Jae Millz - Shining Lyrics

Shine, shine, shine, shine
I be shining on them hoes
Shine, shine, shine, shine
I be shining on them hoes
Watch me shine, shine
Watch me shine
Watch me shine on them niggas
I'll be shining, shining
I'll be shining
I'll be shining on them niggas

I don't wanna talk I don't wanna listen
I just wanna watch how my watch glisten
And baby I don't give a damn 'bout the time
I just like to watch how my watch glisten
I call it shining, they call it ignant
I tell a broke nigga, "Pay attention"
On Twitter I got haters all in my mentions
Same niggas you see at the light with fucked up engines
Go handle that, let me handle this
I show a Spanish bitch where the Atlantis is
They say I'm living reckless, I tell 'em, "So?"
Since I can't take it with me when I go, I'll be shining

Shine, shine, shine, shine
I be shining on them hoes
Shine, shine, shine, shine
I be shining on them hoes
Watch me shine, shine
Watch me shine
Watch me shine on them niggas
I'll be shining, shining
I'll be shining
I'll be shining on them niggas

They say be easy, I say I'm okay
I'm on that OG, these niggas owe Jae
Getting away with murder, wearing that he gotta chill
That jewelry bout as real as a three dollar bill
My Rolex gold, face color Champagne
Your Rolex make me laugh, circus gun, bang bang
They say I'm spending reckless, I tell 'em, "So?"
Since I can't take it with me when I go, I'll be shining

Shine, shine, shine, shine
I be shining on them hoes
Shine, shine, shine, shine
I be shining on them hoes
Watch me shine, shine
Watch me shine
Watch me shine on them niggas
I'll be shining, shining
I'll be shining
I'll be shining on them niggas

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Jae Millz Shining Comments
  1. Ja He

    This is exactly why I don't like watching today's rap battles all the crowds care about is who do the most hollering and all the hoo rah shit instead of real actual bars.

  2. Chale Chal

    “Welcome back, sike, zip him up.” Shine ruthless 😅

  3. Richard Q

    Triple G never beat up Adrian broner 😂😂 I think he meant Marcos Maidana!

  4. Terrell Moses

    I kept clearing my throat every time Shine rapped.

  5. Jacob Neal

    It's so funny I'm 37 from Millz era, and it's like he don't realize he getting killed. Shine killed E-ness and Millz. It's different now a whole different type of presentation and hunger now. They are making the money that's been due an Shine still rap like he hungry.

  6. Dangerous Dejesus

    Millz washed k shine I hate k shine just telling some bullshit n is garbage yelling sweating the chicken grease out his body n millz just cooking

  7. Laro Barter

    Lol sacrificed millz for his come back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Finale Stack Up

    Welcome back...... sike ZIP EM UP

  9. AlphaDomX

    Everybody Wants To Go Home Except Millz in the 3rd ...GARBAGE ASS NIGGA

  10. AlphaDomX

    Jae Millz Bars Match His Fit..Throwback 90s Garbage..3-0 Shine

  11. GCxZENOx

    He said K better in his first bar lmao

  12. Lorenzo Barber

    Jae miilz wack.

  13. HXT De

    Millz: "I heard em say I hope Millz don't come with that 2002 shit"
    Den Millz: came with the 2002 shit. 😔😔😔

  14. HXT De

    Millz really thought he had a chance. 😂 Gettttem SHINE

  15. Donte Lewis

    Jae Mills need to retire AGAIN from battle rap and just b a full time ghost writer

    HXT De

    He could ghostwrite for Cass. They got similar style almost

  16. Tavian Heyward

    Jae go ahead and hang up the towel yo best line was something Wayne said 😂

  17. john wilson

    Wack ass crowd

  18. Kay Bradley


  19. David Jolly

    "They ain't catching it"....yes, yes we are.... facepalm head ass

  20. Robert Smith

    Shine wit a big 30

    DatBoy Cotvdotcom

    Dat nigga so overrated, even mook seem mo important to da culture than shine

  21. jonjon

    K shine is like LALALALALA
    my turn

  22. gv105468

    Millz is dated but K Shine was boring too

  23. edwin sesay

    Why they even showed Mills rounds is straight torture

  24. D. Moss

    Millz references are just too dated.
    This is sad.

  25. Top Of The Top News

    UNSUBSCRIBES from RARE BREED AND ALSO REMOVES this battle from my Watch history DAMMMN Millz is HORRIBLE!

  26. Nathaniel Adams


  27. keeb is king

    Laundry mill.


  28. SkeletalSounds _

    Mills: Y’all sleep y’all not paying attention. Ima take it back ! ...
    Everyone: 🤦‍♂️ PLEASE DONT TAKE IT BACK

  29. Jus_Munch


  30. Superior mindset Moore

    its almost 2020 we still aint catch it ..just how much later millz

  31. PoorQualityIsFunny

    Me: Millz you a FUCKING fat flamingo
    Millz: 6:55

  32. PoorQualityIsFunny

    5:50 This when the crowd said fuck Millz 😂

  33. Light Worker T.v

    “Inside Of A Apple Pie, This Nigga Wild Moist”
    -Jae Millz 🤣🤣🤣

  34. JayyBoogieTX

    Yeaaaaa Millz just chill where you were 😂😂

  35. Bigah Games

    K shine 3-0, Jae had SOME bars but the delivery + the crowd made this shit bad. "They'll get it later" shit didn't help too

  36. Steven Cartagena

    Millz did not do bad at all but battle rap style now is just super aggressive and punchline after punchline the whole verse setting up one punch style is not good anymore

  37. KWADO

    K SHINE 30!!!!

  38. David Ruffin

    Jae millz terrible!!!!

  39. Lorenzo Carter

    Ay millz welcome back sike zip em up!!! 3-0 K SHINE

  40. Jordan Brooks

    Millz - I'm Saturday night live you just mad you mad

    Someone in the crowd - what the fuck 😂😂😂

  41. Kevin Morales

    He said like 4 gay bars ......... crowd- pause

  42. Gas NYC

    “You gunna like this bar” 😒 im still waiting for those bars

  43. Gas NYC

    “In the name of T rex” isnt the dot shit from murda mook?

  44. Gas NYC

    Lmao Millz terrible...and his entourage making it worse... “yall aint see that movie” 😂 “yall dont know basketball “ 😂 “youll catch it later” been tryna catch them bars for a year now

    Airec Goodwin


  45. Tyrone Biggims

    Dam the killed him dam lmao dead

  46. Tyrone Biggims


  47. Tyrone Biggims

    Yo i dont't know who told this nikka Millz he still had it but he need to "SMDDDDACK THA SHIT OUT EM". Jesus this would have been hard to watch if it wasnt for K blazen ya boy boy. Oh yea who ever told him that Jersey was hittin need to be "SDDDDACKED TOO". I don't know whats worst the flow or the outfit, maybe the outfit is what made the bars WHDDDDDACK LOL


    The Biggest BodyBag

  49. WJF3

    this nigga Millz second round is mad gay

  50. Jon Agro

    4:33 step the fuck back and relax my nigga its not that serious lmao he told his mans to please watch him too lmao

  51. Brandon Ford

    I love how its people really thinking millz won he was better than cas but what did he say that was hot or even ok I'll wait

  52. Bama Rebel

    Shine started that growling a year or so ago. Its whack as hell.

  53. Bama Rebel

    K shine talk a lot of shit to niggas who will fuck him up. K shine is exactly what bruh said. A little nigga. He ain't gone do shit. I wish somebody would fuck his ass up on camera. He talk big cause he know nobody gonna fuck with they bag.

  54. Nottus Tre

    Nov 19, I'm here to change the Roses on homie grave. #ripmillz

  55. Simonsays PRODUCE

    Top 5 kshine Performances

  56. Whatever YT

    Boring ass slow minded crowd. I hate crowds like this. Hard bars were spit and no reaction at all.

  57. FullThrotle speedking

    Both of these niggaz bar was trash

  58. Jesse

    They were both pretty bad millz first round was best of the battle not usual k shine

  59. Arii Price

    Gotta come back every few months and put flowers on the grave.

  60. Tommie Ammons

    Watch this everyday why he kill buddy like that damn

  61. Shaun Swayyy

    URL is superior & it’s artist are superior


    Millz said 2k all I heard some one in the back say 🗣 what,!!!!!!!!!👀👀👀👀👀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    🤦🤦milliz hype man said ya!!!! Don't like apple pie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 than j hit em with suck it no vasaline (crowd) ayo!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  64. David Rodriguez

    Millz wack a.f

  65. Livi B

    Cassidy and millz embarrassed themselves bad 😂 ! Cassidy, twice!!

  66. Livi B

    Some of these “legends” got too many “yes men” around them! So many battle rappers progressed and these old ass legends comin back with the same flow!

    Tay Kelley

    Thanks facts boo

    Elias Gomez

    Just like Cassidy smh you seem to know more then these niggas

  67. Ultimate Roryor

    I woulda left this battle at the beginning of the 3rd.

  68. Shawn Zamir FFXV

    This shit is better than all of Cassidy battles

  69. New Life Energy

    Jae millz is trash bro fuck it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  70. John Mangum

    Man ...dis niggas k.shine soooo fuckin..gay and emotional!!!

  71. Rodney Wardell

    IDK young dudes just want to hear screaming and fake gun play raps. Rap battles trash these days

  72. Servitos

    K-shine is wild moist 😂😂

  73. Dwight Drew

    K shine n danny Myers never fuckin lose a battle top 2 fuck everyone else

  74. Suavey Styles

    Millz will never get another chance, shits sad!!!

  75. Suavey Styles

    Wooooooow!!!! This nigga is the slawest I've ever heard...🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🤦🏼‍♂️

  76. Suavey Styles

    Millz is trash!!! 🤣😂🤣🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🤦🏼‍♂️

  77. Bammy TV

    29:26 The Battle ended right at this point.

  78. Sluggz McGee

    All that stopping and repeating doe.

  79. lovepinkprincess24

    2 Pac - Hit em up (Diss record)
    Ice Cube - No Vaseline (Dis Record)

    The crowd was knocked out

  80. unknown ghostbody

    Wen k shine was about to go and then the commercial came I cracked my phone, mills you trash

  81. kris clarke

    If you gotta argue with the crowd. You loss nigga

  82. Ray Evans

    Audience just be hatin on them battle rap OGz for some reason..same with Cass x Goodz. Plus Millz bars don't get abused quick cuz most y'all dumb x young to understand real bars, and like he said, "y'all will catch it later... Millz bodied this malnutrition looking k shine 💯💯💯💯💯

  83. Supafreken Lucious barbwire

    How MILLZ got 30’d in the first round?

  84. Trap Brown

    I'm too high for this! 🙄

  85. Langston Bristol

    This nigga Millz just went under water for 1 whole second 😂🤣 40:05

  86. Maurice Walker

    Millz said some fire shit in his bars niggas buging you can't go by the comment box the crowd can fuck a battle up being bias

  87. Brian Henley

    I think mills took the 1st round but his 2nd and 3rd was so trash 😂

  88. Jason Borne

    Dope ass battle Millz over niggaz heads like like abstract thought

  89. Mario Borrego

    Millz trash

  90. ianfyah

    Welcome back sike! Zip em up!

  91. ianfyah

    K shine - yo big u need some company or what?!
    Big - keep fucking him up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  92. BanAll Soy

    I ain't catch it yet

  93. BanAll Soy

    Broner never fought GGG tho

  94. Brodie O’Mally 5

    “Bird” was going to fall off the bacc of millz Jersey .lmao I use to have one.

  95. Eric King

    I hate when people already got who won the battle before they even rap. People always want the younger rapper to win. Just cause you get older it doesn't mean you dont still got it. They dont listen to the bars

  96. Lamont Verdell

    I take out mills when I don’t feel like cookin😄

  97. Delvonte Dumas

    LaLaLa bumba ? THAT SHIT WAS TRASH

  98. queenlesha13

    the crowd was dry because half the crowd from Harlem...mad Wadleigh heads I see lmaoo

  99. Rare Breed Ent


    Ricky Williams

    I got $10000 Kevin Hart will beat J millz

    cocolo dagod

    Rare Breed Ent after watching this trash ass battle and the audacity of bringing millz to an arena I will never watch another RBE battle. I’m still trying to undo the crap 💩 I watch.

    dee lifted

    @Jason Ross I'm lookin for it too

    Will Davis

    @Anthony Mendez you buggin Millzy Mayweather ✊🏽😄