gone, my journey goes on and on

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  1. Isiah George

    Love dis song😍🇹🇹

  2. Mzwandile Dlamini

    Dis guz is rocking each an every track z hit who agree with me #jahmiel

  3. Taevfia Burke

    struggles big up jahmiel yuh a true singa

  4. Jahmiel Ml

    Jahmiel ❤️

  5. MR. RUGGZ oliver


  6. Tajae Blake

    Who they here 2020

  7. Evans Kipsoi

    My journey goes on.

  8. Brah Miel

    Anyone still listening 2019👇

    it's keera

    Yep me!💯

  9. Alieu Agger Sowe

    Thegreatman.we need more like this one

  10. Abdul Razack Bonney

    when everybody gone my journey goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Abdulai Manneh


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  13. Webby Taylor

    Yes artist big up
    Promoter up up

  14. Sandra Richardson

    Morning 🌄🙋!👹?.

  15. Mama Rankus

    Jahmiel Tue so strong
    Some winds flew up entrance
    Lyrics and some tapping from the instrument side, Marks firm
    To your true fans. Trust me

  16. Acquah Harrison

    very touching

  17. lateefah prise

    2019 and this tune is still my favourite ❤️

  18. Kudakwashe Munemo

    2019 stll listnng

  19. Mama Rankus

    Sweet flag from you, jah tells all in the end

  20. kamkam momtooth

    All know

  21. Theron Music

    Day by day eno🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Dante Watson

    When everybody gawn my journey goes on #2019

  23. roxy&china DAGAYWAY

    I jus started crying 😭😭😭#2019

  24. Solomon Burnett

    We must get stronger , Jahmiel you are one of the world realest singer one love blood

  25. Tofa visuals Salimon tofatogod

    Best man ever nuff love ❤️ brother from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  26. Alagie Ceesay


  27. Luis Rocha

    Jahmiel eres el mejor hermano cantas bién

  28. Jessica amadu

    Omg your song is nice I her you bro

  29. Eliana Saig

    Loveeeeee that songggg

  30. Ibrahim Diaby

    Thing is hit mi a jam daily

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  32. Zaid Francis

    Love this video

  33. Earlena May

    U love watch .watch all day

  34. Earlena May

    Hey wat is checking .eazy .ppl talk so much bad on me . U ever prove

  35. Peaches Jahmiel

    Let's run the race .leave the camera

  36. Sebastião Manhice

    gosto mto desta musica

  37. Dawn Steven

    My favorite artist big up

  38. Kevon Halls

    Love in d house respect to u n ur music Keep it real Jahmiel forward ever

    Isaiah2345 Austin2345

    Travon anBoss

  39. Helen ‘GG’ Hendrickson Empressive Entz

    Jahmiel my new fave

  40. Micheal Pack

    Me girlfriend fuck up and gwan!.

  41. Tafadzwa Inasio

    U rock Jahmiel....... Keep the fire burning..... Dusk till dawn

  42. Dimitri Noel

    20 18 and beyond

  43. Matty Vibes

    we soon link up king .. bless up bro

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    In real life you d best Jahmeil UppppPPPPPP

  45. Matty Vibes

    Up up boss .. bless up

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    seet deh youth music

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    Love this artist I listen to his music all da time

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    make me stronger...JAH🔮

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    I swear this hits the spot. Relatable

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    Big tune!!

  51. Latoya Jenkins

    I love this song

  52. Kevon Halls

    Can't forget my days off dat n I will never forget where I'm from

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  54. fran tull

    You ah real youth! Love yuh energy and lyrics...deep pass yuh heart!

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    Feel u pian artist

  56. Genna Boss

    Tommy Lee

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    Big up bregen jamiel str8t

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    real talk

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    Notnice big up real youth

  60. Luis Bernal Garcia

    Good good

  61. Luis Bernal Garcia


  62. Cerrimay Miller

    Love this song big up ❤️❤️😍

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    Real song Mi nigga Ras Jaegan seh so bro.Bz mi seh

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    This songs so raw 💖

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    #Belize love jahmiel forward youth!

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    Reality cant stop play this song

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    realist... this is coming from tha heart real medz

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    Yes yute

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    jahmiel is just like killer t. Only that his music is inspiring and much more interesting

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    love song life is the hardness test to pass

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    Jesus only hope and salvation!
    Big up Jahmiel, real talk!

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    Doops Squad


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    If she nuh know hard times, she a no wife yet!!!

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    This song always motivates me

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    I love ur musik bro!!! please keep making more music like this!!

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    True song friend di deh when tings up an s boom fe u but when hard time come cah say I know weh dem deh but the journey goes on

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    no size

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    he is my best person who sings

  91. Sade Mascoll

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