Jae Millz - Uptown Anthem Lyrics

[DJ Self (Jae Millz):]
Most Hated
DJ Self, the prince of New York
Jae Millz
We takin' y'all to the 90s
(This like 1993, I do believe)
(Shout out to the whole Jersey)
(We gon' go Uptown)
(Harlem, PO10NT)
(Let's go)

First off shout out to Uptown
And all of the straps hangin' on Uptown
Fake niggas wanna say "what's up" now
'Cause they know I'm on it so they wanna dodge the bus now
Well I'mma still run your ass over
Jerome [?] no pads over
Same short chubby nigga that they passed over
Now I'm Benny Parker last scene laugh's over (blaow!)
I'mma do it till the death
I'm goin' for the kill no BFFs
Got my own text, I don't need a ref
Pussy I leave you bloody, period, PMS
Thinkin' you got a winner you can keep her though
Your girl is a dyke and you don't even know
I've been torn down in the trump
Fuck the five times and I only saw once
That's a hell of a night, she got one hell of a frame
I'm one hell of a mane, and you some motherfuckin' lame
Act right, or there'll be nothing left upon ya
I put money on ya like I'm bettin' on ya
My heart, there's no fear in there
Where I'm from we turn niggas to disappearing acts
His baby mother called but he never hit her back
'Cause he in the bakin' house dead, sleepin' with the rats
Grew up with the Gs so I knows how to read a trap
Alphabet boys think a nigga can't hit 'em snaps
Snaps, I'm just too cool
Call me Millzy D. Williams, I move too smooth
No Colt 45 though
When he caught 45 though I got a 45 flow
Uptown hustler till I go
And whenever I go
They gon' parade for me like Huddy, Harlem love me
I'm a motherfuckin' God Uptown
And since Big L died I've been king of them bars Uptown
And every day my squad Uptown
Most Hated, we [?], nah nah, we are Uptown
Y'all ain't got a nigga back on that I don't give a fuck again
Whoever ain't feelin' this fuck 'em then, tuck 'em in
Other than us, you can't talk about the realest
Dome check a nigga like you Old Man [?]
Where I'm from Bishop turned kids into killas
Turned half of the jump shooters into goons and hittas
Used to look up to the Gs back in 1993
Now the young niggas lookin' up to me
Millzy, nigga

[Jae Millz (DJ Self):]
(Jae Millz) Uptown
Fuck with me though, PO10NT
(Bam) Bang
(DJ Self, Let's get it)

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Jae Millz Uptown Anthem Comments
  1. Tony Stank

    '91 actually

  2. I am hip hop anime lover

    So sad he on ymcmb hes one of the nicest on that label him drake and Cory gunz

  3. KillaF

    #BodiedTheTrack #Rip

  4. Baloo Stewart

    Ole fresh @east orange rainbow room

  5. J Princeton

    Respect! Loved that Naughty track. JUICE!

  6. Eddie Sille

    J u could do better...