Jae Millz - This Is Why I'm Hot Lyrics

This is why I'm hot[x2]
This is why[x2] uh
This is why I'm hot (uh)
This is why I'm hot[x2] whoo
This is why[x2]
This is why I'm hot

I'm hot coz I'm fly (fly)
You ain't coz you're not (mims)
This is why [x2]
This is why I'm hot[x2]

[Verse 1:]
This is why I'm hot
I dont gotta rap
I can sell a mill sell you nothing on the track
I represent New York
I got it on my back
And they say that we lost it
So I'mma bring it back
I love the dirty dirty
Coz niggas show me love
The ladies start to bounce
As soon as I hit the club
But in the Midwest
They love to take it slow
So when I hit the H
I watch you get it on the floor
And if you needed hyphy
I take it to the bay
Frisco to Sac town
They do it eryday
Coppin a Hollywood
As soon as I hit LA
I'm in that low low
I do it the cali way
And when I hit the Chi
People say that I'm fly
They like the way I dress they like (they like my) my attire
move crowds from side to side
They ask me how I do it and simply I reply


[Verse 2:]
This is why I'm hot
Catch me on the block
Every other day
Another bitch another drop
16 bars, 24 pop
44 songs, nigga gimme what you got
I'm in there driving cars
Push them off the lot
I'm into shutting stores down so I can shop
If you need a bird I can get it chopped
Tell ne what you need you know I get 'em by the flock
I call my hommie black meet me on the ave
I hit wash heights with the money in the bag
we into big spinners
See my pimping never dragged
Find me with different women that you niggas never had
For those who say they know me know I'm focused on my cream
Playa you come between you'd better focus on the beam
I keep it so feen the way you see me lean
And when I say I'm hot my nigga this is what I mean


[Verse 3:]
This is why I'm hot
Shorty see the drop
Ask me what I paid and I say yeah I paid a ?quap?
And then I hit the switch that take away the top
So chicks around the way they call me cream of the crop
They hop in the car
I tell them all about
We hit the studio they say they like the way I record
I gave you black train and I did you wrong
So everytime I see them and they tell me that's their song
They say I'm the bomb
They love the way the charm hanging from the neck
And compliments the arm which compliments the ear then comes the gear
So when I hit the room the shorties stop and stare
Then niggas start to hate rearrange their face
Little do they know I keep them things by waistside
I reply nobody gotta die
Similar to lil wiz coz I got the fire


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Jae Millz This Is Why I'm Hot Comments
  1. emi nem

    (DotEXE diss track)

  2. kathryn rose ortega

    Who in theeee fuk knows the north side version NHS one why can't I find it fml

    Tyler Harris

    kathryn rose ortega You aint cuz you not fuck nigga!!

  3. smexi stephie

    @Teddy4hiphop i saw other pictures of her and from what i saw she is not a attractive women.

  4. Teddy4hiphop

    @smexistephie no she is not it jus a bad pic

  5. smexi stephie

    remys a good rapper but bitch ugly as hell

  6. Nick Sands

    good song....but talk about a one hit wonder

  7. Dillon Wright

    @2006Monel I feel so old too

  8. manuel martinez

    lol i feel old lol wow 07

  9. wontoonaki

    @UndergroundStru no one was payin the fool enough for his skills. he is betta than all them young money bitches too

  10. SpeakMyMind500

    @Gutek313 oh ok I thought it was Bob Marley or something.

  11. em9886

    @DynastyEmpire because weezy sucks dick

  12. aNiggaVladsent toprison

    @essentialJLars hes wit gay ass ym

  13. Rocket Man

    @gnrlherpes and look at this little girl callin' people "e-gangstas".

  14. Rocket Man

    @DynastyEmpire Actually, Im just a 20 year old college student who doesn't like Lil Wayne because I can't enjoy a new song without hearing that niggas voice on it. So don't get it twisted, I follow no man.

  15. Timothy Alan

    @TriggaC74Oh, I apologize. I just wasn't aware that this was a fucking grammar class! look you're probably some 35 year old gargantuan gelatinous waste of space who hates on lil wayne because the world doesnt like him and you're just a follower! or you're some little kid who has access to the internet but word to the wise...its called opinion! and everybody has one so before you go responding to something someone said 3 weeks ago, how about you try and remember that?

  16. Timothy Alan

    @TriggaC74 shut yo hating asssssss up!

  17. Rocket Man

    @DynastyEmpire because he doesn't need to be on every fucking song in america and where ever else.

  18. aventari


  19. Dalvin Anderson

    Jae Millz with Young Money

  20. Timothy Alan

    why is wayne not on this??

  21. Dorian Lassiter

    Remy was the best on this

  22. webmike720

    this is more of a mashup then remix!

  23. Th0rne

    that bitch cant spit she aint ill what u on.

  24. iii Chaos

    remy killed it

  25. Shakey

    the jamaican dude's name is Junior Reid

  26. RealEyesRecogniseRealLies

    this nigga mims = wack

  27. SnowySnagel

    ita a nice song :D describes me to 100 %
    (sorry for spelling i am swe :P)

  28. Kete838

    Very good!!!! Thumbs up!!

  29. Kumal Ariana

    "this is why this song is hot" nice remix song

  30. Khalid El

    love this song

  31. quivid5

    i not a spammer but watch the this is why im hot remix from youngninjapimpin its great!

  32. KingUgur44

    at 5:38

  33. KingUgur44

    who is the gay boy which wears a dress

  34. JokHif

    "this is why im blood" "this is why im blood"

  35. icemantheman

    too much junk music. And the rasta just messes up the whole song

  36. crimsonheroX7

    and this is why its dead, these niggas like they bread
    yet they say they got cheese, its one hundred degrees
    they acting all fruity, dropping to they knees
    and songs with mims come out of the breeze
    lyrics are becoming dead and beats are becoming toast
    even got songs where its nothing but a roast
    so i said why not give it a heads up
    but another song like this is whaddafuck

    not even freestyling, just expressing my points on this song in lyrical format

  37. LaRue

    Co-Sign....hardly any valuable content

  38. Kribby2k6

    lol muppett

  39. vakrilov

    well miss you, hip hop

  40. TouchU4Life

    i luv the fuckin mega remixs

  41. Dee Greatest

    just get da twista and r.kelly parts in it den it will really b tight

  42. Commander Waffles

    any1 know where to find this version

  43. Bob Smith

    this y this is y wer hot come on we rapersent ny come on pple

  44. Jean Philippe Lapierre

    This is my song. You can`t get any hotter then this

  45. ETMusicPage

    Check out my new song Crank Yo Thizz Face at.

  46. Elpaso Promotions

    no first junior reid than lilwayne end baby cham

  47. Elpaso Promotions

    this is why im hot your good man your good in this shit your in one of my first man

  48. Emelie Smd

    stop cursing cause my daughter is 4 and she read that AND it's NOT tight

  49. Emelie Smd

    how can u like dis song it sucks the south park remixis better

  50. Emelie Smd

    lol soth park remix is funier hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is not cool this remix sucks ****

  51. AnnaNessa

    this song so solid dis beat off every hook MIMS kno jus what he was doin!!!!

  52. chocolat80

    there is about 10, this is why im hot, this is why we hot, this is why you flopped, this is why i rock, this is why im cold, this is why im kellz, this is why im 50, we are from the block... and versions from marques huston...etc

  53. Spanky

    how many remixs does he have of this song:S??

  54. StrickByLight

    sanq dit is wel een vette mix :)

  55. Jazlyn Brown

    You have to read this!! you won't believe it!!! don't stop now!! make a wish
    Now that you have your wish it will happen! in exclatly 4 days. just copy this and paste it to 4 videos!! only one wish use it wisely and it WILL HAPPEN!!! but if you break the chain your wish will be the opposite

  56. Josh

    dis song is to wicked. DAMN its waaaaaaaay More dan wicked

  57. Manj

    J Millz lyrics with Mims voice would be hot :O

  58. CJTI

    Shudda Added MH's remix.

  59. chadme

    remy ma

  60. disa from the block

    some ppl doesnt know what ALT + F4 does when you press those buttons together... shit ppl :/
    go learn to use a computer
    then you can spam every clip on youtube with those foked up chain message

  61. Coskun Uyumaz

    this is why I'm cold...

    I'm cold couse I'm hot
    you hate couse you not
    this is why (this is why)
    this is why i'm Cold

  62. pnbdash

    im hot cause u not!

  63. jaquan03

    fucking hot im fly and you not

  64. k129h8

    dis is why we woy

  65. Haylie Gladden

    i luv this song especially this remix version

  66. Jannon Birch

    dont get me wrong this is a hot song but i have to say between rem and jae millz they make this remix

  67. DannyBucky

    thats why hes hot!!!!

  68. BellaSweet5

    yo remy ODed on this song.. oh shyt she is fyyyya