Jae Millz - T.R.O.Y Lyrics

Rest in peace to the real ones
I take a sip, better Henny and I spell something
To prepare for your date cause the will come
OG told me one that have pied and built one
Remorse for the lames, I don't feel nothing
When the Prada come in, that's so my income
And one dollar but I lost a couple friends y'all
I lost a couple to the jail, sales inside
I lost a couple to the rip babe in the cemetery
The real shit is never [?] when memory blurry
Never did my nigga drop jewels now truly always saw me
Nobody got you, like you got you
Keep my circle tight cause I got a block of intruders
Niggas play the homie roll but the importuners
Flip my daughters in the eyes, you said I gotta do this
Passport to stand caught where our [?] rumors
I wake up on my grind like every day
No way, but I need every cake
Got a direct line on some steady wave
Fresh off the boat and delivery to every state
Cellphone, keep them best service, or whatever souls in a while got me nervous
Talking to my slime on a line, ecstatic first thought
And he will fuck up automatic
Cause it's tragic, when you're sitting in the court room
Acting like the phone tap tapes, you know 'bout every diamond shits creep
The gavel swim and it hit deep
Deep down in your heart you know they got you deep
I'm going for the top, spot it all cold
And coming at the kings neck like Paul George
Whoever got the crown I want a different small in on
Even if it don't, flip my hand out tilt it off
Boy you speak like you Juffy at the wall dwarf
And fuck your girl and standing up, and making up a world crow
Worldwide hustler, the money and [?]
I'm all way to travel and somebody call war
The kid lyin' in the mean zone
And playin' times that I shoot and your teams on
But my daughter, everything she wanted for Christmas
But I ain't having wishin', daddy had a hit list
And I'm 'bout to start checkin' rappers niggas off
Watch me kill these niggas, whoever stays off
I'm just getting where I came for and I'm still me
Even when you cut the fame of music

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