Jae Millz - Who!? Lyrics

Browz they gon' hate you after this one
It's one to what? Let's go!

[Verse 1:]
Who the fuck want a problem with a problem with steam trees
Ironman status press cowards with steam tees
Catch me in the corner to somethin' wit some mean B'S
Im Harlem's best kept secret like I'm Kareem Reed
Comfy on the ave cuz I reps my shit
I got a crew why I need cops to protect my shit
Yeah I know cats haitn' but Im lovin' it
Thats why I park before deuce troop it out just for the fuck of it
You cant find a nigga in the city thats tougher
I got a 3-year run like TS at the Rucker
Don't tell me nothin' 'bout who da next to pop
Cause everybody who's supposed to been hot done flopped
Last year on the mixtapes I heard a lot of greasy rappin'
Now niggaz tryin' to see what happened
Everybody mad but you see I'm laughing
Their careers stuck at the toll I'm E-Z Passin'
It's Harlem to the death of me till ain't nothin left for me
Fuck showin' em how to do it I gave niggaz recipes
And your label knows you garbage
Thats why they got you sittin' on the shelf like you was made for a cabbage STUPID!

YEAH! I RUN NEW YORK MAN!(Get in touch wit me)

WHO (Who) wanna be the next to get it
and become the next statistic in da hood and tell me
WHO (Who) wanna try to get luck
and get left right beside their truck
Nigga lemme know
WHO (Who) wanna aim at the statue
Let the whole city vote get at'cha
Please tell me
WHO (Who) wanna call my bluff
Who think they friend can't get touched
Point him out nigga

[Verse 2:]
Back on da scene it's ya motherfuckin' man from da block
In da H where da cake can buck buck they shots
Never solo on da ave always posted with my gang
MH get it straight ain't a damn thing change
Bang! Back up don't make a nigga have to pull the 'Lac up
Hop up the front seat and act up
Stomp you all wit some hightops
and jump right back in da ESV and re-strap my straps up
Make sure my cuff is right fix my jacker
And pull my fitted back over my brows and light a sack up
You might as well pack up
And your album might've been hot but just hearin' you fucked all da tracks up
Lotta niggaz gon' get exposed once I do a number
Think about it be scared yeah you should wonder
Just think about when I swipe da throne
And even worse than that just think about when mice come home
Niggaz mad cause they raps is lame
And I flash them chains gettin' better yearly like Madden games money
I know your life don't go past your lane
Im passing fully stuffed vanillas you passin' grains
This is NYC at its best
I grew up runnin' my mouth for free now I breathe for checks and yes!
I ain't losin' not a thing
Fuck a headlock I got the streets in a million-dollar dream MOTHERFUCKER!

SWAT TEAM! (Your more welcome man)


Swat team man! Vado, Al, Reese!
Free Mike song thats da campaign
Its da statue!
Naj 2
They ain't fuckin' with ya boy man
E rolla!

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Jae Millz Who!? Comments
  1. Hector T

    I have been looking for this shit for YEARS. I saw this on BET late night when i was a teenager. This shit SLAPS

  2. P. Swizzy

    I think this joint was on the Back 2 tha Future mixtape 🔥

  3. Don Juan DeMarco The Conciliary


  4. Javon Womack

    Young vado and Jim Jones

  5. Dan_ Terio

    I thought he was next, this jawn was hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥#dammmm


    he had all the potential in the world. just signed bad deals. same as papoose

  6. Dunstin Checksin

    Description is hilarious.

  7. john donovan

    this kid hits hard. not sure why he never made it big

  8. Stack Bundles 4 Ever

    Rip Stack Bundles he bodied this 🔥🔥🔥 Jae millz did to

  9. Berto

    Can’t lie this dude always knew how to make good music straight 🔥🔥

  10. Antt Carmichael

    Son had the whole harlem behind him

  11. Bee R.

    K shine murdered him

  12. Carl Forrest

    K shine killed millz don’t argue with me he embarrassed himself it’s ashame

  13. Honestly Speaking

    Hearing this now years and years later its like he wrote the song goin at his future self lol everything hes saying about rappers falling off acting like they hot when they not this and that is actually who he is now. "Album been on the shelf", "people go be like what happend to u?" Just to quote a couple bars lol

  14. 5th ave Haz music

    Shit was trash lol

  15. NicklePlated 380

    This is the first time I ever saw this video. I only heard Stack Bundles rapping on this beat

  16. Shimmy Price

    Look at vado at 3:06

  17. David DePaul

    my version is better.... https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=2794703

  18. Bklyn988

    Yo CRACKtakular.... how you feeling about that statement you made in the description? Dis nigga still aint put out an album and he aint going to. 🤦🏽‍♂️ he is a casualty of war i guess. 😅😅

  19. tarends

    Still hot in 2k18

  20. Daniel Noel

    one of my favorite jae millz tracks

  21. celticsdude

    Takes me back to summer '05!!!!

  22. fresh3542

    Throwback lol and don't run new york

  23. Michael Chavez

    I Miss BET: Uncut

  24. JaeOnDeck

    He runs New York...lol

    Christopher Ayettey

    Shanewillabusone ???!

  25. TheChupi123

    millz had some good shit back then. its a shame he signed with trash money

  26. BP98201

    Tone & Nige fucked Jae Millz for years. If he wouldve dropped an album with this an No No No it wouldve went at least gold. Now he drops mixtapes and ghostwrites for Birdman.

  27. QBPhantom

    I bumbed that in my car back anderen forth. Fucken sick! And still is!!

  28. celticsdude

    Summer '05, memories!!!!! This song goes hard!!!!

  29. Nick Michael

    can anyone tell me where I can hear a high quality cut of this? I can't seem to find it anywhere, trying to burn it to my ipod, this sound quality isnt ideal

  30. Dimedivaduh

    I'm so embarrassed that's my uncle at the beginning. He said jae millz only offered him 5 dollars smdh. I just showed him the video Lml

    boss dawg

    I bet you're sexy

  31. jc smith

    This was the best he ever did

  32. Justin J-Monk

    RIP BIG L. dude was showing love to L but now hes on ymcmb damn thats wack jae got skills yo he needs to be signed to a good label or just be indie

  33. Kevin Williamz

    b4 Young Money Ruined Millz

  34. Jason Williams

    follow me on twitter

  35. Manny Fresh


  36. SealzMii

    Omgggg my song <3 So many memories.

  37. Michael Burmy

    How does it feel being a PHARISEE?

  38. Blackshotme 12

    > .................................

  39. indianog06

    Jae Millz was the man back then. I really liked all of his old tracks but he kind of became average now, maybe because he's not getting a chance to prove himself right now. Still waiting for songs like this one by him.

  40. BP98201

    @1kingsnoopy he needs to get the fuck outta miami and back on lenox, then he'd get his swag back

  41. Nick LeFrancois

    no one wants to go to your myspace

  42. Torian Staples

    underground classic get em mills

  43. 23thedoom

    i remember this

  44. MCSPAS914212

    @RDoubt96 yeah

  45. LucaToni101

    this shit is still great in 2012

  46. King Holmes

    he should have stayed like this

  47. canibusnj

    @RDoubt96 JEEEAH!!! LOL

  48. fujin II

    @1kingsnoopy O ya!! Rememba dis back in da day 2.

  49. RDoubt96

    Was that Carl Thomas at 1:12?

  50. gear091

    as I want to download

  51. FoamsSincePenny

    i see u vado....

    but stack bundles freestyle over this

  52. Streamz323

    To the uploader: Being signed to Lil Wayne doesn't mean SHIT! It just means you gettin fucked for your money by as midget with dreads who's getting fucked for HIS money by a tatted up cancer patient

  53. KinG FitZ

    @MoodMuzikFilez its funny because our facts are not found

  54. MoodMuzikFilez

    @LiLFitzdatboi didnt i say to hit me with some facts???? which u didnt and completely changed the subject.... ur making urself look stupid right now... thats why u started messaging me cause u know ur acting dumb on here... if u aint gonna hit me with facts move on and continue to spit wack raps over unoriginal beats that sound like the majority of the wack shit u hear on the radio...

  55. KinG FitZ

    @MoodMuzikFilez I listen to all legends in raP I'm a lyricist something you hate on I love all rap real hi

  56. KinG FitZ

    @MoodMuzikFiles lol calm down mr hip hop trust me I know a lot 1 I am a fan of true hip hop Charles aint that but he was in that lil battle lol I'm not even a fan of him 2 u want to marry Joe burden 3 Joey is a beast so is j dilla 4 u too sensitive

  57. MoodMuzikFilez

    @LiLFitzdatboi next time u say somethin please hit me with actuall facts.. cause what im saying can easily be proven.. if u look it up u can find Cassidy bitching out on the battle against Budden.. and u can find Hamilton's bum ass gettin murdered at a barber shop..bring tissues with u as u watch em tho cause ur pussy might start to hurt... u know cause the TRUTH HURTS!

  58. MoodMuzikFilez


  59. MoodMuzikFilez

    @LiLFitzdatboi like i said Cassidy bitched out against Joe Budden when Budden clearly challenged him.. now what type of bitch shit is that. Cassidy didnt have a problem going against Freeway. why not Budden? get off charles dick by the way.no one listens to him anymore. claiming he spiritualy knew J dilla my ass. why did i even mention Dilla anyways? u prolly dont know who he is cause u obv dont no shit.. i once heard Charles gettin dissed badly at a barber shop.. never heard budden losing tho

  60. KinG FitZ

    @TygaIsTheShit ?

  61. KinG FitZ

    @MoodMuzikFilez nice try dissing me though it hurts your feelings that i hurt yours while i'm really laughing at you. and CHARLES? trust me they were trying to out do each other thats what true BATTLE MCs do they try to out do each other on radio, in cyphers and battles, on mixtapes, albums and tours. Slaughter house even know buddens wasnt ready that day so...he lost even though he way better than charles. but anyway CASS BEATS BUDDENS METHODMAN TOO. ps i listen to BAD MEETS EVIL royce n em

  62. KinG FitZ

    @MoodMuzikFilez lol yo disses have the effect of LIL B u so tough and I like slaughter house a lot...buddens is last in the group. And you gay worried bout my name, naming yourself after another man and I'm far from wack. I never rock weird anything lol i am a lyricist trust me, maybe you cross dress with yo gay ass lol like i said if you cant rap dont talk. yo whole life is 1 artist get your own brain smh old hip hop heads n lyricists know i got flow and kill HIP HOP BEATS stop hating

  63. MoodMuzikFilez

    @LiLFitzdatboi i didnt even rap and i just dissed the shit out of you...LMAO

  64. MoodMuzikFilez

    @LiLFitzdatboi OH YEAH AND I HOPE UR RAP SKILLZ AREN"T AS WACK AS YOUR NAME...seriously with a name like that!!!! IM PRETTY SURE THAT UR WACK... listen to unorignal rap beats produced by Bangladesh... bump music that appeals to the radio... talk about swag... rock weird ass glasses...cross dresses...ECT ECT

  65. MoodMuzikFilez

    @LiLFitzdatboi Joe Budden lost to charles? no one was tryin 2 out do anybody on that so what are talking about... and none of those MCs u named have shit on the slaughterhouse crew... when i say Budden raps with heavyweights im saying he keeps up with them on the same song as well, he keeps up with Royce, Crooked, Joell Ortiz, Eminem... all them dudes is among the best in the game.. Cory Gunz is garbage.. all he does is throw big words in a song and raps fast... he doesnt say shit in his raps

  66. KinG FitZ

    @MoodMuzikFilez i didnt know joe buddens lil groupie was so CRAZY lol joe buddens is excellent but CASS would kill him n tell how much money then? if buddens lost to CHARLES HAMILTON on live radio n they wrote at the same time how can he beat CASS? he has rapped with cory gunz, fabolous, jadakiss, styles p, drag-on, DMX, jr writer, bone thugs n harmony, papoose thats heavy weights trust me i like both but i think cass got him i listen to lyrics.but BATTLE ME I SWEAR I WILL DESTROY YOU FOR FREE

  67. MoodMuzikFilez

    @LiLFitzdatboi u know whats more funny.. how Cassidy told Joe Budden to throw down more money than what he was supposed to throw down to battle when he knew that Joe Budden didnt have that much... sounds like a sissy bitch tryin to find his way out. shows how much you know bout Budden.. anyone who actually knows Budden knows Budden as a sick battle MC..he already murdered Game and Saigon.. guess Cassidy didnt want to be next..plus i dont see Cassidy rappin with hiphop heavyweights like Budden..

  68. KinG FitZ

    @MoodMuzikFilez lol u funny joe budden cant win in that battle, cassidy nice af but they will be close lol

  69. MoodMuzikFilez

    @LiLFitzdatboi Cassidy aint shit anymore... he bitched out on a battle against Joe Budden... Cassidy is old news now

  70. Chavon

    Haha, damn, I used to play this track a lot. This, and 'No No No' led me look for all of Jae Millz' mixtapes that he had released at the time.

  71. Big Zak

    Millz didn't change listen 2 the flood mixtape.... he still got got bars

  72. KinG FitZ

    Cassidy will eat any artist without the beat thats his best work
    Meek Mill just say stuff to make you stop rappin
    Jae Millz is in a position to run the game if he use his old style

    battle rappers should use their 1st styles.....raw talent over everything

  73. darren kong

    if i had a dollar for every pixel in this video, i would have $1

  74. Brandon Howell

    @1kingsnoopy nigga millz is still spittin

  75. COReYY101096

    his whole style changed now days he be rappin about lollipops n shit

  76. █████

    shit millzy....hottest rapper out of the H...

  77. DanBatess

    New White rapper C-weed---------> Next best metaphore rapper thumbs up if it was worth it SUBSCRIBE!!!! ;p
    Im just tryna come up people please I believe everyone deserves a shot an i got 1 bullet left....
    Plz Subbscribe or just even check me out...Whats a rapper without his fans.....Much love people...GOD BLESS

  78. FederalTracks

    @MHupdates i think homeboy jack this from me to type( Feddytracks lazy afternoon The Type J Millz Lazy afternoon) Tell me if im Wrong For Thinkin This!!!

  79. Alex

    THe Muthafucking Uploader fucked da video up with all that got damn writing!!!!!!!

  80. Bo Baines

    jae millz dat nigga doe...and yall check me out plz

  81. focusdakid

    @HarlemzMostHated lol. just turn off the annotations by clicking the red bubble right underneath the video.lol

  82. Know The Ledge

    Vado > Jae Millz

  83. Baellee

    Lil' Wayne is lucky to be able to brag about all the talented artists he has recruited to Young Money- Curren$y, Drake and Jae Millz... <3

  84. Sir Jerold French

    0:11 the we are young money cartoon makes now lol

  85. João Fernandes

    This guy is good every where. EVEN IN YOUNG MONEY
    ^ to all the haters

  86. Jay Dollaz

    SLIMEEEEE!! 3:04

  87. Kevin Hill

    @annarxAUDIA4 See... i think that's the problem right now. Niggaz aint doin it from the heart no mo, they just starvin' and dyin' to shine! Do you think Millz even like to do what he's forced to do right now? You hear his late shit with Young Money and he seems uncomfortable hangin' with these clowns. No diss, its just the opinion of a 28 years old guy that experienced hip hop's better days... Dont get it twisted, i like Drake, i think he's you young people saviour for real!

  88. NY_Mets_Giants

    This is when Jae Millz could "ACTUALLY!" flow. Now he is horrible. His last few Young Money mixtapes were trash. He lost his hunger when he signed with Wayne and is now getting paper to rap southern now.

  89. SkrrT MasterZ Gathering

    the only really good rapper on young money...

    actually, im not gonna lie, drake had flows before young money, but sadly not now.

    but this guy flows, and he doesnt have those annoying raggy rap voice nor do the beats sound repatitive, uncommon thing for mainstream rappers today

  90. HoodStyles2

    @umadhuh listen to this again and listen to the new Jae Millz shit and notice the difference in his music from when he was with Wanna Blow and Young Money. Very big difference. He used to be hungry and now that he has it all, he let himself go with the music. He still comes out with those good joints every now and then but it doesnt beat the old Jae Millz. If he goes back to battling, maybe things will heat up again.

  91. Layzie07

    @umadhuh Actually I never liked Jay or Em to begin with

  92. Intellectual Quota

    Check out the Intellectual Quota freestyle to this beat, he murdered it.


    he aint the same no mo =(

  94. Lawson S


  95. Phillip Edwards

    Vado the nigga he had by his side for years is now outshinning him. Damn!

  96. Chavon

    Forgot about this one. This shit was niiiice.

  97. clarence Williams


  98. GeneralVan

    this was my shit! now he is just off. i heard songs from young money and they suck. but don't hate, he had to do what he had to do.

  99. Theprophet524

    @nickoldeon90 yea he's not the same but I guess he felt he had to make a move so he did

  100. game2game101

    thats vado in the video with the blue adiddas hood