Jae Millz - The God Lyrics

Established in New York City
Girl you know where I met with

I'm up early in the morning
I got to get it,
'Cause I got to get it
Yeah, I got to get it.

[Verse 1:]
Oh, I'm up early in the morning all these niggas sleeping
Laid out, they're tired, they partied all weekend
All my niggas hungry and all these niggas eating,
So now I'm taking shit, fuck feeling we're competing, what up?
Are you swagged out, watch when is Karl Bay
Leave a real fowl stain on the bowl Maints,
Niggas it's presence balled down no arms huggin
Approach me as the God which your palm's touching
Niggas say I changed I say motherfuck em
You call me a home record I say she never loved them
A good blunt, good salad, thousand dollars in above it,
Some bake city then give me a beat that I could fuck em,
And then is really dinner time, nigga
So it ain't just to make Forbes I'm on my genuine
Nigga watch me doing Karl Louis to the finish line nigga,
Stone wash product I'm a vintage line nigga,
And I don't need no hook for the shit,
But if I did put a hook on the shit
And then probably go.

Bow down no arms hugging,
Approach me with the God which your palm's touching.

[Verse 2:]
Nowadays I get highs I wanna raise sleep hell slow
I get flies I wanna I'm a uptown nigga till I die so when I
I'm just cope something new to rejoy every summer,
Hold up is father millzie church nigga, all prayers is due
Our birth niggas
A lot of niggas some of the hottest niggas,
Most loved and hated for my style you must got it nigga
One man but I'm too raw
Push up on your bitch like my living room floor
My little slime out here chief keefin with this boys
And he'll let that hammer fly, eat your ass like dough
I wanted control of the town so I kill the flocks
My crew is not fucking around and I sing the chorus
But I just wanna say

Bow down no arms hugging,
Approach me with the God which your palm's touching.

[Verse 3:]
Rest in peace star real niggas
You're riding to the N grip you ill nigga
European luggage form my travels
Hall through your hood like scavage
Hall through your hood like compressed plints and capsules
I'm like graffiti in bathrooms with bad fumes
Scully with the link bars, corner store shit
I'm on that Wu Tang and you want me, '94 shit
Yea, shout out to my wash tights niggas
Yea papi still got it, that's for life nigga
Solid gold under the ice, nigga
In front of the pizza shop, eatin a slice nigga
You could get a autograph or your jaw smashed
I drag you all over the road like a tour staff
I'm on that vintage Versace, Chanelle shit
I do my job and I do it well bitch
Fuck Evil Knievil, I can lay a verse and post a tweet
while I'm getting head and that's why the L lit
Heavy whip flow, I make the scale flip
My lines need to be on some pile shit

When Millz speak the world darkens
And fly shit I rock it like hard it

Lil nigga bow down, no arms huggin
Approach me with the God which your palm's touching.

Father Millzie
All praises due
Established in New York Cuty
Please, approach me with the God which your palm's touching.

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Jae Millz The God Comments
  1. prince milano

    What happen to his voice

  2. sangone diene

    this is my favorite for long time

  3. Art Da Prophet


  4. mr logick

    Shit hard respect

  5. Claudius Boasman

    I think that Jae Millz is one of those ill niggaz that never made it big. He battles and makes hot songs. I think he was a little bit after his time. When he came out the south was popping so dude never really got a fair shake. Keep doing your thing Jae.

  6. Rafii Guasp

    you know u aint do shit in mainstream when u type in the niggas name and the whole first page is still URL battles from like 10 years ago.and i can see why now

  7. Jermaine Quincy

    He needs to get with Juicy J or Birdman to get some swag in his flow....it's all flow and nothing to hold you to it. How did this nigga make it on Puffs radar?

  8. Kevin Randle

    In the beginning he started to sound like the game to me.

  9. Sven Opitz-Maschner

    thats dope !

  10. Matt Dorlaque

    sounds like a wanna be crooked I to me

  11. Bret Landry

    im pretty sure he wont leave ym cause he gets paid to ghostwrite for wayne :p

  12. tjmack010


  13. poetmm

    he been on cash money for how long and never drop a album if i was him i would just go independent

  14. Matt Beezy

    He done fell off this shit is weak

  15. GenMusic856

    Yea ik, that's a shame cause he sounds weird now.

  16. Maurice Fields


  17. carl Williams

    this nigga is ass gibbs all day

  18. KiN CAMELL


  19. BP98201

    good one..tell him to his face. internet THUG

  20. noah jones

    i just subbed to ur page. id like to hear more of your work. maybe we can collab in the future. i've worked with all kinds of artists from crooked i, nipsy hussle, W.C. and plenty more.

  21. Shahryar Sabouri

    The beat sounds a lot like DMX's "Get It On the Floor".

  22. cc carr

    i been fuckin with millz since the battling days... dis the old millz... i wanna see him come back to battlin so bad it would help him i think get his buzz back

  23. BP98201

    nice beat mang

  24. Khardier Da G.o.d

    Thank you. I, Khardier (Car-D-Air) Da G.o.D Produced this record.

  25. Khardier Da G.o.d


  26. BP98201

    im white and like this. hes just one of those ignorant assholes

  27. XeIpherpolis

    He's rhyming the words that come before that you moron, I don't expect a whiteboy like you to relate to ghetto music. You say it's so trash but you stayed long enough for you view to count. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  28. dylan doodical

    almost as terrible as lil wayne. Nigga does not rhyme with nigga dammit.


    he murda dis shit

  30. BP98201

    yes you are

  31. vondior


  32. calvin thomas

    the god

  33. Datheatre40

    this song goes real hard big up jae millz and my up town fam peace to the god datheatre 40 you tube

  34. Fas Cash

    He smoking 2 many blunts gotta switch to them papers

  35. GenMusic856

    Good point lol

  36. BP98201

    10 years of blunts

  37. BP98201

    Ya they pay him well

  38. Damien


  39. SuperShisto


  40. cheechvda

    What happened to his voice?

  41. shaKe esKobar

    is he still signed to YMCMB..?

  42. Reime Schemes

    This is a hot song.

  43. joseph gourgue

    man man man i really hope this is a sign of a come back.

  44. Chris Lambert

    Bow down no arms huggin, approach me as the God wit cha palms touchin!!

  45. BP98201

    crack love it

  46. GenMusic856

    Why is his voice so different from '03? I know ppl's voices change over the years but damn...

  47. Me Hi

    I want jae millz to battle again

  48. Me Hi

    I challange anyone im better than everyone ja mills style ur money younger than toddlers bro wack bars yall got


    Fire millz!

  50. Marcus Tha 1st

    I hope he stay on this wave.. that fast ass lil wayne type songs is ass.. but this fire..

  51. Mmoloki Mmalane

    This nikka never ever disappoint!

  52. VirginiaMusicMonster YQ

    this shit crazy hard.. this nigga been a monster tho

  53. Fernando Martinez

    gudda and millz the shit. check oit my page for some rap

  54. Casey Macias

    he killed that

  55. Chris Lambert

    Cant wait fa #DP2 Millz got dat work mayne

  56. Miro Mayne

    Damn, Millz his flow improved and his voice more crispy...dope!

  57. shobwoii glitch

    whats the instrumental??? please

  58. Mike Radwanski

    Sick beat