Jaheim - Du & Jah Lyrics

What the deal Ja what's been going on?

Not a damn thing been going on
Looking for my ghetto queen

Alright, I heat that damn dog, you stressed
What you need love
Hold up let me gest
I'ma shoot you to the peppermint
Let you wild out

If my ghetto love's there

For sure no doubt

Got my dorag on gid it way to the back
Backbone, gymsuits, timbs, trunkin' back

You got voice

40 inch cable, got yo knife?

We ain't gon' need that tonight
But what you gon need is a shitty grill pack
It double off
4 wheels at the exit
After that t's on boy
Trust me when I tell ya walk around let'em smell ya
Hit the door cock somein post up
Play the cella Ja you smoke let me
No can't I got a philly and a jo
Here twist that shit lite it up
Fuck it nigga let's go

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Jaheim Du & Jah Comments
  1. Rashita Kelley

    Yes! Jah!

  2. Shieka G

    I love this album!! 

  3. Michelle Mason

    Jaheim is a BEAST!!!!!!!

    mythoughts 176


  4. Lyndell Fraser

    I wish they made this song was longer

  5. angela thurber

    lmfaooo this that shit !