Jae Millz - No, No, No Lyrics

[Background of Intro: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

Yo Scram you did your thing wit this one
Shit! We're sounding real ignorant man (we are?! huh!)
MH! How it go, huh huh (no no no)
Jeah! it's one of what?! one of what?!
One of wah wah wah, it's one of who?! one of who?!
Hah hah.. yo yo

Now all my gangstas and my hustlers stacking bucks get up
My trainees in West Indies in the cut get up!
Lick off a shot if you're bumping wit Jae Millz
And if the bouncer be like 'chill', tell em (no no no)
Those dudes lame, we ain't the same as them
My crew move, all shots our style like BIGs, Wayne and them
But if them boys catch me slipping, I ain't naming them
They ask for info, I'm like (no no no)
My homeboys got bad tempers, and there's no controlling them
So if you say you holding them, you better be unloading them
Cause I'll have your Reverend standing up at your podium
Your momma falling over him like (no no no)
Plus recently I been watching a lot of cats
Cause this game got me prepared for all types of acts
I know you cats wanna see me laid flat
That's why when you reach for daps I'm like (no no no)

[Background: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

Yeah! Ya know man? I'm just chilling though
I'm just chilling, I know y'all hate me man
I know y'all don't love me (rude bwoy!)
For my peoples, this for my peoples, MH! (no no no)

Yo in school I was a rude boy
Now I move around wit respect of rude bwoys
Murderers and crude boys; So be cool boy
Matter a fact, click clak, don't move boy! (no no no)
My mens clap shit that sound like bombs when they blast off
Pussy, you will have your thoughts on your dashboard
Be careful brother you might get just what you asked for
And I ain't talking rap dawg (no no no)
Mi pesos short, no time for rhyming wars
You talking bars, I'm talking more like Saddam and George
Stop all the hatred, cause once you see that thang
Only thing you gon say is (no no no)
You niggaz basic, I'm nothing to play wit
Aim at your grill, I'm not trying to graze it
So before you think about coming at me
Think about what the track say (no no no)

[Background: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

I'm having a lot of fun man
I see the haters though
I told ya y'all make me work harder man
This for my peoples, this is for my peoples, MH! (no no no)

Yo I got a Jamaican broad named Candi
That roll blunts of chocolate bigger than the Marley Family
She even sleep wit a desy, she like Shakira and "Belly"
So fucking wit her, that's a (no no no)
Fam, don't try that punk shit, cause you'll get jumped quick
Dumb clips will get dumped quick where ya lunch went
Screw where ya from prick and who ya run wit
Trust me it ain't worth it fam (no no no)
I'm not the one for caring bout what you wearin
Badi Boy, me play no games, I'll run up on you for starin
And when it's on and you want somebody to help you
Only thing they gon tell you is (no no no)
Even chicks will let you know, "no not him"
"Anybody else but his crew, no not them"
You better ask around 'fore you get batted down
Bitch the platinum pound will spin your Maybach around

[Background: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

Yo Scram this is a go
I mean I'm having a lot of fun man
This is so much fun to me (rude bwoy!)
It's Fado! E! Noch! Tone! Timb!
This for my peoples, this is for my peoples, MH! (no no no)

[Background of Outro: repeat]
"Jeah jeah, j-j-jeah jeah jeah jeah jeah!

I'm having fun man
Scram we got em, this is so sick
So much fun, look at they faces!
It's one of what? it's one of who?

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Jae Millz No, No, No Comments
  1. Twon RealRida

    2020 👌🏾

  2. Jonathan Speciale

    Cassette player

  3. Rene Cu

    Who wit me in 2020?

    Straws The Plk

    I'm right here with you

    Rene Cu

    Good seeing you!

  4. Harrison Wells93rd

    Back then making mixed cds in middle school I put this song on the jawn 1st just so I didn’t leave the granny house to play for my bro’s when I got back to the strip this and Fam’Lay Rock-n-Roll with Flip

  5. bobby cole

    back when hip hop was hip hop

  6. SimplySoul

    I used to love this song!!! Still goes hard though!

  7. Cutthroat truth News

    He can't rap


    At 1:11 them niggas be side jae millz look like FMB DZ and LIL JON lol

  9. Zachary Dover

    Goddd daaammmmnnn this was my shit when i was a shorty! Lol 🔥🔥 on my 2018 shit!

  10. Keep it 100 All the time

    Cam took this and made it his

  11. 2 LOUD

    If u still listening in 2018, u a real 1 👍✊☝️💯

  12. Fasil Joshua

    *BX stand up !*

    *When hip hop was real !*

  13. Eklypised

    Damn this is 14 years old already....fuk does the time go man

  14. Double Nickel

    Dj kahled brought me here forgot about this 🔥 ass beat

  15. Eli Cordero


  16. Two Cents

    2017 and still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    The people's champ 1983

    Two Cents J you think birdman was the real why he's been in young money for over 10 years and still hasn't dropped his first album under ymcmb

    Two Cents

    Demetrius Blackwell Cash Money don't know what to do with real spitters. Millz and Gunz should of never signed there.

    Dwayne Coleman

    Demetrius Blackwell he finally dropped a albun 2 months ago. He left birdman too.

  17. Rondzploco

    should of never went to young money . smh

    Big Loc

    He actually made a great move,.just not a good move for his career, frontline wise. Ghost writing credits is money!


    @Big Loc Exactly

  18. Shottaflex

    Fadda Zeeks!

  19. Jenny Rude Gyal

    ❤️ old songs. Good music before

  20. New Jersey

    been looking for this song since 2003

  21. TheJenesis B

    u will have your thoughts on your dashboard

  22. Korey Sylver

    I remember hearing this song way before I ever saw Shottas. That line "My crew move out Shottas style like Biggz, Wayne and them" when straight over my head!


    +Korey Sylver Thats Wayne and Biggz (reggae artists Kymani Marley, Bob Marley son, and Spragga Benz) in the vid that picked him up from the airport.

    Korey Sylver

    Yeah, I know that now, but when this song first came out, I had never seen or heard of Shottas 

  23. True Journey


  24. Hydra

    "That's why when you reach for daps I'm like (no no no)".

  25. sark koa

    This jam is dedicated to Hick Town YOU ESSAY #1

  26. C Jenks

    "dumb clips will get dumped quick where your lunch went" - Grimey. This is nasty.

  27. Christian Woods

    I loved this shit when it came out, forgot how dope the video was

  28. Korey Sylver

    "Even chicks will let you know, NO NOT HIM, ANYBODY ELSE BUT HIS CREW, NO NOT THEM!"  Still love this joint

  29. RotesBeats

    Aiiiight !!! Ky-Mani Marley & Spragga Benz in this Vid. Bless !!!

  30. Metrostar500

    Me too. I remember watching this video on rap city. I miss those times.

  31. djlive408

    This was my jam back then....

  32. Justin C.

    Jada woulda killed it

  33. Michael S

    This beat deserved a better rapper. Classic, classic shit, with a 4/10 rapper over it. This beat deserved a top 5 DOA artist

  34. Michael S

    You Dont Love Me (no no no) by Dawn Penn

  35. 3YECANDY08

    One of the most underrated rapper this ni66a ill, and not to mention the beat

  36. Trey Thompson

    Whats is this sampled from ?

  37. Sega Genesis

    ohhh the irony

  38. Rondzploco

    young moneys holding him back...he should have gone to def jam or MMg he'd be ina better place

  39. eutue

    my favorite song of his. btw, notice the cinematography. how that's how you use a shakey cam style.

  40. Kurt C

    just because u shoot a video in a different country doenst mean ur from that country.

  41. btnhhtx

    so before you thank of coming at me!
    think about what tha track say!
    NO NO NO
    this song is what got me fuck'n with millz
    no homo..
    top 10 dead of alive.
    OH Yeah he murderED the booth !!

  42. petserous

    he is so fuckin cute HOTTTTTTTT!

  43. borsche28

    5 years later this song is still harder than a lot of songs out there now.

  44. PIOSystems

    Is he still signed to Wayne's label:?

  45. trejhawn

    bin lookin for this track

  46. sarah j

    Dawn Penn- NO No No

  47. jahson100

    the song sampled is reggae track Dawn Penn-no,no,no

  48. Chavon

    loved this song, still do..shits a banger

  49. anygbi;ugd0ugo

    haha, only people that actually get to drop at CM is wayne and baby.

    Currensy? Brisco?

    Where the fuck are they debuts?

    brisco been with cash money for a minute too

  50. niggawitanaditude

    i havnt herd this track in 5 years....thanx 2 YOOTOOBE, i get 2 listen 2 trax frum hip-hop frum years back! (fake thumbs up!)

  51. spideyTB

    I fucks with Jae Millz
    I'm mad that his CD didn't drop

  52. globalskool

    I aint know hes from jamaica ?

  53. Jerome Lawrence

    her names dawn penn

  54. 1Icuasur

    Dawn Penn

  55. dollarbill125

    damn this shit still hard

  56. ppview

    where can i download this version of the song nd no the version wit cam?

  57. MrMoe430

    this is still hot

  58. vondior

    my jamm

  59. GTBMuckface

    now all my gangstas and my hustlas stackin bucks. GET UP!

  60. Isabelle Vedder

    Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me

    (original version)

  61. Mista Midwest

    damn i remember this shit from a while ago....i didn't know millz could battle then

  62. erigirl08

    I'm knocking on wood. I hope this whole Young Money thing works out for Millz

  63. erigirl08

    HATER lol I love both versions

  64. getyapaper

    u mean "bad boys" from shyne & barrington levy. that was a crazy song and the video was hot. one of my favorites

  65. TripleCLUTCH

    Zeeks !!! I cant believe that him show him face on camera.

  66. wgbarnes101

    Jae Millz went hard on this one. Whoever doesn't like this gets ignored.

  67. Beep23

    No no no your comment sucks... and I hope you know now

  68. Tiana M

    i dint think he should have used the no no no thing everytime. he probably could have done better if he hadn't

  69. Natic Cruz

    my parents sent me to puerto rico when this song came out so this is the first time i've ever heard this song

  70. Abena Tiwaah

    This tune goes HARD!!!

  71. AbbottSupreme

    Wicked sample!!!..Dawn Penn..spell check!!..lol

  72. Q ue

    this was my shit when it came out,when this dude gone drop on a major label?>

  73. rawted

    I agree with you man. He's a fuckin sick battler but when it comes to writing an actual song, its like meh. I don't know if its just me but its odd seeing him in this 'commercial' mix up.

  74. waterbuggg

    u gotta respect him he one of the few who can make the switch from battle rappin 2 makin a song

  75. Royalkingsson

    this shit is fuckin realllllllll

  76. Tomhap

    dis is aight

  77. Keinya Mccurdy

    8th grade all over again. that line you could have your thoughts on the dashboard....

  78. txhustla

    Off the bat or back ?? U right on shyne , I heard different on Millz backgound when I was NYC for business..all right though on the vids , Millz vid is closer to the hood classic "shottas" if it draws insipration from anywhere , "Bad Boyz" clearly rips "Belly"...Millz is gettin screwed on his label situation though

  79. txhustla

    hmm so a cat that actually has jamaican roots does a video where his peoples are from apparently copies a video of a cat that was originally anways ripping scenes from "Belly" who is also from bolivia ...yeah that makes a lot sense there

  80. newjack187

    Pac juss had a msg in his songs ya know

  81. bashie34

    Tupac is number one the rest can fight over second place and anyone who disagrees stop smoking what your smoking bitches lol .

  82. oneza

    shit just realised who the old man walking with Jae is!!!! surprised a real top JA gunman would get in a vid like this!!! big up fadda zeeeks!!

  83. love&basketball210

    your wack look at millz kill mook...........



  85. 1230369

    I Just Like The Part Were The Lady Says no no That Is Nice

  86. dirtyserg

    been lookin for this vid for a minute. dudes album should be out shortly, i saw the cover of it.

  87. dragonfist25

    This track is hot!