Jahmiel - Strongest Soldier Lyrics

Izzle (Izzle)
Man get whole heap a love, whole heap a hate

More while a the love inna the streets
Haffi keep me up me G
When friends and family fail me (fail me)
Uh huh
And then me step inna me Vehic's
With a piece deh next to me
Fi enemies weh no stop pree me

Tell dem a the strongest soldiers get the hardest fight (hardest fight)
And a the realest people live the hardest life (hardest life)
Sun always shine, even after the darkest nights (hey)
So better days are on the way-ay-ay, uh huh

Man get whole heap a love, whole heap a hate
Whole heap a snakes behind faces
'Cause time show it
But man a put in the work
The race is not just for the swift
But who can endure it (who can endure it, yeah)

Tell dem a the strongest soldiers get the hardest fight (hardest fight)
And a the realest people live the hardest life (hardest life)
Sun always shine, even after the darkest nights
(Even after the darkest nights)
So better days are on the way-ay-ay
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Watch ya now

No fight nah come if you no great enuh
Waan we drop off a the top a the pinnacle
See we survive and a chat is a miracle
Think man would a crash inna vehicle too
A so evil people do
Dawg, dem have dem reason to
Dem cyaan stop the G blessing
Dem just teach me real lesson

Tell dem a the strongest soldiers get the hardest fight
(strongest soldiers get the hardest fight)
And a the realest people live the hardest life (hardest life)
Sun always shine, even after the darkest nights
(Even after the darkest nights)
So better days are on the way-ay-ay
(Better days are on the way)

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Jahmiel Strongest Soldier Comments
  1. Adam Adamson

    From Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  2. Tamica Horsford

    Am not jamaican but love that youth and his music and the words love his lyrics big up and youth keep rising for the sky

  3. Guillaume?? Norca??

    Walsh watts

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  6. Guillaume?? Norca??

    Louchant Noël

  7. Guillaume?? Norca??

    Bâte mwen passé thé youh l'agent

  8. paul waithaka

    to my realest uncle

  9. Nicolette Shaw

    Still 🔥🔥🔥 in 2020!!!

    When gospel music 🎶 couldn’t do it for me, the words of this song did. It made ways for light to shine in some dark areas of my life. Definitely one I’ll continue to listen to and will never get tired of hearing the words and the sparks ⚡️ it emits inside of me.

  10. Maxi K

    Nice good d son can good one bro your good . Be ecan d son

    Maxi K

    Nice one

  11. Marcelie Estrada

    2020 Still Listening 😍😣🎧

  12. Lote M


  13. Maurice Walker

    Jahmiel makes me so proud to be a strong Jamaican

  14. man of steel Goodmanll

    I understand him a little bit but i don't understand him a lot but this is a pretty cool song though.

  15. Kerlester Johnney

    Tell them ah d realest people live the hardest life ! #strong solider indeed

  16. Lisacourage Chirimuuta

    Nice pulloooooo

  17. DJ Peelout 'Mixtape Boss

    Patriotz Spain town 🔥🔥🔥🌍🇯🇲

  18. damien reneau

    The real king jahmiel real with vendetta BOSS real

  19. Sultan D'angelo

    I believe in your music

  20. Tara Smith

    Big up u damn self Jahmiel best ting rn

  21. Sandra Richardson

    Hardest fright "; nuff want you overcome";! Touchstone";!.

  22. Rose Thomas

    Still here January 2020✊

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  23. TJ Stacks

    2020 this been my jam right here yeah! Yah bless wake up Israel.

  24. Shazy Hosein

    This song bad for life

  25. Molatela Evelyn

    Im a fan
    All the way from South Africa😭😍🔥

    jonmarc james


  26. FireSage

    Can relate,,,

  27. king Vieira

    Keep yuh head high bro 💯👊💪

  28. Shazy Hosein

    Shazi bad

  29. D.A GAMES X

    Talk truth

  30. isaac bans

    JAHMIEL thank you for this song....you Boseup mi mind.

  31. Mannaverse Shaady


  32. jaiijaiistar pro

    Thank you lord

  33. moe al

    Ya strong bro like if they were that that angry and now they fight feel it all normally like me for years n shit ain’t no surprisesments but still proud. Serious pain years. That angry to someone getting tortured

  34. mmlili27

    Being a single parent who suffer from depression and memory loss...
    This song really helps to understand that this is a fighter for the strongest yes...
    Without my kids idk where i'd be...
    Honestly i feel like Im only alive because i have kids who are not 18yet...
    Guess im just waiting on them better days to come!!
    "strongest soldiers have the hardest hardest fight"

    Arsenally Keeper

    Be strong 💪 mami!!! You got it pray harder n harder🤗 sending you hugs!

  35. Amos Girard

    Such a great fucking song mi G...nuff respect ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  36. ianslabel

    2020 is almost here, become a Strong Soldier this next decade!

    Guillaume?? Norca??

    Soldats Alain norca famille NORCA

  37. Spana Bana

    Friends and families fail me 🤨

  38. Shawn Mac Speaks

    The Realist people with the hardest life..Fire...Gods we are....Salute


    Love this track ❤️🐾A.L

  40. Monique Robinson

    Bare knuckles!!

  41. Monique Robinson

    A better today!!!!

  42. Mr L wiseman

    To all of real ppl in the fight of life, never give up. Keep moving Forward

  43. Mickelia Lock

    I love this song

  44. dale rasmon cyrus

    How he no me ? thanks

  45. Taevfia Burke

    Jamiel u di best mi never stop listening to yuh song 😂🤣😊 when mi listen to him song mi feel happy jamiel stongest soilder 💪💪💪

  46. Zion Love Queen

    M.V.P.🙏🏿✡️💯🌍 The race it on for the swift but for who can Endure the strongest SoulJahs get the hardest fight🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️💛💚🖤💜

  47. OHKPodcasts

    0:16 solider

  48. antoine curry

    Respect too the soldiers going through the struggle

  49. Prof. Sherwin Cummings

    real life

  50. Professor T Nyoni

    bettr daez are onthe wae bigup urself great man

  51. Keresha Lewis

    Who listening Oct 2019?



  53. MR MENTION18

    Perfect star ❤

  54. Rydemsplert IMPARTIAL MUSIC

    Truth being talked. Very strong tune.

  55. Gilliany Patt

    Jahmiel next artist just like alkaline respect da too favrite artist for life all movado 2019 3 realls my favrite is allaline aka man him self

    Guillaume?? Norca??

    Aÿ l'OVE vous Martinique mariage hello chouchou beby vers gold Bayes trénelle

  56. Natasha Johnson

    Real song my youth

  57. Camea Clarke

    Am here

  58. Zubair Zulhaj

    " Di race is not just for the swift but who can endure it " realest shyt I ever heard❤

  59. Fiona Petersgill

    Real song

  60. Dinesh Paswan Dinesh Paswan


  61. Bambaya Sylla

    Tell dem the strongest soldiers get the hardest fight and the realest people live the hardest life but sun always shine even after the darkness night so better days are on the way 🔥🔥🔥🙏

  62. Ousman Sonko

    Better days around the way❤️

  63. BENNYBOIII vevo

    2019 stemb......👊👊🙏

  64. Aman Chopra


  65. Edson Beckles

    The realest ppl live the hardest life💯💯💯💯💯💯

  66. Christine Ries

    Life is the strongest thing what it gives ..with love inside

  67. Raww Soul

    Sun always shine even after the darkest night!!!! So better days are on the way, Nuh fight nah gwaan if yuh Nuh great eno!!!

  68. Clement Chinyanga

    Jahmiel, may we record a song together

  69. Ricardo Deane

    @itsjahmielvevo You had one job Editing this video, do it properly nah man, its SOLDIER, not Solider ..lmao

  70. Victor Owusu

    It is what it is 🙏🏾

  71. Maria lamaria

    Je suis francophone mais j adore jamiel ❤❤❤

  72. Arthur D Pelafalo

    its jahmiel bless op mi breda.

  73. Deidre Green

    The real lesbian you were Diking with look better than you.

  74. Lubi Kalimina

    ever classic

  75. Eric Barlow

    big song

  76. Uchiha Itachi

    biggg tune! 🇯🇲

  77. Sunshine Reggae

    Jahmiel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯 A real talk dat mi real and my life hard as fuck but things will get better one day. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  78. Lanario Agard

    Mrwe botqt noft vaoe lanario hoi ......gtyow ...................


  79. parr tv 1 parr tv 1

    Thanks yes get lots of hate.

  80. Cheng laughs

    Jahmiel and version need fi make a song together...two man them know how fi touch ppl heart

  81. Jewel Woods


  82. Alagiencaz Joof

    Bless you lots king ❤️❤️🇬🇲❤️

  83. Deidre Green

    The men had to have sex with each other too😯😂😂😂😂

    Deidre Green


  84. amiira Glean

    I love all his song it so good this is my fav

  85. RoseAnn AointedOne

    Better Days Are On The Way 2019

    RoseAnn AointedOne

    Who God Bless Let No One Curse Them

  86. Shivani M

    👌💯💯🇹🇹🇹🇹 true song 🙏🙏🙏 only god knows

  87. chemisha lyons

    Real meds. Strongest soldiers get the hardest fight

  88. Patient Makafui

    Supa Them

  89. christian elcock


  90. Kerri-Ann Pinnock

    Can come to Rosalie jahleil

  91. yahashanti moor

    His word are so true love this tune

  92. Anne Davis

    This song reflex 's my life.😷